Saturday, May 31, 2008

L O S T....I am really LOST now.

April writing...

Oh my HEAVENS!!! If you haven't watched the Season Finale of LOST I am warning you now, there are MAJOR spoliers ahead. (If you haven't then what the heck are you doing reading my BLOG...go WATCH IT!!)

Let me just begin with the dreaded question that plagued me the entire first episode...Who is Jeremy Bentham? And why did no one want to go to his funeral? And if he WAS from the island, why didn't we know someone else was off the island?! What we know is this...Ben, Sayid, Sun, Aaron, Kate, Jack and Hugo were all off the island. We don't know HOW Ben got off the island, but we know he is off. Anywho....that bugged me!!!

They got me...when Sawyer jumped out of the helicopter...yeah I totally cried, until I saw him pop up and start swimming. Man they are good!

THEN you have the stinking freighter blowing up.....

WITH JIN on board!!! I totally cried then...and there was no him living after that point. Poor Sun was just screaming on the helicopter which killed me even more. I am so bummed about that!

I was however, very happy to see that it was Penelope on the boat that rescued them after the helicopter crash. That was a pleasant moment amidst all the madness!

Then after much planning and convincing on Jack's part they sail from the 'Rescue" boat to a nearby island to basically fake thier being rescued with this story about them being the only survivors from the plane, in order to keep everyone else safe.... on the DISAPPEARING ISLAND!!! WHAT??!?!?! the HECK?!?!?!?!? I mean, where is it? Seriously?!
...and Kate's a mommy now...(totally freaked me out when she was 'dreaming' about Claire being in the room!) If Claire is in the 'know' and by that I mean DEAD and knows what the crazy island is doing...then why is SHE saying NOT to take Aaron back!?!?!?

Then you have the COFFIN again...and the infamous "Jeremy" that I have been dying to know who it is this whole time...and boy did they DRAG out that scene!!! Then Ben showed up rambling on about how they ALL have to go back, every single one of them in order for the Island to 'let' them find it?!?! WHAT?!?!

AND "JEREMY" is LOCKE?? And he said after they left 'bad' things happened? What kind of bad things? He was in charge?? And how did BEN get off the island? And why is Locke DEAD? Did he really commit suicide? Or did someone kill him?? Ben maybe? Sayid maybe??? Sayid did kinda kidnap Hurley to 'keep him safe.'

WOW....seriously. My head is spinning and I already can't WAIT for next anyone else with me??? I am DYING to know all the answers?? What are your thoughts???? Feel free to send this post to friends and have them post thier thoughts too!!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Stuffy McSneezy-Head

April writing...

I've got 'em. Allergies. And today I woke up with them like major bad.

Not too sure why they are so bad...all I know is that I have sneezed about 58.3 times just since I got into work at 9:25 am and I have blown my nose more times than I would like to count! My medicine is doing me no good yet and that is majorly annoying me. I guess it may be so bad because we sat outside for 3 hours at Cory's graduation last night (I will let him blog about that, since you know it was Cory that graduated!). Then we also slept with like every window in the house I guess I did it to myself.


Oh how I would love to return to the time of nose dripping, because anything is better than like barely being able to breath! I am a major mouth breather today and I have the worst case of cotton mouth because of it.

So I am off to drink lots of water and to eat my orange in hopes of boosting my Vitamin C intake.

April + Allergies = One long Friday.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

April writing...
I decided to share a few of my favorite things with you. Some are pretty random, others make perfect sense, but this is it...the simple things in life that make me happy.
First off, it is important to start off with some of my favorite people...

Cory... I mean of course he is one of my favorite things, or rather people I guess. We have the best time together, even when we annoy each other! :)
My puppies...Pickle and Olive. They are just too cute...and sometimes they do the best things. Like last night when Cory and I got home from church, they laid on the bed with us and just snuggled.

What seems like a lifelong friend...Terri...TT. She is a momma now and I am so proud of her...of course Bennet is my favorite too...
My newer but feels like an old friend...Brittany...who is soon to be a mommy. And I can't wait to help and watch the new little lady in town..."Sydtessaddleigh." :)

And because of them, I love BATS...but not the kind you think!!! haha! We need to get together again...soon :)

Now onto the 'things..."
Hershey's 100 Calorie Wafer Bars...omg. Outstanding. These little babies are amazing! That's all I can really say about them.

Burt's Bees Chapstick...from the first time I tried it...I am hooked. This stuff is the best!

Canon PowerShot SD850 new camera. I am in love with it. Just learning all that it can's small and compact-ness. Love it!
Babies...yep even crying ones. Cory and I can't wait to have one of our own!!

My pink ipod...I love it. I am excited too, I just hit over 700 songs on it! Waaahooo!

My computer...especially the screen. I don't know why...but I just love it!!!
My work scissors. You have hear much about these...and I love them! This is basically what they look like...the grey part is like this gelled material that is so cushiony and soft. GREAT!
Our new couches...They are really comfortable. Which you always worry about when buying new furniture. Plus we have taught the dogs to stay off them (and they are doing pretty well with it.) So they remain CLEAN and hair free (for the most part!)
Scrapbooking. I love it. It is my therapy. I don't do it as much as I want, but I am planning on working on least a little bit more before we begin work on my craft room...which is another thing I love!!!

