Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Moan

April writing...

So last Tuesday I was involved in a fender bender. Let me catch you order to lead into my MOAN!

Let's say I was traveling North on Street A...Red Car Chick was traveling East on Street B. Red Car Chick had a stop sign, I did not. I was minding my own business traveling down my street. I am always very careful at this portion of the street because I live on this street and I know that little kiddos dart in and out of the cars all the time. When I looked up I see Red Car Chick traveling through the intersection without stopping.

I quickly slammed on my breaks in attempt to miss hitting her...(it looked like I was going to straight on t-bone her!) Luckily I only hit the back right quarter panel of her car.

She fishtailed to the left (almost hitting a parked jeep) then quickly turned the wheel to avoid hitting that car and came to a stop on someones side gravel driveway. We both got out of the car assessing our damages, and then I approached her as she was already on the phone.

She was shaking like a leaf and said, "You just can't see around that corner at all! I am shaking so bad, I have never been in an accident before. I have only been driving for a year." I said, "It's alright, it could have been far worse. Let me call the police they will come out and help us."

I walked back to my car, called Cory first, (as I was only two blocks from my house, I figured I could get him walking towards the action to help out.) then I called 911 and requested a police officer.

I walked back over to her and we were talking about insurance information, she said, "My mom is coming, she has all that information." So I choose not to give her mine till both of us had the info we needed to exchange. I then went back to my car to get my camera and to take pictures of the damage to BOTH vehicles. By that time a neighbor had walked up and began looking at both of the cars. He peeked at hers and told her that hers was going to be undrivable as it was knocked of the axle or something. Then the officer showed up. We both approached him and told him what happened. He took our licenses just as Cory was walking up. The officer went back to his car and began writing the information down. Cory walked up and asked him to write up a report for us. He agreed.

Cory was looking at my car and then walked over to look at her car...she was telling him that a neighbor told her it wasn't drivable.

Just then her Mom pulled up. She walked over and said, "Who said it wasn't drivable?!" Cory said, "A neighbor did, but I can show you what's wrong." She said, "Oh no, I will call MY GUY," and then she walked away.


That's the basic end to the story. The Officer came back and gave us the insurance information for both parties and a case #. Then we were free to go, as she was waiting on a tow truck.

As soon as I got home, I was on the phone with insurance...and long story short. We decided to file through her insurance as she was at fault for running the red light. I did all that hullabaloo and then it was time to wait. We scheduled my appraisal for Friday am. As of Friday afternoon we were waiting to hear if her insurance took liability, however the Red Car Chick had still not called back either my insurance OR hers. We heard on Wednesday I think that her Mom had called my insurance to put in a claim against me. Stating something like "Her daughter did stop at the stop sign, so once she did that she didn't understand why I still had the right of way." Or something, I don't remember exactly what my insurance told me. My insurance did say they would be denying her claim, as they were the at fault driver.

By late Friday afternoon Red Car Chick had called the insurance back, now the process of investigation could begin. We would head more by Monday or Tuesday.

I'm guessing getting denied by my insurance ticked her off because we talked to my insurance today and they said that she now has a lawyer?!?!?!

What in the world?!?!?!

So...this doesn't seem to have any good ending in sight soon, I hate to seem like a really is against my nature...but it seems that the human nature of others is getting in the way.

So my MONDAY MOAN is in a fault drivers who get lawyers. ha. I really don't know what else to say. The entire situation makes me moan...but it happened. I take responsibility for hitting her, I can't get out of that...but responsibility for not stopping/clearing the intersection before she went should be taken as well.

Wish us luck...I hope we can find an end to this soon!!

p.s. - you know you like my drawing on the pics :P

How stinking...awesome!

April writing...

I just don't have space in my brain (or my house for that matter) for all the cute ideas I come up with or come across.

Like this one!!

It is an adorable little bench...that was rehabbed over at Sanctuary Arts at Home. You can check out her full tutorial there...but how adorable!!

Here's what it looked like before!

Gosh...I love what can I DO!?!?! :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

My Husband Rocks Friday

April writing...

My Husby ROCKS...because I LOVE talking to him and he makes it so easy. I am MOST proud of our level of communication within our marriage. I think we have quite simply found the KEY to respecting each other via good communication. Thanks for listening and ROCK sweetie!

Project 365 - Week 10

Day 64 - June 14th, 2009 Sleepy Grandpa-Bear...with Luke. Mom and I caught them snuggling on the back porch together...too cute!

Day 65 - June 15th, 2009 Ready for dinner...When Cory and I eat at the table...the dogs aren't far behind...watching for dropped food.

Day 66 - June 16th, 2009 Redneckville's official. We live with rednecks...this handsome as he walking a goat. Yes, a goat.

