Wednesday, April 30, 2008


April writing...


So I love my job. I do. But somedays when I have ABSOLUTELY no work to is KILLER! Take today for instance. I made the mistake of going to weigh in at the 10:30 class rather than the lunchtime class, cause my tummy was a-rumbling. And after that, the rest of this blessed LONGEST day ever has dragged on and on and on!! *Note to self* NEVER take an early lunch.

I have filed all that needs to be filed and then some I re-filed.
I have updated our Birthday and Address list with our new employees information.
I have called back clients for one of the bosses.
I have ordered more postage.
I have priced and compared cordless headsets for my desk.
I have dusted, cleaned and slightly re-arranged my desk.
I have opened and distributed all the mail.
I have cleaned out "My Documents" and "My Pictures".
I have surfed more internet than I care to relive.
I have looked for pics and ideas for VERB and POLARITY advertising.
I have surfed eBay and looked at some wild live auctions.
I am dying.

and I have




Now granted, I could be awating amazing news of the sex of my baby like Jason and Brittany, as I am sure their days are creeping along till then.
I could be awaiting the birth of my child by induction like Terri and Andrew, I know she is anxious.

So yes, I understand that one hour is NOT that bad.

but still.

I have resorted to BLOGGING about how bored I am. Blogging it. Like you want to READ that!!

Oh, well I wish I had more to say...but for all the useless information and items I have run across on the internet today, I still have NOTHING to say.

oh well. Off to do more incredibly boring nothings till I leave now in 57 minutes. Adios.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


April writing...

And I am speaking of my wedding ring. It has disappeared. I mean G O N E. Bye-Bye...Adios...No Findy...GONE.

I am sufficiently saddened and upset about this fact. I have NEVER...and I honestly mean NEVER lost my ring. I have left it in a pocket or on a shelf in the kitchen, but never LOST it.

I cried last night cause I was just so stinking upset. I mean, this is MY symbol of UNITY to my husband...not that I feel like any lesser of a wife for not having a ring on my finger, but it is kind of a big deal to me. (Surprisingly...I just didn't think it would affect me like this!!)

Cory and I had at one point talked about replacing our rings to kind of update our changing tastes. So that looks like it will be sooner than later I guess. Not $ I wanted to spend right now...but oh well. What can you do? I know I can't walk around with NO ring on my finger...I have felt naked for the past two days!!

This morning I put on one of my Grandmother's rings to help cover the nekked-ness!!!

So there is my sad, sad story.


Clomid hasn't been successful so far for Cory and I. Within the next week I will start round 3! We are PRAYING hard that this one know, the whole "3rd times a charm" bit...that would be nice :) SO PRAY HARD!!! We want our baby! :) I will keep you posted!!!

Slater Gators!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A call I handled on April 27, 2008

Cory writing....

I responded to a call for a family violence in progress. The notes of the call stated that the mother was fighting with her 16 year old son.

I arrived on the scene and located the mother. She advised me that she found her son passed out in the hallway and next to him was an empty bottle of alcohol. He was so intoxicated that he passed out, so dad took him into his bedroom. He was very combative with his parents, but when I got there he was asleep in his bedroom.

I continued to talk with mom and tried to explain that there wasn't anything we could do for her. I advised her to contact Social services and see if they can give her advice. She told me that she already talked to them and they told her the only way they could help her is if she signed a form that says she is "an unfit parent." She didn't want to do that because they would take all of her kids away. (Here is where she makes a great statement)

She stated, "That is ridiculous, I am not an unfit parent, he is an unfit kid."

I had the hardest time keeping a straight face after this one. I wonder why this lady is having so many problems.

You can't make this stuff up.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

This goes out to truly the BEST helpmate.

Cory Writing.......

I just wanted to blog and get out into public how God has blessed me with the best helpmate.... My Wife April.

The definition of helpmate is as follows......HELPMATE noun...a companion and helper.

My wife truly lives this everyday. She is my companion when I am in a bad mood, she is my companion when I need a sounding board, she is my companion when I have had a bad day at work, she is my companion when I need a shoulder to cry on, she is my companion when I need someone to sit with. She is a companion even when she doesn't want to be. Baby Thank you for being the best companion.