*side note* I hope one day my craft room can look as organized as this...

My Ficus Bonsai tree at work. It is the neatest little tree plant :)

And while we are on the subject of nature...kinda...I love my backyard. Every year it gets a little better...*it's the best pic I had with me at work...

Gardening...I just love it. I sometimes can't WAIT to do it. If I had more my yard would be SO kicking!

My Nissan was my FIRST NEW CAR...and I love her :) Weight is the BEST thing that has worked for me to lose weight...29.4 pounds so far and MORE to come!My "upgraded-cause-Ilost-my-original" wedding ring! :)

I know that I have much more that 'makes me happy' but pictures are getting hard to find...good ones at least. So we will leave it at that.

What makes you happy? What are a few of your favorite things?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What have I been doing?

April writing...

*Sorry to Sarah* who has been patiently (?) waiting for my Blog. I told her I was working on one, like an hour ago. And I was. It was talking about the "BIG" plans that we had for our home. I was going to include pictures and ideas...but Google images was making me mad and finding me NOTHING that I wanted to include in my blog. So I deleted that one and I starting over again. And I am going to take Lindsey's "10 years ago" Challenge. She took a look back (after a recent birthday) to where she was 10 years ago. So being that I just passed another birthday's my past...

She asks "10 years ago you were..."? And here are my answers (these years seem fuzzy to me, so some of these may have been in the year or so before or after the age of 17, haha!) I guess I need some 'ginkoloba' as my husband calls it.

10 years ago I was 17 years old. Which means...
  • I was finishing up my Junior year of High School. (blech, no I do NOT want to go back, thank you.)
  • I was nearing the end of the 2nd year of my 5 year relationship with my first boyfriend. Lots of memories there...lots of lessons learned, but I wouldn't change a bit of it.
  • I had my first kiss.
  • I believe it was this summer that I became the Director of the Alternative Student Ministries Drama Ministry, boy did I love that. (those were the days when all the kids showed up for practice and took it seriously. I would love to have that back!)
  • I was a member of the Praise and Worship team for Youth Church.
  • I couldn't stand Cory. (who knew he would be my husband :) )
  • I had yet to start driving, I was secretly really afraid of it...and afraid of the stick shift that I knew I would have to learn how to drive.
  • I hadn't had my first job yet.
  • I thought I would marry my boyfriend at that time...or at least a pastor (which he was going to be).
  • I started really enjoying my parents...and not enjoying my little sisters. ha. (sorry guys)
  • I believe it was right before I turned 17 when my 2nd hamster "Roo" died.
  • I went on my 2nd missions trip, this one was to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands.

Gosh, I can't really remember much else. I remember truly enjoying these years...I had a happy and extremely easy childhood and teenage years. Although I wouldn't want to go back, because I have learned so much and been through so much that I appreciate life more now. I think we all kind of took advantage of how easy it was back then. No bills, no expectations at work, no paying for GAS, no real life planning. Health problems, losing loved ones and life's disappointments seemed so far away. I remember thinking how easy it would be to start a family, who knew it would take me 3+ years just to get pregnant. I wanted to believe that me and my friends would be the closest friends...forever. I was extremely driven and was ready to try anything! Life changes alot and I am very happy about where I am...but every now and then it is interesting to look back and see where we have come from.

Where have you come from? 10 years ago you were...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oi. Oi. Oi.

April writing...

Seriously. One box? One full box of tissues?! Yep, since 9:22 am this morning. I have gone through one FULL box of tissues. My nose is dripping like a leaky pipe in an old apartment building. And it is getting kind of old. It's so bad, that the drips literally sneak up on me. Here I am typing, typing, typing...and whammooaahh one drip falls on my shirt before I can catch it with a tissue. So yeah, here I sit with about 4 wet drops spots on my shirt. Great. Stinking awesome.
Anyways, before I float away on my pity boat...

Today is dragging by and I find myself with absolutely nothing to blog about other than to scissors are back. *haha* I am not kidding. It turns un-named fellow employee was packing up a box to be shipped about and during that process my favorite scissors found their way into said box. The box arrived at it's destination and the receiver found the stowaway scissors and they were nice enough to mail it back with a letter that read, "Received your scissors, I am sure by mistake. Although they were quite nice and it was tempting to keep them I was quite sure they were already being missed by someone. So here's to hoping that you are "Reunited and it feels so good"...enjoy your scissors."

haha! How great is that! I was too happy. So now, my scissors are back and yes, for about 5 minutes after their return, I just held them.

Oh and by the way...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Karma is Great

Cory Writing ........

Here is my Cop story of the week and it has to do with Karma biting back and I loved it.

I am working tonight/morning (May 25) and of course we are getting all kinds of loud noise/party calls, since it is Memorial (rememorialized) Weekend. When I go to this type call I am very calm and understanding the first time I go, but if I have to come back to the same place more than once this is when it gets really ugly.

I get this call to a house for a loud noise/party, so I go to the address and tell the people standing outside that is it time to go inside and turn the music off because their neighbors are calling and complaining. The individuals oblige and say, "OK we are sorry Officer, the party is over." They went inside and closed the door and I left. Here is where it gets ugly.

