Wednesday, June 10, 2009

EA Sports Active

April writing...

So on June 1st, Cory and I started doing the EA Sports Active 30-Day Challenge, thanks to Terri making me her workout we could try it for FREE!!!

Our review....

Seriously. I love it. I mean, I actually look forward to working out...*gasp* I know! It's crazy really! I mean, today is a day of rest for me technically...but tonight I plan on working out my arms (while making up for two missed workout days from my surgery recovery.) And. I. Am. Actually. Excited.

Here's a little more about the 30-Day Challenge

It's awesome. Cory and I have a plan too...ours is to do 30 days on Easy Level, 30 days on Medium, then 30 days on Hard. Then we will mix it up and create our own workouts...which is another great feature I love. (For example tonight, I will create my own upper body workout with a little cardio mixed in.)

All in all...both Cory and I are super pleased...I mean, we would have even PAID for it! (but thanks to Terri for getting us a free copy to try!) Get your copy don't have to have a Wii Balance Board (although you can use it with this workout if you wish.) You just need a Wii, and at least one controller and nunchuk. Everything else is provided!

Here's some additional motivation...since starting it on June 1st...I have already lost 4 pounds!! (in conjunction with a healthier diet and less soda!)

So?? What are you waiting for....go now and get it!

1 comment:

- Sarah :-) said...

I would LOVE to!! Except that... I dont' have a Wii...

*uncontrollable sobbing*

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