Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I heart eBay.

April writing...again...cause Cory doesn't anymore apparentally :) *teehee*

OK, so just out of curiosity today I decided to backtrack and add up all the monies that I have made through eBay since joining in August of 05. Now, this total does include some eBaying through my side business...(which apparentally I have a few of...after thinking about that as well.) I have "Stampin' Up", "Heartscape Designs" and "eSlick Sells on eBay"! Hey, you can't say I don't TRY :)

Anywho, the total also includes shipping costs, so it will be a smaller amount when you look at exactly how much I have pocketed...but is kinda exciting.

*drum roll please...*
Since August 2005 I have made an estimated $1,742.80 on eBay!!!

That is awesome. And I have really only sold about 60 items...mostly retired stamp sets and items found around the house. I am still looking for that piece of chicken in the shape of Jesus' head so I can make thousands on one item!

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