Monday, May 23, 2011

When Mondays go bad...

It's only 12:15 pm and I am SO over today.

I was pretty geared up for a good morning too. I had set up a couple challenges for more on what they were below.

I got up from bed in a hurry...I will skip the next part of the's TMI, but let's call it Crapity-Crap #1. Then I wasn't feeling good, but I pushed through so I could eat breakfast. Challenge #1. Then I got dressed and ready and headed off to work.

April = 1     Monday = 1

10 minutes late. Grrrrr. Thanks to the initial crapity-crap I failed at Challenge #2. "Be on time for work."

April = 1    Monday = 2

I settled in and started working on my Monday work...then my stomach grumbled and groaned. "Man, I am not feeling very well." I headed to the bathroom...and enter Crapity-Crap #2. I am just doing my thing and someone turned out the lights on me. "Helloooooo, someone is INNNN HEEERRREEEE!!!" Nothing. They didn't hear me. asl;kdjfoiansd;fokjasdf ay ay ay!

April = 1    Monday = 3

You see this right? Monday is SO winning.

So I got back to my desk and got to work. I was steadily cranking out some busy work when...crapity-crap #3 hits...bloooop. Off goes my monitor. "That's odd." I said outloud. I wiggled the cord and blooop; on popped my monitor. Hmmmmm. Anywho, I got back to work. 5 minutes later. blooop. There it went again. "Dang it! What in the woorrrlllddd??!!" I said out loud-er. I wiggled the cord again, checked every end, made sure it was all working right. Check. And then I sat in silence. Wiggled the cord again...and blooop. On it goes. "ohhhhkkkk." I got back to work. That lasted all of 35 seconds. Blooop. "Uggghhhhhhhh!!!"

April = 1    Monday = 4 5 6 7...

I texted Husby..."Is Monday over yet?" Time check? 10:33 am. Yep. My day was only 2 hours old and it was driving me batty.

Here I am at 12:27 pm. Waiting on lunch from Husby (Thank you SO much baby!!) and yearning for 4 pm. I just want to go home and start over again tomorrow.

Do you ever have days like this? I figure I am coping well enough...just glad it's a quiet day in the office; and even more glad for my under-5-minute commute home at 4 pm :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

My 29th year.

I write you right now, I am 30...10 minutes into it at least. 30 freakin' years old.
My 29th year...has been a doozy of a year.

I am ready for 30.
I ain't skerd.

I have to admit though...the 30 Before 30 list. Well...It won. Technically I failed...miserably.
Although, I am not just forgetting the list. I DO plan to take my 30th year to complete it. ALL of it.

It's my list and I can do it if I want to.

So. there.

About blogging. I know it's been slim pickin's. My priorities, focus, time have been adjusting lately. I am more than ok with that; but I DO miss blogging. So I will be back. But I make no promises as to when.

I am doing some self-challenging right now, which may involve many things, some of which are getting up earlier...spending some time in the Word...and I may, I just may throw some bloggin' in there at that time too.

Blogging at work isn't an option now. So that's out.
Blogging at night, may only happen on occasion. Family time is more important right now.
So....It's gonna be more like blogging when I can.

But I will.
I just won't be breaking any records.
I love you all, my faithful readers and those that send me comment love.
I'll be around. And I will share as I mark projects off my 30 Before During 30 List. :)
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