She is always there to help me out. When I come home with this really great idea... she is the one that helps to put life into the idea. She is the one that helps me lift my head when it has been pushed down by the weight of the job. She is the one that helps me find the gentle person I push to the background because of my job. She is the one that helps me be my best. Baby Thank you for being the best Helper.

April I am sorry that I am not as great as a companion or a helper as you are to me, but remember I am a work in progress and God has some great things in store for us. I want you to know that when God blesses us with kids you are going to be a great mother. Thank you for all you do to make our house run smoothly.

I love you mostest infinity with a Hershey kiss on top.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Secret S T A T S

April writing...
The Secret STAT challenge *thanks Lindsey

We are all a little random at heart...especially me. So here goes, *you are about to take a trip through my brain* be afraid, be very afraid...You'll know be better in the end, if you didn't already know me well enough :)

*I am newly addicted to Hershey's 100 Calorie Choclate Wafer Bars (only 2 points on WW)
*I have three grandparents still living, one that just celebrated his 90th Birthday :)
*I want two kids....boy first, then girl (you know, in case someone is listening heehee)
*I grew up being called "Grape Ape" and "Apee" by friends and family
*I thourghly enjoy MTV Drama...not sure why, cause I always feel dumb after watching haha!
*I am bummed that this is ER's last season on TV...I have been watching since before Dr. Doug Ross and Nurse Carol Hathaway got together and had twins.
*I enjoy a good long shower before bed most nights
*I love having my toenails painted, but HATE painting them myself, but what is worse is having someone else do them. Ick *feet are nasty*
*I love the smell of clean sheets and I drive my husband nuts washing our sheets and stuff all the time (don't even get me started on how often HE says I should clean them...eww)
*When I am sick, I clean. It makes me feel like I am cleaning out the ick that got me into the sickly predicament to begin with.
*I am a lover of music, but can rarely pick a favorite song, band, musician, etc.
*My therapy is Scrapbooking and's not neccesarily cheaper.
*My new hero = Martha Stewart
*I would, if we could afford it...have our own house built to our liking.
*I enjoy reading, but don't do it near often enough
*I have never broken a bone, or even come close.
*I have sprained the same ankle 6 times (and bad too)
*I am the oldest of three daughters...and we are all VERY different.
*The older I get the more I am like my mother
*I much prefer texting or face to face talking rather than talking on the phone.
*I LOVE to sing in the song of choice..."I need a Hero." Although I do usually end up changing the words to suit what I am thinking about...haha...Or if I need Cory's attention to bring me something while in the soap, shampoo, etc.
*I have a phobia of fleas and I wash my dogs non-stop to keep them clean and flea free.
*Also dog related...I don't want someone to come in my house and know I have dogs by the smell...they have to smell clean or close to it and so does my house.
*I have been extremely overly gentle on our new sofas, I am too worried about wearing them in too soon. haha
*I have to wear water shoes in the ocean, even IF I can see my feet. Too much going on below the surface for my bare footsies.
*I secretly wish I could do gymnastics or dance
*I can't wait to be a mother...I have so many amazing ideas and goals...can't wait :)
*I love to make my husband laugh...the real laugh, where he sheds baby tears and can't catch his breath. It's just too cute.
*One day I will write my children's day
*My alltime favorite movie is a dead tie..."Tommy Boy" and "The Princess Bride"
*I am addicted to internet communication...Myspace, Facebook, Blogging, Email, and the like. Seriously I am on daily at work...ALL DAY
*I would LOVE to be a better photographer
*I can't STAND putting on lotion before I go to bed.
*Who am I kidding, I can't stand putting on lotion...but I gotta
*I didn't get my ears pierced till I was almost 18 and that was only cause my boyfriend at the time (one of 3 1/2 years at that point) got me earrings for prom, and forgot I didn't EVER have my ears pierced.
*I love longer nails, but they get in the way of life.
*I eagerly anticipate sneezing, it always makes me head feel good.
*I can't go one day without clapping...seriously I have noticed this lately. I clap at the most random times, when I am excited...when I am trying to dance, to music, etc. It's nuts.
*My pinky toe is the most ticklish part of my body.
*I am organized...really really organized. Yet there still seem to be areas of my life, where that doesn't apply.
*I do not enjoy being tickled.
*I apparentally like talking about myself, cause I just keep spitting out random facts....

