Thursday, May 01, 2008

the month of MAY...

April writing...

I already can't breathe. Neither can my wallet. We are suffocating and it is ONLY May 1st. In my family...both sides mind you...the Eslicks and the Sharpes...the month of May is udderly-nutso-craziness.

Here's a brief but still overwhelming rundown of how the monthly schedule is effected by just birthdays and anniversaries alone...(we are talking $ for birthday gifts and anniversary cards!)
May 7th - Pickle and Olives' Birthday - (it is actually Pickles birthday, we know that Olives is sometime NEAR the month of may, but not neccisarily when exactly. So we lumped them together, after all they are just doggies!)
May 15th - JoJo and Tammy's 10th Wedding Anniversary (My bro & sis-in-law)
May 16th - Bekahs 17th Birthday (My little sister)
May 20th - MY 27th birthday....(hoorahh??!!)
May 24th - Cary, My Father's Birthday
May 25th - Cristy, My Mother-In-Law's Birthday


Now onto the section involving other miscellaneous activities that will take up the majority of our TIME this month...also very overwhelming...
May 3rd - Murder Mystery Dessert Theater (a fundraiser/play that I am directing with our Youth Group to raise funds for the Puerto Rico Missions trip this summer.)
May 9th - Mother Daughter Banquet
May 10th - Our YARD SALE!!! (finally, after like 3 years of needing to have one!)
May 10th - Club 56 & Middle School Service 5-9 pm
May 10th - Cory has OT from 8pm-Midnight
May 11th - Mother's Day
May 11th - Cory has OT from 8pm-Midnight
May 12-16th - Police Week in DC (which will involve Cory being a way a few days there for stuff happening and one day were I attend a luncheon with him for the National Law Enforcment Officers Memorial Fund Ambassadors...Cory is one.)
May 16th - Cory has OT from 8pm-Midnight
May 17th- Work in the Yard day (yep, that's right...major back yard renovation...thank you Pres. Bush for the $1200 to accomplish this goal!! We even rented the DINGO!) *maybe the DINGO ate your baby!...sorry had to.*
May 22nd - Stampin Up Scrapbooking Club
May 26th - Memorial Day Picnic (hosted at our house...ehhhh)
May 29th - Cory's College Graduation (that's right ladies and gentlemen, my dear hubby is finally graduating college with his AA in Criminal Justice...*cheers and clapping from the crowd*)

DEEP BREATH!!!!!! So, if you are keeping score, we are at about 15 or so events that are filling up this 31 day month.

Now onto the normal activities...of every day...
May 2nd - Planning and preparing night for the Murder Mystery
May 4th - Church in the AM, Youth Leaders Mtg at 12:30 pm
May 5th - Small Group, 7 pm our house
May 6th - Cory has School in the evening
May 7th - VERB at 6 pm
May 8th - Cory has School in the evening
May 11th - Church in the AM
May 12th - Small Group, 7 pm our house
May 21st - VERB 6 pm
May 25th - Church in the AM
May 28th - VERB 6pm

AHHHHHH!!! Are you with me on the SHEER CRAZINESS of it all! There are literally only like 7 days this month that there is nothing going on. And it is STILL early my friend...although I am seriously working hard on saying, "NO!", "No Thank You," "We are busy," "Can't make it." We will see how that goes though!

EEHHHHH..Not to mention work every day...and Cory's work schedule!! Oh boy oh boy!!!

There are a couple of really exciting things happening this month though. In fact, today one of my best friends is set to be induced...although she is just sitting around waiting in the hospital for now...she should hopefully be holding her little bundle of joy at somepoint in the next 24 hours!! And also, two of our other best friends, Jason and Brittany are due to find out the sex of thier baby on Monday!!! *fingers crossed that there are no legs crossed!*

*sigh* Anywho...hopefully we will make it to the end of this month still breathing although probably slightly out of breath! How's your MONTH of MAY looking???


- Sarah :-) said...

Wait wait... are we going to the Mother/Daughter banquet? I had no idea! Did someone forget to send me the memo? I KNEW I had to be forgetting something!

And BTW - your forgot friend's birthdays. Dave's, is the main one that comes to mind, for you. AND Baby Ben's birthday (hopefully not tomorrow - for Terri's sake)! It's today!!! Can't forget that one.

PS - is it bad to be excited about hearing Terri's take on childbirth? I can't WAIT for her to blog on that one!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought my month was gonna be crazy...I do believe you win!!! LOL!!! Praying for you and Cory. Congrats, Happy Birthday, Happy Fun days to all and Anniversaries too! OH My!


Brittany said...

I think I almost had an anxiety attack for you!!!! What a busy month. Lol, personally I have already shut down and only want to enjoy the fun things that this month has to offer. At least we don't have a girls weekend to plan amongst all of that! Seriously, I think I might have to take a nap. =)

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