Day 67 - June 17th, 2009 New Recipe...I love to try new recipes...this one was ehhhh.

Day 68 - June 18th, 2009 Happy Birthday Mr. was Cory's birthday...I am sure he had a blast. He golfed...what more could he ask for?!

Day 69 - June 19th, 2009 Sleepy-Bears...I love to see them all snuggled up together. They do it more and more lately...they seek each other out and fall asleep together.

Day 70 - June 20th, 2009 The Day of Party's...a birthday party and two grad parties...long day, but it was fun.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shades of Summer

April writing...

JOIN in on the FUN!!!

Go here for more details!

So much FUN! More info here!

What's that smell?

April writing...'s my washing machine...and I HATE it. I love, love, love the smell of clean clothes, towels, sheets, etc. I have a Kenmore Elite HE3 Front Loading Washing Machine. I love it. I think it works great. There's just one little problem.

It stinks.

It smells musty, almost like mold. This really saddens me...because I don't want to put my clothes into something that stinks and try and clean them. Are they really getting clean??

The following is what I am tried (or some variation of these products) Bleach, Baking Soda, Vinegar, HE3 Specialized Washer Cleaner, Borax and even cleaning out the entire washer with a bleach/vinegar/water mixture, including the front rubber panel.

Here's my normal clothes washing routine. Sort Clothes, put load in washer with Liquid Detergent (either Tide or Gain) and add Liquid Fabric Softener (Downy). And Wash. Usually on the pre-determined settings. I am kinda unsure of my normal water temperature...probably warm.

So today I have been doing some MAJOR research on this subject. Here is what I am learning.

There are usually 4 main reasons for the smell:
1. Overuse of liquid detergents (guilty. I add more detergent in an effort to ensure my clothes don't stink. And I have always used liquid detergent.)
2. The use of liquid fabric softener. (again guilty. I love fabric softener. I rarely use the sheets. Guess I will be switching now.)
3. Using mainly cold water for washing. (not sure if I am completely guilty of this, as I said earlier I use the pre-determined setting. Guess I will pay more attention to it.)
4. Non-Use of the appliance. (I would say rarely does my washer sit for more than one week without use, and if it does...the door always stays open.)

Here's some more great advice I found on a forum during my search.

"We have a 5 year hold HE3 and have had ongoing mildew/mold problems and lost MANY towels to this issue...I had Sears out this morning because I have an extended warranty and had a nice long chat with the guy and got the low down.

First of all, he told me what I already knew, (and the only thing Sears will EVER admit to), the problem is really caused by overuse of detergent (especially non-HE detergent) and you should always use about ½ of what they call for even with the HE. BEWARE of HE concentrate--it is even worse. He said you shouldn't really even see suds when the washer is used. Also NEVER use liquid fabric softener. It causes a mucky slimy build up in placed you can’t get to (i.e. insider the outer ring of the inside tub, which would require 3 hours of maintenance to take apart, in the hoses, in the ring by the inner door (which should be cleaned inside and out weekly, as it accumulates mold, socks and other gross things).

Quick Fix: And this is all over the Internet too, get “Washer Magic” but it’s not available locally except for appliance repair stores. Use it 2 times on the hottest setting (Heavy Load, Hot water), one bottle for each load and it “should” clean the inner drum of the machine of any mildew present. Put it in like you would liquid soap. If you use it 1x a month, you pretty much assure yourself of no mildew issues. Expensive fix, though, at $4.99 an application every month.

(April's note - I have used this worked, but only for a short time. Probably because I only did one application and put it in the inside instead of where the soap goes, and then just went right back to my liquid detergent and fabric softener.)

Also, be sure to run a bleach load at least once a week to maintain the machine’s cleanliness.

(April's note - I only do bleach loads MAYBE once every three weeks.)

Then he told me “confidentially” the cleanest machine he ever saw was someone who use PINESOL (not the lemon scent, just the regular) and the machine was super clean. Be careful if you do this, though, as it contains ammonia and you wouldn’t want to do this any time near a bleach load to avoid potentially fatal fumes.

Really, the solution is to get the machine back to “new” condition as best you can and keep it clean from there with little soap and no fabric softener."

So there you have it. What I have come up with, during my research.

My first plan is to go get more Washer Magic and pick up some powder detergent tonight. I will give it a good clean and see what I get!!! If that doesn't completely satisfy my, then I think that I am going to give this stuff a try. It's called Smelly Washer $16.99 per bottle and lasts for a year. All the reviews I am reading are good...and the price is right.

What's your story? Hope this research helps you!!! Let me know!

How Stinkin' Cute!!

April writing...