About 45 minutes to an hour later I get the second call for the same address, but this time I have the person that is calling wants to talk with me. I arrive at the address and speak to the complainant. She states that the kids that live next door are yelling and screaming and keeping her up. As I am standing talking with this lady I can hear the guys yelling and scream. Mind you these houses are not connected to each other, there is a healthy distance between them.

I go over to the house and knock on the door. A drunk male comes to the door and I ask him if he lives there and he stated no. I asked for the owner and he stated he would go get him and he attempts to shut the door, but I invited myself in. He says, "oh I guess you can come in." and I stated, "Of course I can come in thank you." The owners come down and I just started to rip into these guys because I have a history with this house. These guys are 25 ish years old and I have been to the house for complaints where they are playing in a blow-up ball pit at like 3 in the morning. So if you can imagine these guys are like a bunch of frat boys living in a neighborhood not a college campus.

As I am having an intense moment of fellowship with these guys I asked them if they had jobs and one of their peanut gallery buddies pipes up. "Yeah we have jobs and we probably make more money than you." So I proceed to tell this Jack donkey that I don't' care how much money he makes, but he does need to grow up and shut up. If he wants to go to his house and act like an idiot than go ahead, but he isn't going to act like an idiot in my post." He continued to act like a moron and I told the whole house that if I come back a third time I am going to take everyone to jail. Then I left the residence knowing that if I come back there is nothing I can do except tell them to turn it down again. But what they don't know usually works in my benefit and it did because I didn't get another call to this house.

This is where Karma comes back to bite these guys in the buttocks. I was sitting on a gas station parking lot observing traffic. All of a sudden I hear this noise and look to my left just in time to see this ball bouncing into the street. I then see a truck speeding off of the parking lot. I immediately pull out and pull the car over. I walk up to the driver of the vehicle and immediately notice that this is the moron from the house earlier. I am just dieing laughing on the inside, but I didn't say anything to them because after all I am a professional. I ask the driver for his driver's license and registration and he doesn't have either of them on him. I ask them who threw the ball and of course all the guys act stupid like they didn't do anything. Finally the driver comes clean and says that he threw the ball. Lucky for him the ball didn't break anything, so I couldn't lock him up. Oh I wish that would have broke something because that would have been so much better. I did get the final laugh because I wrote this idiot two citations for a total of 80 dollars of fines and made him park his truck and walk.

So the lesson for today is when you have a run in with the cops, you better be nice because we usually get the last laugh.

Friday, May 23, 2008



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The absolute BEST SYTYCD Auditon EVER!!!

April writing...

Again...I am on a ROLL today. I just HAD to take a minute to showcase the BEST So You Think You Can Dance Audtion EVER. I watched it last night with Bekah, Brittany and Jason and I almost DIED. We were laughing SO hard...especially at the end.

This guy is AMAZING and even though he may not be able to ballroom dance or swing dance, or do the jive...but he is AWESOME at what he does and he has SUCH a personality!!!


So long Mr. Robin

April writing...

About 3 days ago we took some pictures of the 4 baby Robins in a nest by our back door.

*pictures coming soon*

They were so cute, but we were immediately worried, because the minute those little ones left the nest to learn how to fly they would be eagerly met by the mouth of our dogs, Pickle and Olive.

So Cory and I have done our best to check outside before we release the dogs to make sure there were no little Robins learning to fly.

Yesterday evening, I got home from work and went out to check on the birds. One had grown really big (probably the first one that hatched) and I knew that soon he would be leaving the nest. It was really windy and I was playing with the dogs when I saw two of the birds jump out of the nest. One I am pretty sure got the hang of it and must have flown out of the nest (because we haven't been able to find it) the other one flew, well fell over near our grill. Right away I began trying to get the dogs into the house. Pickle listened and ran inside, but Olive had caught something in her sites. I yelled for Pickle to stay inside, Cory to come outside and help me and for Olive to leave the bird alone, I also grabbed the lid to the trash can and began trying to put it between Olive and the bird, who was now trying to hide behind our recycling bin. It worked for a second, but when Cory ran out I got distracted and she ran past the trashcan lid and got the little birdy in her mouth and threw it over her shoulder and then tried to go after it again. Luckily Cory stepped in and got her inside.

By this point the Mom and Dad Robin were squawking so badly that I was afraid they were going to peck ME, (Ask Cory about how that feels, haha!) so I then took the trashcan lid and held it over my head as I checked on the baby bird.

*pictures coming soon*

He was fine...(he probably peed himself, as I almost did) but he was fine. He began hopping away trying to get up in the air. The rest of the evening I checked on him periodically and hoped that he had gotten some air and been able to fly out of the yard, but no luck. We had to let Pickle and Olive out on their leashes, so they wouldn't find him When I went to bed last night, he was still hoppin' around the back yard with Momma bird following closely.

Flash forward to this morning. I hear my hubby get home from work and I hear him let Pickle out...then bring him in and let Olive out. Then I heard the yelling and the squawking. I jumped out of bed to hear him scolding Pickle and putting him in his crate. Then he put Olive back in her crate and walked outside. I slowly walked out too (I was half asleep) and he said, "Pickle got'em babe. He killed the baby bird." He was so sad, and so was I. I walked over to the corner and there was our little friend that we had tried so hard to protect.

