Saturday, May 10, 2008

Some Adults are just Kids with adult privileges

Cory finally writing.......

So this blog is a result of several car stops that I have performed in the last week.

We are doing this new detail at work where we are sitting a certain intersections where people are running red lights, making illegal right turns on red, and driving through gas stations to avoid the red light.

I am sitting at this particular intersection and I see this guy drive through the gas station and clearly wasn't planning on stopping for gas. I pulled him over and approached the driver's side window and asked him if he knew why I pulled him over. He said, "No I am not sure." So I preceded to tell him, "for driving through the gas station to avoid the light." He said, "Oh ok I am in a hurry because I have to catch a flight." I told him to stand by and I would get him on his way as soon as I could. I quickly ran his information and wrote a warning to him. I then approached his window and told him, "Sir I really appreciate when people tell me the truth and I try to reward people for that, so I am going to give you a written warning. Today's lesson is driving through a gas station is not quicker than waiting for the light because you will get pulled over." He said, "I know sir thank you."

The next three car stops were where I get my title from, "Some Adults are just Kids with adult privileges." I pulled over this guy for doing the same thing and he preceded to give me an excuse of, "Well I was going to get coffee for my wife and I, but then I realized we were late for work so I decided to just go to work." Ok sir I am just a retard with a badge, so I will believe you." (I didn't say this but I was thinking it) Needless to say this guy got a coupon aka.Ticket.

The next lady I pull over gives me the excuse that, "I pulled in to get gas and noticed it was too expensive, so I am going down the street where it is cheaper." Well lady that excuse would work except you passed the gas station right next to the station you drove through, which was 4 cents cheaper. Excuse doesn't work, here is your coupon.

The third and final won is the best. I pull this guy over for making a right on red when posted, "No right on red." I approach the guy and tell him why he was pulled over. He was really cool about it and apologetic. I did however issue this guy a citation because this was a day everyone was getting citations. I walk up to the window to give this guy a citation and he signs it no problem. Just as I walk away the wife had to open her mouth and say, "Why aren't you sitting there in the afternoon and pulling over the cars making that illegal u-turn, they are causing a real problem." I really said this. I told her, "Well maam I don't work afternoons, but if I did work afternoons I would definitely sit there and write citations." She responded by saying, "Well you should tell someone that they are doing that." I told her, "I will get right on that maam, have a nice day."

The last three car stops are the people in this world that make writing tickets, so much easier. They also validate the title of this blog. Sir everyone else is doing things wrong why aren't you pulling them over? "Shut up you big whiner and grow up, here is your coupon."


April E. :) said...

hahaha "I am just a retard with a badge" oh man I laughed out loud on that one!! Oh baby you are too much! THANKS FOR BLOGGING!

Becky said...

I agree with April...excluding the baby part cause well, that would just be weird...but anyway, I liked that line or thought, "I am just a retard with a badge." Toooo funny!!!

Nikki Jomidad said...

HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! It would've only been funnier if you had said that out loud! One of my guys DID say something like that out loud before and he got sent to some sort of anger management classes! So it's probably a good thing you didn't say it!

One of my personal pet peeves is the people who park in the fire lane so they can run into a store... usually they're RIGHT in front of the NO PARKING signs! So, while you're at it, why don't you get on that too? =)

Brittany said...

Man, you just don't realize how stinkin' silly people are. That is one thing I never got, why don't you just admit what you did. Why try to come up with some crazy excuse? Normally I am so overcome with fear and panic when a cop pulls me over, I start gagging. But I don't try to get out of it. Lol, I know I was speeding.

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