So I am surfing around this morning, reading my blogs and all that jazz...and I run across some goodies!

Check this first one out!
A purse hanger!
What a GREAT idea! Use it at restaurants to keep your purse off the icky-sticky ground. I imagine you could even find a place for it in a restroom stall when they don't have the hookies on the back of the door (how much do I HATE that!! I can't tell you how many times I have used the restroom with my purse on my lap...I know, that's a little TMI...but I am sure some of you know what I mean!!)'s totally a GREAT idea! And for under $10 here!!!

and then we have THESE little beauties...
Found at The Fig Leaf on

Gosh how I wish I had the idea and time to make some great stuff to sell on Etsy!!
How adorable are THESE!!! And there are many more to choose from. I tell ya, the whole cute-big-eyed-owl decor is growing on me!! (I say that because they have an owl clutch too!) These are just TOO great for spring/summer! I totally want one!!

What great finds have you found lately?! Do share!

Simple Pleasure Thursday

Cory Writing....

My simple pleasure today is Going straight home after work. I have had to go to court the last three straight days after work. Today I get to go straight home and go to bed. I can't wait.

What is your simple pleasure today?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Project 365 - Week 10

April writing...

I know I am about 5 days late on posting my Week 10 pics...I promise to do it tomorrow night!!!! Ahhh too busy!!

SYTYCD Week #3

April writing...

So here's my week 2 ratings:

Worst to Best

8. Karla/Jonathon - Hip Hop
7. Asuka/Vitolio - Jazz
6. Caitlyn/Jason - Paso Doble
5. Janette/Brandon - HipHop/RockNRoll
4. Randi/Evan - Contemporary
3. Jeanine/Philip - Broadway
2. Melissa/Ade - Ramba
1. Kayla/Kupono - Vienese Waltz

Bottom Three:

Adios to Karla & Jonathon I think...even though I am SO over Asuka and Vitolio.

I also think the new couple to WATCH out for is Kalya and great tonight!!

Your thoughts?

Bottom Three:
Melissa/Ade, Asuka/Vitolio and Kaitlyn/Jason
Not much merit to that...just gut.

Going home...Asuka/Vitolio. Just cause I am so "ehhhhh" on them.

Placemat Pillow

April writing...

In yesterday's post about decorating...I mentioned wanting to make a couch pillow from a place mat. I got all my supplies and gave it a shot last night. Here's how it went.

Here's my place mat. Totally cute ehh??

Here are my supplies...(most of them anyways.) Pillow, Seam Ripper, Scissors, Place mat. (I also used my sewing machine and iron.

I ripped the seams from one end of the place mat. Then opened to find an inner batting that was stiff. I choose to remove this make the pillow softer.

Here is the removed batting. It ripped out pretty easily.

I trimmed down the length of the place mat to fit my pillow. Then I fold down (inwards) the edges and ironed them. I put the pillow in and then used my sewing machine to sew the edge back closed.

Here's the finished product.

Here's the other side (it's reversible...BONUS!)

I plan on doing a bit more work on the pillow...cutting of a little more length I think to take away a smidge of the fabric. I may also include a zipper to easy removable and wash.

What do you think?
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I really wanna decorate...

April writing...

I have been feeling the itch...and it doesn't help to drop by "Home Goods" on my lunch break! haha!

So I went by today and I found a couple beauties that I LURVE!!!

This picture...I think it would look awesome in our room...(well once the room is decorated) we are still in a holding pattern there!!

And this!!!
I just wish I had room in my home for it (and probably my wallet too, I didn't even LOOK at the price!) I just think it's so great!!!

I did make ONE purchase...(well tech two, but the other one is just a clothes basket for our towels... but that's boring.)

Look at this print!!! AHHH! I mean I already love all things 'Damask!' I have been looking and looking for replacement pillows for our living room couches, the ones that came with it are, well, uh...modern-80's to say the least.

I saw this project over at BowerPower. I knew that I wanted to give it a try, especially since I would probably have more luck finding place mats that would go well in my living room, rather than actual pillows!

And I did.

So I am going to give it a shot and see if I can get some great throw pillows from these great place mats! Project photos coming soon!!

So what projects do you have planned???

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Moan

Cory Writing...(Yes I am partially back)

My Monday Moan for this week is about Court. We have these things at work called Court Scheduled. We fill out these schedules for what day we want to have court on. These forms go to the court and they are supposed to put your court on those dates, well that doesn't always work and this week will be one of those time. All my court dates for this month have passed, but I have court today, tomorrow and on Wednesday. So I will work from 11 pm to 730 am and then head off to court until whenever my cases are done. Lovely.

What is your Monday Moan?

Thursday, June 18, 2009


April writing...