Cory had taken Olive out, but before the door could close Pickle had run out for the bird, because while he was going to the bathroom, Cory said he got the scent of the bird. He ran straight for the bird, but before Cory could get to him, the bird was in his mouth. When Pickle finally dropped him, there were feathers in his mouth and our poor little friend was gone.

Now with all that said, yes, we are very sad...but very understanding of the course of nature. It seems that every year Robins lay their eggs in our backyard...and I want to say to them..."Come on, do your research...we have TWO dogs back here. Your babies odds of survival are pretty slim, even with us stepping in to help!"

So sadly, nature ran it's course and we are now 2 baby robins down (1 dead, 1 gone) and 2 to go (2 still in the nest). So we will do our best to keep track and watch out for these little ones. And hopefully Momma Robins are gossipy and she will go out and tell all the other Mommas NOT to lay their eggs in our yard. Not that we don't enjoy watching them's just I don't like watching them die. :(

Thursday, May 22, 2008

...In Memory of Maria

April writing...

Today, special prayers go out to the family of Steven Curtis Chapman (an award winning Christian music singer that has been playing beautiful music for years.) His youngest daughter, Maria (adopted from China 5 years ago) was killed yesterday afternoon in a terrible accident. One of SCC's teenage boys was backing out of the family's driveway and ran over little Maria. She was flown to the hospital but was later pronounced dead. Her injuries were too much for her little body to handle.

I can only imagine the grief that this family has over this incident, and I am sure that the son will have the hardest time dealing with this situation. Maria is one of three daughters of SCC that have been adopted from China. SCC is a big advocate for adoption and has set up a foundation to help give grants to those wanting to adopt but don't have the full financial means to do so.

You can meet Maria here, and leave comments for the family.

Their family is in our prayers!
p.s. - Steven Curtis Chapman's recent song, "Cindarella" has been rumored to be written about little Maria. It is the song you hear playing now.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So my BIRFDAY...

April writing...

Outside of the 6 hours I spent at work typing and reformatting specs all day, my birthday was a delightful day. After work I met up with Cory and his parents, My bro & sis-in-law and my nieces and nephew as well as Jason and Brittany at Fuddruckers. (My FAVORITE resturant...I'm simple.)

I enjoyed my big cheeseburger (and yes I counted EVERY point!!) and enjoyed opening some cards and gifts from my family and friends.

From my In-laws I received some tools for one of my hobbies, working with clay.
From Jason and Brittany I received an Old Navy card for new clothes (cause I desperately need them!)
From JoJo, Tamm and the kids I recieved a seagrass body wrap at the spa...with Tamm.
From my Love I received the Camera and Phone that I wanted (I kinda already knew about the phone)
*love my new phone!!*

So I am eager to enjoy all my birthday gifts and I may start today with some shopping on my lunch break :)

Thanks to all the birthday wishes I received...and here's a special shout-out to my birthday bro...Dave!!! Hope you had a great day too!

Monday, May 19, 2008

BBQ Chicken, Kebabs and Corn on the Cob....oh my!

April writing...

I am slightly excited because I just set the menu for our Memorial Day picnic and let me put it to you this way...I did all the math and research for the old way of Memorial Day...the typical Hamburgers and Hot Dogs and Chips and Condiments....Your looking at upwards of 32+ points to eat your lunch, and that's not counting those wonderful desserts!!!!!!! AHHH!!

Well with our menu, you are looking at 16 points FOR one serving of all of the following:
Grilled BBQ Chicken
Grilled Sweet Potatoes
Macaroni Salad
Chili-Lime Corn on the Cob
Veggie Kebabs
Cheese and Fruit Kebabs
Individual Blueberry Cobbler OR Frozen Strawberry Layer Cake
**Thanks to the GREAT Weight Watchers recipes!!**

I mean...come on. How GREAT is that?!

I am really ready for Memorial Day now! :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

What is a "Blog"

April writing...

There seems to be some confusion as to what a "Blog" really is. Allow me to clarify using the Google Search engine to define the word.

Blog is/means: (These are in no particular order...I picked the top 10)
1. A frequently updated journal or diary, usually hosted by a third party.
2. An online journal
3. Short for "Web log," a specialized site that allows an individual or group of individuals to share a running log of events and personal insights with online audiences. Blogs with political or current-events themes have grown in popularity and become "soap boxes" for instant mass-audience commentary.
4. Web LOG is a journal kept on the Internet. This journal is often updated daily and contains all information that the person maintaining the BLOG (the blogger) wishes to share with the world.
5. Like an online dairy. This can be about and be used for anything at all, it can be used for news, reviews, products etc for a business, organization, etc. This is great as it helps the user stay in touch with the website with new and up to date information.
6. A blog is information that is instantly published to a Web site. Blog scripting allows someone to automatically post information to a Web site. The information first goes to a blogger Web site. Then the information is automatically inserted into a template tailored for your Web site.
7. A BLOG is a publication of personal thoughts, experiences, and web links. It is updated frequently and is usually a mixture of what is happening in a person's life and what is happening on the web or in the media. These sites usually consist of commentary on everything from the absolute mundane to the biggest news story.
8. A frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links.
9. This is a web log or online diary hosted on specific sites such as It offers readers the opportunity to reply to opinions and link to their own blogs.
10. A web-based publication consisting of periodic contributions, often in reverse chronological order.

