Friday, May 23, 2008

The absolute BEST SYTYCD Auditon EVER!!!

April writing...

Again...I am on a ROLL today. I just HAD to take a minute to showcase the BEST So You Think You Can Dance Audtion EVER. I watched it last night with Bekah, Brittany and Jason and I almost DIED. We were laughing SO hard...especially at the end.

This guy is AMAZING and even though he may not be able to ballroom dance or swing dance, or do the jive...but he is AWESOME at what he does and he has SUCH a personality!!!



- Sarah :-) said...

Umm... Yo no see video.

Brittany said...

I do say, this really was the BEST audition ever on this show! I loved him and I fell even more in love with Nigel. Who is the best Brit judge our American TV's have ever seen. Long live SYTYCD!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's just sick! How cool!!! I am sorry I missed that one!!! WOW!!!

Still unable to sign in...this is Becky

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