Tuesday, April 29, 2008


April writing...

And I am speaking of my wedding ring. It has disappeared. I mean G O N E. Bye-Bye...Adios...No Findy...GONE.

I am sufficiently saddened and upset about this fact. I have NEVER...and I honestly mean NEVER lost my ring. I have left it in a pocket or on a shelf in the kitchen, but never LOST it.

I cried last night cause I was just so stinking upset. I mean, this is MY symbol of UNITY to my husband...not that I feel like any lesser of a wife for not having a ring on my finger, but it is kind of a big deal to me. (Surprisingly...I just didn't think it would affect me like this!!)

Cory and I had at one point talked about replacing our rings to kind of update our changing tastes. So that looks like it will be sooner than later I guess. Not $ I wanted to spend right now...but oh well. What can you do? I know I can't walk around with NO ring on my finger...I have felt naked for the past two days!!

This morning I put on one of my Grandmother's rings to help cover the nekked-ness!!!

So there is my sad, sad story.


Clomid hasn't been successful so far for Cory and I. Within the next week I will start round 3! We are PRAYING hard that this one works...you know, the whole "3rd times a charm" bit...that would be nice :) SO PRAY HARD!!! We want our baby! :) I will keep you posted!!!

Slater Gators!!!


Brittany said...

So it's gone. And you looked in all your pockets, your purses, washer machine.... everywhere? I am really sorry. I was sure that it would pop up somewhere. Well, now is an excuse to get bigger diamonds!!! Or more of them, whichever you prefer=)

As far as the baby, I have been begging God today to just let you have a baby. I mean, come one, what's the hold up!!!! My child needs a playmate!

and I know you think we are having a girl. You didn't have to not say it =)

Anonymous said...


I am so sorry. I was hoping you have good news on the ring front for us. I am still praying though. I am also praying for that baby of yours too...we know God is listening, now we just need to hear the answer...Come on God! LOL!!! Hugs to you!!!!


Terri Peters said...

I can't believe you lost your ring. I wonder where the heck it is? That is very strange.

We're praying for that baby!

- Sarah :-) said...

Hmm... MAYBE you shoudl check the back yard - as gross as it is, it COULD be somethign the dogs found and decided to taste test and then OOPS... down it went. Just an idea - I would take that metal detecter around outside. OR you couldn't even just dropped it out there, or out in the front yard. Anything is possible!! Stay positive (though somehow I find it hard to believe that finding your ring in dog poo would be positive - it seems that in this case it would be. - who would've thought?!).

COME ON Niece or Nephew... YOU CAN DO IT!!!! You can do it 9 months long!! :-P

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