Now, with that being is SAFE to say, that even though it was a boring read...Jason, your Blog entry about the "Moview Review for Clorverfield"...well it was technically a "BLOG." See #5.

Also, it is SAFE to say, that for whatever reason, someone felt that Cory & April's entry about 'Remembering the Fallen' didn't well...allow me to quote "don't count as a blog," they would be mistaken. See #4.

So with that cleared up...I am going to take a moment to talk about absolutely nothing...because according to #7, I can.


I have a pair of scissors at work and I love them. They are an ergonomically nice fit to my small hands. They had soft padding at the right spots on the inside of the 'holding areas.' They are perfectly sharp, so you don't have to open the scissors up entirely to get to the part of the scissors that would cut your paper. They open and close with ease and are made of a lightweight material that makes using these wonderful scissors an all around ease and pleasure.

I came into work today...and they are GONE. Someone has taken my favorite work scissors away. I have secretly searched for them and have come up empty handed. Although I am sure they are not far off...and I will find them again someday. I do wish to share...that I wish they were here with me now on this cold and rainy Friday. I miss my friend.

and Jason...that my a B L O G as was your movie review. So I apologize, sincerely. *However I do request better comments. Maybe tomorrows Blog post can be about the definition of a comment. :) *heehee*

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Remembering the Fallen...

April & Cory Writing...
Today is a very special and important day for America. It is National Peace Officer's Day. In America a Police Officer is killed every 57 hours. This is a grave realization for those of us to closely connected to the Police Officer Community. In America flags will fly at half-staff in remembrance of all those that have been killed in the line of duty.In our Nation's Capitol this week we are celebrating National Law Enforcement Police Week. Tuesday was the Candlielight Vigil for all those that have been lost and today is the dedication cermony for those that have been killed in the line of duty.

Here are a few pictures from the Memorial site and the Candlelight vigil.

This is a truly beautiful and great way to remember the fallen. As each name is read aloud, what has come to be known as the "Final Roll Call." a Thin Blue Line (laser) is shown across the sky. Along with all the candlelight, family and friends it is a beautiful testimate to the ultimate sacrifice made daily by so many to protect and serve our wonderful Country.
So today as we remember the fallen, please take the time to be generous to that officer who is protecting our country, to remember those that have made the ultimate sacrifice and above all, take the time to...

In closing I would like to leave you with a letter that a little girl once left on the wall to her daddy who payed the ultimate sacrifice.

"TO: Officer Joshua Mathew Williams

FROM: Your daughter, Lisa

DATE: May 14, 2004

Dear Daddy,
I am 13 now, and am really growing up fast. I'm very different, looking like a young lady. My mouth looks like the front end of a Cadillac because, you see, I have braces.
I am playing soccer this year and I was in the school play. I just had a small part, but I did my best, because that's what you taught me to do.
Johnny is 10 now, and he really makes me mad sometimes. But, Mom says that I have to be patient because he's my little brother and we all need one another. We're doing OK, but I know that Mom really misses you. I see her sitting in her favorite chair looking at your picture. I think she cries sometimes.
We miss you, Daddy, and we wish so badly that you could be here.


P.S. Thanks for taking the time to paint the pictures of the sunsets, Daddy. They are hanging in the hallway. I see them every morning when I get up. They remind me of you and how lucky we are to have a Daddy like you."

*checking pulse* am I still alive???

April writing...

So far so good...pulse is strong and I am still the month of May hasn't killed me yet. So let's recap on the month's events so far. we go:

May 1st - Terri (one of my best friends) was induced and brought her sweet little baby boy Bennet Andrew into the world.

May 3rd - Murder Mystery Dessert Theater - was AMAZING. I am still so stinkin' proud of our cast and crew for how outstanding they did!!!

May 5th - Brittany and Jason found out they were having a BABY GIRL...I am just so excited that the little darling will be here in about three and half months!!! AHHH!!

May 7th - Pickle and Olive's birthday - ok, ok...we are HORRIBLE doggy parents and we haven't celebrated thier birthdays yet. I plan on it this weekend...however between little miss Olive being kind of a naughty girl (by way of digging in the the mudd ALOT) I decided giving gifts wouldn't be the best idea.

May 9th - Mother Daughter banquet - This was a good night with my mom, my sister and future mommy, Brittany. We laughed. haha :)

Bekah and her "baby" egg (class project)
Me, Tammy, Hannah and Malorie (the Eslick Girls minus Grandma)Mommy-to-Be, Brittany and ME.Me, Momma and Bekah (the Sharpe girls minus Sarah)

May 10th - Was supposed to be our Yard Sale...been gearing up for that for months...stinkin RAIN. So that has been pushed to the 17th! (which is also work in the yard day...yipppeee!)