OK who's next...share your secret stats people!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Priceless thing which occurred at work......

Cory finally writing again...(I remembered my password)

I had something happen at work that I thought would be nice to share with those who read my blog. I hope that I can do the story justice on here, so here goes.

I received a call to go to an intersection where a deer had been struck by a vehicle. When I arrived on the scene I noticed that there was not only one deer, but actually two deer struck by a vehicle. The only thing left on the scene from the vehicle was a bunch of little broken plastic piceses. No signs of the vehicle, but this vehicle had to have severe damage because they weren't small deer.

I got out of my vehicle and started to walk up to the deer because I was going to have to drag it out of the middle of the road. Well as I approached the deer I noticed that one of them was still alive. This really freaked me out because for some reason I have this fear of me pulling a deer off the road and it waking up and kicking my butt. (I guess I watched Tommy Boy one too many times, "Holy shnickes.") After I got over the idea of this deer being alive I walked over to the other deer to see if it was dead. Thank God this deer was dead, so I dragged it over to the side of the street, then I had to figure out what I was going to do with the deer that was still alive, but couldn't move.

For those of you that don't know we are supposed to shoot a deer that is hurt but still alive. It is the humane thing to do. My dilemma was that we are in the middle of Solomons Island Road (also known as Route 2) which happens to be a three lane highway going both ways. So I called my Sgt. who advised me to get another officer to block off one side of the road to stop traffic and find a safe background to shoot the deer. So I called another officer and he was en-route to help me block traffic.

While I waited for the officer to arrive on scene I sat in my car wishing for this deer to just die, so that I wouldn't have to shoot it. Something about shooting a deer while on duty just doesn't sit right with me. So as I am sitting here telling the deer to just die ... this deer decides, "Oh I am done lying her on the ground, I'm going to get up now." The deer literally bends in half trying to get up and running away. (this is where you animal rights people get up and get a tissue) The deer couldn't get up because clearly his legs were broken and his face was split from the end of his nose to past his ear. So he just flopped onto the road and gave what I thought was his last breath. WRONG

Finally the other officer arrived on scene. I advised him of what I was going to do and he pulled his car across the lanes to block traffic. He got out of his vehicle and I approached the deer and got into position to shoot the deer. Just as I took aim at the deer I heard a citizen asked, "Sir am I able to go around?" Just as the officer started to answer, "Ma am you might want to wait" BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM. I shot the deer and put it out of his misery.

I asked the other officer if he saw the ladies face when the gun went off, but he said, "no I was watching you." I told him I can only imagine what her face looked like. Here she was wanting to go around and the next thing she hears is a gunshot go off. I can only imagine what she was thinking. So I was able to put this deer out of it's misery, but this deer had the will to live because even after the gunshot it took another 5 minutes for the deer to finally breath its last breath.

Well that was my priceless story from work. That lady will probably never ask another officer again if she can go around a police barricade. She probably is calling a counselor as you read this for counseling sessions. Have a great day and until next time.......

Peace, love and hair grease.

Friday, April 11, 2008


April writing...(I think Cory forgot how to sign on...)

So I decided to write about our wonderful, yet slightly uneventful anniversary weekend away. And yes, it was OK that it was uneventful...we just relaxed and enjoyed our time together. We watched some movies and traveled around the small town there...called St. Michaels. I wish I had more to fact when I started typing this (about an hour ago...haha...I forgot I started) I had more to say. Maybe I will encourage Cory to write more about his review of the Bed and Breakfast that we stayed at since he was slightly more passionate about how bad it was than I was. haha! (It wasn't THAT bad, just expensive for what we got.)
So, I guess I will do what I do best, which is to leave you with a picture or two...or three... :)

This is Cory and I standing in front of our Bed and Breakfast, the George Brooks House.
This is our WINDY attempt at a picture by the water!!! Kinda fun!

And us, in front of the pretty church in the center of town!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

...All Things LOVE...

April writing... *a little lengthly but VERY worth the read*

April 5, 2003

It was Saturday morning...I woke up quite calm, rested and very excited about the days events. I got up...washed my face, brushed my hair and ate a donut. Just another typical saturday morning you may ask? Nope, quite the opposite. It was on this wonderful day that I would marry my best friend!