So here's my week 2 ratings:

Worst to Best

9. Melissa/Ade - Jazz
8. Jeanine/Philip - Hip Hop
7. Kayla/Max - Pop Jazz
6. Kaitlyn/Jason - Hip Hop
5. Ashley/Kupono - Hip Hop
4. Asuka/Vitolio - Waltz
3. Janette/Brandon - Disco
2. Randi/Evan - Jive
1. Karla/Jonathon - Contemporary

Bottom Three:
Melissa/Ade, Asuka/Vitolio and Kaitlyn/Jason
Not much merit to that...just gut.

Going home...Asuka/Vitolio. Just cause I am so "ehhhhh" on them.

Your thoughts??

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cheese Straws

April writing...

I ran across a recipe yesterday that looked delish. So I decided to give it a try last night. Cheese Straws.

So first, I took my Extra Sharp Cabot Cheddar cheese and grated 2 cups worth. (a little more than the recipe called for...but I got carried away. I like da'cheese.

Then I dropped all my ingredients (minus the milk) into the mixer. Mixed it for a few beats then added in the milk. Then I mixed that all up till a crumbly dough ball formed. Then rolled it out on the counter-o-flour.

I then sliced the pieced (a bit too large actually...ooops) Then I layered them on my Pampered Chef cookie stone and baked them for 12-15 minutes (it actually ended up being closer to 18 minutes, but that's probably because I cut them too big.) And then I had my finished product.

They weren't bad. They just weren't great. I wanted them to be GREAT. Here are a few hiccups. They were too salty for my taste. I think when I make it again, I will only use a teaspoon of salt instead of a tablespoon, and I will use un-salted butter like the recipe calls for...both "oopsies" on my part. ( wonder they were salty!) I will also cut them thinner, thus making them crispier. They were more bread like than crispy.

All in all, I think it's a decent recipe that does deserve another chance. What fun things have you made lately??

T-Pain and T-Swift Video

Cory Writing.....(Yes you are reading that right it is me)

Last night was the CMT music awards and evidently T-Pain and Taylor Swift got together and shot a video. It is a great video.... Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Planning a vacation...

April writing...

It's no easy task planning a vacation to somewhere you have never been. In August, we are off to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with Beks and Mandy. (It's Beks graduation present.)

We want to have a good time, and if you ask me...that would be just ploppin' my booty down on the beach for the 5 days we are there...but I am sure that may get a little boring at times. (Even if it is LOVELY!)

Cory and I know we can't pay for the entire trip for 4 trying to decide what we will be paying for and how much $ the girls should bring...and's tough.

One good thing is we will have a kitchen in our room, so we can make our own meals most of the time we are down there...which I am totally game for. I love to cook and I am sure we won't mind not eating fast food or restaurant food for the entire week. So that is gonna save us a bundle of money there.

Plus I am sure we will watch our fair share of movies and tv and play some pass some time. And then just going out and site seeing and do some then it's time to decide...what extras do we want to partake in?? Freestyle Music Park? Ripley's Aquarium? Parasailing? Or other things?? Are there other great things in Myrtle Beach that we just shouldn't miss out on?? Neither Cory nor I have ever been. Give us some ideas?! What are great beaches to hit? Sites to see? Easy on the wallet or free is great!!!

I will keep you updated as we plan the trip!!! We will have two travel days...the 8th and the 14th and five FUN days smashed in between. I would love to hear your ideas!!! THANKS!


April writing...


Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Moan

April writing...

My Monday Moan for today??!?! (well technically last night...) Not being able to fall asleep until 2:15 am. Boo.

What's yours?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Project 365 - Week 9

Day 57 - June 7th, 2009 the front Callalily bulbs bloomed.

Day 58 - June 8th, 2009 Mr. Snacky Sneaky...Caught Jared rummaging for snacks...heehee. Those socks...ugh, guess I am cleaning the counter again! :)

Day 59 - June 9th, 2009 The Sky...After yet another thunderstorm, but I couldn't resist the beautiful sky!

Day 60 - June 10th, 2009 I am God's Masterpiece...Pastor Jason's sermon series in Youth on Identity. A powerful message about smashing others view of you and trusting that you are only GOD's masterpiece!

Day 61 - June 11th, 2009 In the Outback...we got us a bloomin' onion. Cory and I out to eat spending a dinners are the BEST!

Day 62 - June 12th, 2009 Office dog...This is Dodger my work's office mascot. He is the sweetest thing...he sneaks up behind you and coughs when we wants a treat. At least once a day for all of us haha!

Day 63 - June 13th, 2009 Rock Your Socks Off...or in my case...WASH them off. I painted my socks on. :) Argyle on one side and reppin' VERB on the other!! Fun!
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