Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Placemat Pillow

April writing...

In yesterday's post about decorating...I mentioned wanting to make a couch pillow from a place mat. I got all my supplies and gave it a shot last night. Here's how it went.

Here's my place mat. Totally cute ehh??

Here are my supplies...(most of them anyways.) Pillow, Seam Ripper, Scissors, Place mat. (I also used my sewing machine and iron.

I ripped the seams from one end of the place mat. Then opened to find an inner batting that was stiff. I choose to remove this make the pillow softer.

Here is the removed batting. It ripped out pretty easily.

I trimmed down the length of the place mat to fit my pillow. Then I fold down (inwards) the edges and ironed them. I put the pillow in and then used my sewing machine to sew the edge back closed.

Here's the finished product.

Here's the other side (it's reversible...BONUS!)

I plan on doing a bit more work on the pillow...cutting of a little more length I think to take away a smidge of the fabric. I may also include a zipper to easy removable and wash.

What do you think?
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1 comment:

Lindsey said...

I am really impressed! Looks great and I love the fabric!!!

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