Me, my sisters and Manda met up to get our hair done. That was alot of fun, I was in the goofiest mood, a bit giddy for lack of a better word.

It was a fun low-key time of getting ready. My sisters and I, as much as we fought...I knew they were there to support thier big sister on her BIG day!

After getting our hair done, we headed to the church. I wanted to get there early so I wouldn't be rushed getting ready...haha, who knew what was coming...

Myself, Bekah, Sarah and Manda arrived at the church and slowly all my girls trickled in...Tammy and Hannah (Matron of Honor and Flower Girl) and Terri (bridesmaid). We all began getting ready. Mom and Aunt Sylvia were there with my Grandpa. We got our makeup and last minute hair fixes all done and began getting dressed...more people showed up and the excitement began to build. I couldn't believe how calm I was. I mean, I am a naturally chill person and I don't normally get stressed, but still, it was my WEDDING DAY and I was more calm than some of my girls.

My photographer showed up and began snapping pictures of us getting ready. Mom and Aunt Sylvia began preparing my dress...wait...what's this? "Oh no it's all wrinkled!!!" My mom and Aunt were shocked to find that apparentally the last time I had tried on my dress (to show my dad) we must have left it bussled, so when they took it down it was completely wrinkled. Now, if you know me...I just died laughing and I really didn't care one bit. But they weren't about to let me walk down the isle on my BIG day with a wrinkled wedding dress. So a good friend of ours, Lisa, was able to find a dry cleaners that would steam it for us really quickly and cheaply.

Now, bear in is about 12:45 pm by this point and my wedding started at 2:00 pm...and there goes the wedding dress out the door. My moms face said it all..."Oh man, what happens if the dress gets messed up or doesn't make it back in time." I was quite the opposite, I just began helping the girls finish getting ready and didn't seem to car a bit that my DRESS wasn't even there! haha! I just knew that I was about to get married and that was all that seemed important. I could have gotten married in my jeans and button-down shirt for all I cared.

We continued getting ready and there was a knock at the door. It was JoJo, Cory's brother delivering a gift to me from my husband. It was a little black box and a letter. The letter was a sweet representation of the feelings and emotions of my husband for that day and in the box was a beautiful necklace with a 'comedy/tragedy' mask as the charm. (I am very into acting and all things related to the stage) I graciously accepted my gift and returned the favor to be delivered by Tammy (JoJo's wife, my soon to be sister-in-law and Matron of Honor) She took my letter and gift to Cory. (It was a charm in the shape of a police badge with his number on it. Something he had wanted for a while.)

We were getting closer to the big moment...and still no dress....1:10 pm, 1:25 pm...FINALLY at 1:40 pm my dress arrived to the church all pressed and perfect, just for me! My mom helped me get dressed as my photographer snapped photos of the precious moment. Hannah helped me put my garter on, and that was just the silliest and cutest part of the day! 1:45 pm...DAD finally comes into the room. He is holding it together pretty well...all things considered. We posed for a few pictures and then it was time to get prepared for the Processional. This part I was excited about...

**Rewind about 5 months, picture April in her car after just having purchased the musical CD including the song for my processional. I quickly throw my keys in the seat, unwrapping the CD (with those stinking stickers on two of the four sides of the CD!!! boo) I open it up and quickly put the cd into the cd player. One by one I go through all the songs on the CD till I hit the right know which one I am talking about...the Bridal processional...that one that stirs the same emotions for every girl...getting married. AHHHH. I literally played that song all the way home from Arundel Mills Mall (about 15 minutes) over and over and over. And I cried tears of excitement and joy!!! At that point I still had 5 months to go.**

But on this day, I had 5 minutes to go. So much time had flown by...all the planning and preparation. The agony over the tiniest of details all for this one perfect day.

