Friday, April 11, 2008


April writing...(I think Cory forgot how to sign on...)

So I decided to write about our wonderful, yet slightly uneventful anniversary weekend away. And yes, it was OK that it was uneventful...we just relaxed and enjoyed our time together. We watched some movies and traveled around the small town there...called St. Michaels. I wish I had more to fact when I started typing this (about an hour ago...haha...I forgot I started) I had more to say. Maybe I will encourage Cory to write more about his review of the Bed and Breakfast that we stayed at since he was slightly more passionate about how bad it was than I was. haha! (It wasn't THAT bad, just expensive for what we got.)
So, I guess I will do what I do best, which is to leave you with a picture or two...or three... :)

This is Cory and I standing in front of our Bed and Breakfast, the George Brooks House.
This is our WINDY attempt at a picture by the water!!! Kinda fun!

And us, in front of the pretty church in the center of town!


Anonymous said...

Well, at least you were able to rest and enjoy each other...and the pictures are very nice!


Brittany said...

I am glad that you guys at least got to go away. Its always nice just to have quality time together no matter where you are.

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