May 11th - Mommies Day...We made Salmon and Grilled Chicken and all the fixin's for lunch for my mom, and then Cory, John, Jared and I took Cristy out to dinner. It was a lovely day!

May 14th - NLEOMF (National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund) Ambassador's Luncheon. Cory and I traveled down to DC for the afternoon. It was a lovely luncheon (the appetizers were yumm-o) they honored the Ambassadors and presented checks to the Fund to raise funds for the new Museum to be built. Look here soon for how you can make a donation to this wonderful cause, that is VERY close to my husbands heart! :)

May 15th - JoJo and Tammy's 10th Wedding a big shout out to them!!!

There have been many other activites sprinkled in between all of these...but so far so good...we are entering a vortex I like to call "Birthday Row" so we will see how we make it through that!! We have been enjoying our month and out time together with family and friends!!! Catch up with you again soon!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Some Adults are just Kids with adult privileges

Cory finally writing.......

So this blog is a result of several car stops that I have performed in the last week.

We are doing this new detail at work where we are sitting a certain intersections where people are running red lights, making illegal right turns on red, and driving through gas stations to avoid the red light.

I am sitting at this particular intersection and I see this guy drive through the gas station and clearly wasn't planning on stopping for gas. I pulled him over and approached the driver's side window and asked him if he knew why I pulled him over. He said, "No I am not sure." So I preceded to tell him, "for driving through the gas station to avoid the light." He said, "Oh ok I am in a hurry because I have to catch a flight." I told him to stand by and I would get him on his way as soon as I could. I quickly ran his information and wrote a warning to him. I then approached his window and told him, "Sir I really appreciate when people tell me the truth and I try to reward people for that, so I am going to give you a written warning. Today's lesson is driving through a gas station is not quicker than waiting for the light because you will get pulled over." He said, "I know sir thank you."

The next three car stops were where I get my title from, "Some Adults are just Kids with adult privileges." I pulled over this guy for doing the same thing and he preceded to give me an excuse of, "Well I was going to get coffee for my wife and I, but then I realized we were late for work so I decided to just go to work." Ok sir I am just a retard with a badge, so I will believe you." (I didn't say this but I was thinking it) Needless to say this guy got a coupon aka.Ticket.

The next lady I pull over gives me the excuse that, "I pulled in to get gas and noticed it was too expensive, so I am going down the street where it is cheaper." Well lady that excuse would work except you passed the gas station right next to the station you drove through, which was 4 cents cheaper. Excuse doesn't work, here is your coupon.

The third and final won is the best. I pull this guy over for making a right on red when posted, "No right on red." I approach the guy and tell him why he was pulled over. He was really cool about it and apologetic. I did however issue this guy a citation because this was a day everyone was getting citations. I walk up to the window to give this guy a citation and he signs it no problem. Just as I walk away the wife had to open her mouth and say, "Why aren't you sitting there in the afternoon and pulling over the cars making that illegal u-turn, they are causing a real problem." I really said this. I told her, "Well maam I don't work afternoons, but if I did work afternoons I would definitely sit there and write citations." She responded by saying, "Well you should tell someone that they are doing that." I told her, "I will get right on that maam, have a nice day."

The last three car stops are the people in this world that make writing tickets, so much easier. They also validate the title of this blog. Sir everyone else is doing things wrong why aren't you pulling them over? "Shut up you big whiner and grow up, here is your coupon."

Friday, May 09, 2008

The Lone Ranger

April writing...

*thanks Sarah for naming him*

We have one shot this round...ONE lone egg is maturing and hopefully will be our BABY here soon!! No, I am fine...not getting my hopes up, just allowing myself to get excited about the prospect that this 3rd time really could be the CHARM in our baby-makin' journey!

I saw the Doc today and he did a sonogram and I saw it...staring back at large (although technically small) follicle just waiting to drop. For some this may seem like TMI...but have not's all a part of the process.

This is what a normal large follicle in an ovary looks like (this is NOT me, I found it on the internet...amazing what you can find ehh?) This is actually VERY similar to what mine looked here's a glimse...

Anywho...this is just to get you caught now it is time for Cory and I to do our part...*hee hee wink wink* and this time...maybe we will get lucky...say a little pray (or a BIG one) for us!! :)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What's that on your ring finger???

April writing...

Well, it's my REPLACEMENT!!! That's blogged here:

I lost my lovely wedding/engagement ring set. I was so upset. I cried and cried on Monday (28th) because I just couldn't find it anywhere.

So, we talked and thought about it and Cory decided it was best to go get my 'upgraded' wedding ring model...seeing as how he had plans to do that on our 5th Wedding Anniversary didn't quite work out like planned, but you will have ask him about that one :) *wink wink sweetie!*

So on the 8th (thursday) we went over to our normal jewelry store and met with Jimmy and Shawn, both eager to help. I tried on a few rings that I felt really suited my personality and taste, but Cory and I kept going back to one that was just so pretty, and not only that, it was hugely on sale.

*Sidenote - Now I am a very simple woman. I really am. Cory mentioned that he was going to get me a toy ring out of a gumball machine till I could get my replacement...and you know I would have proudly worn it until that time came. So in my brain, simple and on sale is GREAT!