My girls formed thier line and began walking by one, as myself and my father hid in the doorway of the bridal room awaiting our turn. They closed the door and Dad and I stepped out into what seemed like an extended version of our churchs front lobby. We walked to our spot for what seemed like 5 minutes and once we got there, he leaned over and said..."Are you sure your ready for this?" I remember saying, "Definatly" and he replied with "Well, then let's go." He nodded to our wedding coordinator and the music started and the doors opened to a house full of family, friends, church members and some peoople I didn't even recognize at that moment. I tried to see Cory, but really couldn't until we got about halfway down the isle. Once I could see him, any butterflies that I may have had, just subsided and went away. Huh, speaking of butterflies...this is where it gets interesting.

When Dad and I got to the front of the church, our Pastor went through a brief paragraph of memories of myself and my family...provided by me. Then right before my Dad was to give me away...I heard these all to familiar notes being played overhead...I thought to myself..."Oh man, no they are NOT playing Butterfly Kisses!!! There is no way I can look up at my dad now without losing it. I have held it together so well up to this point!!" I glanced up at my soon to be husband first and saw this slightly sly-smile on his face knowing full well that he was thinking that his plan was coming around quite nicely. I slowly then glanced up at my dad once, twice, three times before I could finally lock my watering eyes with his watering eyes. We just looked at each other for a few moments and we cried together. The song played on and at one point and said, "You made me a father." Coinciding with the lyrics to the song, "She's looking like her mama a little more everyday. One part woman, the other part girl." That killed me...we were just balling, standing there together enjoying this special moment. When the part came that says, "She'll change her name today. She'll make a promise and I'll give her away." he leans over to me again and says, "This is the part where I am supposed to give you away, but I want to wait a couple extra seconds..." and he did, before slowly walking me closer to Cory and then giving me away to my future husband. The song ended and I finally was able to gather myself before continuing on with the cermony.

The rest really seems like a blur, I remember Cory and I chatting the whole time. Just laughing and talking, catching up with each other as if we hadn't seen each other for a week. We were totally excited and just completely into each other through the entire thing. I barely remember saying my vows. Then end came as quickly as the beginning and there we stood as Mr. & Mrs. Cory Eslick!!!! I felt like we RAN out of the sanctuary, partly out of excitement and partly because my feet were killing me!! As soon as we got into the lobby I had Cory take off my shoes before I lost the feeling in my little toes!!

The rest of the day was as perfect as the cermony! We had a blast at the reception just dancing and enjoying ourselves...this day that had been a year + of planning finally happened and I finally married my BEST friend in the whole wide world!!!

April 5, 2008

Fast Forward....5 years...still married, still going strong. I thank God every day for my wonderful husband. Of course we don't always get along and sometimes he frustrates the life out of me...but we can still laugh about it and have a good time and enjoy just talking to each other as if we were the young couple on stage at their wedding all over again. I enjoy every day seeing his face and knowing that God has blessed me with such a WONDERFUL man of God, a LOYAL friend and a LIFELONG companion. We have learned so much from friends, from our own struggles and celebrations. We have come so far and we have lived a wonderful life together so far.


I still DO promise to be there for you no matter what.

I still DO promise to take care of you when you are sick and to enjoy life with you when you are well.

I still DO promise to love you when we are rich (or at least debt free right?!) and when we are poor and everywhere in between.

I still DO promise to always be the answer to your prayers...your helpmate...your lover and your best friend.

I still DO and I will continue to for the next 5 years, and 10 years after that and 20 years after that and more and more and more until death does part us.

I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you and to one day be the mother of your children and to grow old with you and yet, still be a kid with you. I love you with all of my heart...


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I heart eBay.

April writing...again...cause Cory doesn't anymore apparentally :) *teehee*

OK, so just out of curiosity today I decided to backtrack and add up all the monies that I have made through eBay since joining in August of 05. Now, this total does include some eBaying through my side business...(which apparentally I have a few of...after thinking about that as well.) I have "Stampin' Up", "Heartscape Designs" and "eSlick Sells on eBay"! Hey, you can't say I don't TRY :)

Anywho, the total also includes shipping costs, so it will be a smaller amount when you look at exactly how much I have pocketed...but is kinda exciting.

*drum roll please...*
Since August 2005 I have made an estimated $1,742.80 on eBay!!!

That is awesome. And I have really only sold about 60 items...mostly retired stamp sets and items found around the house. I am still looking for that piece of chicken in the shape of Jesus' head so I can make thousands on one item!
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