Thursday, June 04, 2009

polyps and bloating...STAT

April writing...

So tomorrow...I'm going under. I am having a Hysteroscopy. I am sure you are asking? What is that?! did I. haha! I got my answers from the Doc...but here are a few links to fill you in on the whaaaa?

So the long and short of it, is they are going to go in and take a look around my Uterus. We already know there are two relatively small polyps (hopefully no more) and they will be removing said polyps during this procedure.

The idea is that we are creating a better, more friendly environment for the embryos, when we start doing IVF therapies. Since we have recently found out that my tubes are blocked...either by scar tissue or even possibly by these polyps, we know that our next option is IVF.

I recovered pretty well from my Laparoscopy done a little over a year and half I am not worried about this procedure. I was uncomfy and I had some lovely bloating, but I have a great nurse in my dear Husby. So, hopefully I will be up and walking around by Saturday evening for Bekah's High School Graduation ceremony!!

We did find out yesterday that insurance DOES NOT cover freezing any leftover embryos, so we have some talking and decisions to make. Do we take out less eggs, only fertilize so many eggs, etc??

So, keep us in your prayers and I will update you on my recovery and the surgery probably Saturday at some point, probably no earlier!

You know what they say don't get drugged and blog. ;)

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Jacque said...

Wow I am praying for you both!! You two have some tuff decisions ahead of you!! God is good and I know he will direct you!! Feel better quick!!

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