With that said, the ring we kept going back to was slightly bigger (whole ring wise, not neccesarily diamond wise) than my original wedding ring. So I was kinda feeling that it was too much for my little finger. But Cory loved it, and I sure liked to look at it too. So we went for it...I figured I would try it out for 30 days and see how it felt...

Well it's been almost a week now and I am in love. I adore my ring! I think it is so perfect and in and of itself is really simple and pretty. Now, let's add some humor to the story...the NIGHT I brought it home a diamond fell out...(talk about BAD ring luck huh?!) well we took it back and I have a duplicate ring to hold it's spot till it is fixed. Cory is going to pick it up for me today while I cook our (one-day-late) Cinco-De-Mayo dinner! :)

Here's a PICTURE of my lovely little ring!!! I am in love with it...thanks for the little push Cory, you always know what works! I LOVE you dearly and thank you for making it so important for you to help me fix my mistake...I promise I won't lose this one :) *wink wink*


April writing... (come on CORY catch up!)

So I joined a website called "Fertility Friend Online." It is a super helpful site that allows me to track basically EVERYTHING that could possible have to do with fertility and trying to have a baby. Just so we have better chances of getting pregnant!

I just started my third round of Clomid on the 2nd (of May) and I will take my last pills tonight. So far the side effects have been none to minimal. Which is great seeing as how some women really have a fit with these meds. We are of course on round 3, so that means so far it hasn't worked (at least gotten us pregnant) so far...but it is doing is job of increasing the follicles I have (which means more eggs, so better chances for a BABY or BABIES) We remain completely optimistic and hopeful. Maybe third time really will be the CHARM!

So, I am off to chart some personal information that may hopefully lead to a BAY-BAY!!! Wish us luck and keeps us in prayer! :)

Monday, May 05, 2008

Astigma Rectus

April writing...

"When your eyes line up with your butthole and you have a crappy outlook on life."

Wow. Sounds funny I know...but to me it makes complaining and whiney-ness sound like a disease. Well, in actuality I think it kinda is.

I think it may start small, like most say, with a headache. Then it slowly increases the more we whine and the more we complain the bigger the headache gets, it attacks the mouth and the complaining and whining gets worse. We complain about everything, other people, thier lives, our job, our school, our life.

It may seem that we are stuck in a rut of complaints and an overal disapproval of any given situation then it effects our we see things. Then all things seem to become something worth complaining or whining over. Then it effects our we hear people. When we are complaining we hear only negative, what tickles our ears and justifies our usually overly negative thoughts. Then still the headache progresses and effects our hands and feet, and we refuse to work hard to fix or remedy a situation or we refuse to walk over to a person and solve a conflict and even more we refuse to live life...we swallow ourselves up in this little complaining tornado and just sit spinning in circles all the while each situation getting worse and worse due to our negative outlook.

And then after all that...all the unresolved situations, all the things we shouldn't have said, all the things we should have said instead....and it hits our heart. The center of our being. This is the final straw. This is where you only have a few chances to make things right, to steady your site lines on a new take your medicine...let's say "swallow your pride." This may be the hardest part. By now you are so stuck in your complaining ways, that you see negative, you hear negative, you do negative and you just overall feel negative. I think it is at this point where we actually 'lose' ourselves. We become a shell of our former self...this negative-bitter-complaining shell of a person who once lived life fully.

It is a disease. Astigma Rectus..."where your eyes line up with your butthole and you have a crappy outlook on life."

I am challenged by this. I don't consider myself to be a big complainer or whiner. But I do know that there are times when I will allow a poor situation to take root in my life and effect all areas of my the end making me a bitter person regarding that situation. You can ask my husband...I do my BEST to always try and see GOOD in a situation. To see the POSITIVE side of things...when it comes to people, I always try and be aware that there is ANOTHER side to the situation, the other persons point-of-view. It's hard and I believe for us, as human as we are this can be a fight that many of us lose.

I know after typing this and thinking about this...I don't want to be that person. Allow me to complete my theme...I wish to take this moment to "vaccinate" myself from this "Astigma Rectus." Now with that said, I know that there will be bad days, and bad situations and even bad people that come through my life, but there is always another side...a better side...a side that won't KILL me (who I really am)!!

Have you been checked for "Astigma Rectus?" Just curious.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Today's Blog is brought to you by...

the number

April writing...

Yep! That's right! Cory and I have hit over 1000 visits to our BLOG!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!! Ok who's throwing the party??? I am quite excited...although *clearing throat and raising voice...* The visits FAR out number the COMMENTS!! *aaahhheeemmm* Excuse me, I feel better :)

In OTHER wait...let me change other GREAT news VERB Students Ministries' FIRST ANNUAL (as I am SURE it will be) Murder Mystery Theater was a HUGE-MONGOUS success!!! With the Cast, Crew and all the Guests...we had over 200 in attendance!!! That was just awesome! I think one of the greatest parts of that is that were so many people from the surrounding community and even other churches there!! It was a fundraising event to raise funds for the Youth Groups Missions trip to Puerto Rico. All the kiddos going on the trip where involved somehow in the event!

