Friday, October 09, 2009

My Husband Rocks

April writing...

Our sweet Husby's...they don't always rock in the most obvious of ways. This week I think my Husby rocks just for his willingness to work on "Us." We are attending a marriage conference this weekend...I know that I always feel a little ehhh before going in and I always love what we learned coming out. I know it's probably worse for men...yet Cory is always willing. In fact he always says, "It's like preventative maintenance for your marriage."

That's the truth, we take care of our bodies, our homes and our cars with preventative maintenance. Vitamins, Sleep, oil changes, new filters, mopping and dusting...why not our marriages?! We could all use a little upkeep.

This weekend's focus is laughing your way to a better marriage...and we LOVE to laugh. I am sure this will be a blast!

Husby...thanks for being so willing to prevent the bad in our marriage :) 143.
How does your Husband ROCK?!


Denice said...

My husband rocks because today is our 38th wedding anniversary and he is taking me to Chiapparelli's in Little Italy for dinner! He also was the first to say "happy anniversary" this morning! How sweet is that!!

Marie Blackwelder said...

My husband rocks because today as I had a bad morning...the baby I watch got sick all over me he took care of all the maintenance so I could clean her and then me!!! I love him so much and don't know what I would do without him, he helps to lighten my load!

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