The CAST was amazing!! Saxony, Sam, Olivia, Corynne, Dan, Amanda, Ashley, Sarah, Summerly, Bekah, Cameron, Leon, Pastor Ed, all did an AMAZING job!!! I am just SO proud of ALL of you! I was just beaming sitting backstage as each scene passed just so eager for the audience to see the end! When I walked around during the table discussions I was SO excited to see the audience getting SO into the storyline and trying to figure out "Who-done-it". Some people were making notes on thier programs, some were passionatly discussing who they think did it and how. Then there were some that were trying to bribe Brittany for the answers!! The show ended beautifully!! The crew...Jason and PC you were great as well!! We couldn't have done it without you!! All the wait-staff...I am not sure who all helped...but you were AMAZING...and all the DESSERTS!!! THANKS Ladies Ministries!!! The night was just simply...SPECTACULAR. I couldn't have asked for it to go any better. *although I am hoping that next time the AIR works a little better...geessshhh!!!* I am so eager for our next one and I hope that it DOES get bigger and better just like Brittany said!

Check out PICTURES from the evening!

Friday, May 02, 2008 NEW boyfriend

April writing...

Bennet Andrew Peters. He's adorable. Well done to the lucky parents, Andrew and Terri. You have made a beautiful baby and I am SO happy he is here!!! Now, I gotta get cooking on his future Buddy or Girlfriend :) *teehee*

Thursday, May 01, 2008

the month of MAY...

April writing...

I already can't breathe. Neither can my wallet. We are suffocating and it is ONLY May 1st. In my family...both sides mind you...the Eslicks and the Sharpes...the month of May is udderly-nutso-craziness.

Here's a brief but still overwhelming rundown of how the monthly schedule is effected by just birthdays and anniversaries alone...(we are talking $ for birthday gifts and anniversary cards!)
May 7th - Pickle and Olives' Birthday - (it is actually Pickles birthday, we know that Olives is sometime NEAR the month of may, but not neccisarily when exactly. So we lumped them together, after all they are just doggies!)
May 15th - JoJo and Tammy's 10th Wedding Anniversary (My bro & sis-in-law)
May 16th - Bekahs 17th Birthday (My little sister)
May 20th - MY 27th birthday....(hoorahh??!!)
May 24th - Cary, My Father's Birthday
May 25th - Cristy, My Mother-In-Law's Birthday


Now onto the section involving other miscellaneous activities that will take up the majority of our TIME this month...also very overwhelming...
May 3rd - Murder Mystery Dessert Theater (a fundraiser/play that I am directing with our Youth Group to raise funds for the Puerto Rico Missions trip this summer.)
May 9th - Mother Daughter Banquet
May 10th - Our YARD SALE!!! (finally, after like 3 years of needing to have one!)
May 10th - Club 56 & Middle School Service 5-9 pm
May 10th - Cory has OT from 8pm-Midnight
May 11th - Mother's Day
May 11th - Cory has OT from 8pm-Midnight
May 12-16th - Police Week in DC (which will involve Cory being a way a few days there for stuff happening and one day were I attend a luncheon with him for the National Law Enforcment Officers Memorial Fund Ambassadors...Cory is one.)
May 16th - Cory has OT from 8pm-Midnight
May 17th- Work in the Yard day (yep, that's right...major back yard renovation...thank you Pres. Bush for the $1200 to accomplish this goal!! We even rented the DINGO!) *maybe the DINGO ate your baby!...sorry had to.*
May 22nd - Stampin Up Scrapbooking Club
May 26th - Memorial Day Picnic (hosted at our house...ehhhh)
May 29th - Cory's College Graduation (that's right ladies and gentlemen, my dear hubby is finally graduating college with his AA in Criminal Justice...*cheers and clapping from the crowd*)

DEEP BREATH!!!!!! So, if you are keeping score, we are at about 15 or so events that are filling up this 31 day month.

Now onto the normal activities...of every day...
May 2nd - Planning and preparing night for the Murder Mystery
May 4th - Church in the AM, Youth Leaders Mtg at 12:30 pm
May 5th - Small Group, 7 pm our house
May 6th - Cory has School in the evening
May 7th - VERB at 6 pm
May 8th - Cory has School in the evening
May 11th - Church in the AM
May 12th - Small Group, 7 pm our house
May 21st - VERB 6 pm
May 25th - Church in the AM
May 28th - VERB 6pm

AHHHHHH!!! Are you with me on the SHEER CRAZINESS of it all! There are literally only like 7 days this month that there is nothing going on. And it is STILL early my friend...although I am seriously working hard on saying, "NO!", "No Thank You," "We are busy," "Can't make it." We will see how that goes though!

EEHHHHH..Not to mention work every day...and Cory's work schedule!! Oh boy oh boy!!!

There are a couple of really exciting things happening this month though. In fact, today one of my best friends is set to be induced...although she is just sitting around waiting in the hospital for now...she should hopefully be holding her little bundle of joy at somepoint in the next 24 hours!! And also, two of our other best friends, Jason and Brittany are due to find out the sex of thier baby on Monday!!! *fingers crossed that there are no legs crossed!*

*sigh* Anywho...hopefully we will make it to the end of this month still breathing although probably slightly out of breath! How's your MONTH of MAY looking???
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