Friday, January 30, 2009

My Husband Rocks Friday

April writing...

*rather lengthy, but worth it*

*Taken from The Great Adventure* Prompt/Theme for Friday, January 30, 2009. . . the moment or the circumstances that led to you knowing that you were going to marry the man who became your husband . . .

I have thought and thought hard about the prompt for this week, and I have come to the conclusion that I don't remember that ONE time where I KNEW that Cory was the one that God had for me.

You see my relationship with Cory had many twists and turns before we ever became an "item." When we first heard about Cory and his family moving to Maryland (from California) I remember sitting with one of my girlfriends (Manda) and talking about how we were sure that him and his brother (JoJo) would have the typical surfer-boy look...just like the boys we see on TV. I was hoping for something like Jeremy Jackson from Baywatch...(yeah I totally watched that show). We talked about who would try and date them first...and we talked about how cool they must be. Bottom line was, we were really excited to meet them.

When they opinion of Cory dwindled very fast. He was cocky, arrogant, chauvinistic and a Mommas boy. He totally didn't fit the style or characteristics (that I had hoped for) of the typical California Boy. Needless to say. I did not like him. In fact I distinctively remember playing ping pong with him one day (a few days after they moved here) in the youth chapel and he beat me. He beat me BAD actually. I remember thinking.."What a jerk!" I was used to the guys that I had grown up with, that would never think about beating a girl...they weren't competitive and cocky like he was.

Shortly after they got settled in, and I had more than openly professed my disgust in his personality...he started dating Manda. We also started attending the same High School. Cory picked on me incessantly. About anything and everything. Years went by and we all hung out alot as a big group of friends. At the time I was with my boyfriend (Steven) of almost 3 years.

I didn't realize it then...but Cory and I got closer and closer. He still drove me crazy, but I had learned how to put up with it. I learned how to fight back and I even learned how to get under his skin. Before I knew it a couple of years later, Cory was one of my best friends. He had long since broken up with Manda...and on occasion there was much talk and joking about how Cory had a secret crush on someone. I was oblivious, but all my girlfriends knew. I would come to find out later that it was me.

I graduated High School and started working and going to school. I was still with Steven. We had been together for almost 5 years. I was content in that relationship. I was for sure that I would marry him. Looking back now I am not sure that I felt that way because it's what I wanted or because it was what seemed like the logical next step. My and Steven fought constantly. Not bad fights, just growing pains (as I thought of them then). We both really needed different paths in our lives, but neither one of us was ready to pull the plug officially. I mean we broke up time after time...only to go maybe at most one month before we patched things up and were back together.

All the while, my best friend Cory was there. He let me cry on his shoulder. He talked me through how relationships worked. He explained to me the 'guy' side of things. He was caring and loyal. Something that I never realized he had in him. It was at this time (unbeknownst to me) that his feelings for me were growing everyday. During those times he would talk about me to his Mother, and a time or two he even let her know that he was sure I was the ONE for him.

I never even sensed it. We hung out all the time...especially on the nights when Steven didn't feel like getting together. I was always honest about hanging out with Cory because I never thought anything of it. He was my best friend and we always had a blast. Steven never liked how much we hung out, and time and time again I explained that I absolutely had no feelings for Cory...and I honestly believed that.

The time came for me to end things with Steve and it was one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do. He cried. I cried. It was the end of 5 years of my life. He asked if it was because I wanted to be with Cory...and it was literally at that moment that I realized that I wasn't even truly sure how I felt about Cory. All I knew was that I wanted to know him more. I wanted to see where life took us. I was honest with Steven...which I am sure made him feel worse.

I wanted him to know that nothing inappropriate ever happened. Cory was nothing less of a gentlemen and nothing more than a great friend to me. I wanted there to be no ill feelings between the two of them. They were both great guys. I knew that deep down we both knew that "we" were no longer meant to be. That we both had different plans for our lives, different paths to travel, but it didn't make it any easier.

That weekend, I still didn't know where I stood with Cory. I had no idea how he felt about me. I remember not talking to him until Sunday afternoon, he had given me space. I remember feeling awkward around him when he approached me and asked if he could take me on a ride for a few minutes. He said he had some things to discuss with me. I thought it was going to be about what happened and how I was handling it. By now, everyone at church knew. (News like that spreads fast)

We hopped in his car and I remember him taking a right out of the parking lot. I don't remember how it started...but before I knew it, Cory was telling me how he felt about me. How he knew that he loved me. How he knew that we should be together. I know that by the time we got to the 7-11 (about 5-6 minutes) he had to stop and get a drink because he had "cotton-mouth" he said.

I sat in the car alone...for those 2-3 minutes and I was honestly in shock. To this day I don't think people believe me when I say that I had no clue. Ever. Apparently Cory had had feelings like these for a least a year or more. I had no clue. I was dating someone else. He had other girlfriends. I had even recently set him up with someone at church and they were dating during this time. When he came back we talked more. I remember it being easy from that point on. We talked about how he would have to speak with his current girlfriend and end things. We talked about how I was doing after breaking up with Steven. It all seemed so awkward and refreshing at the same time.

Before long we were officially dating. I remember we took it slow, but from the beginning I found myself telling him that I loved him. I had known that I did as a friend, but I could see it growing into a romantic love before my eyes.

It was only a couple of months into our relationship before we knew that we would get married. We were open with our parents about our relationship, we were open with our friends and with each other. I felt different. I felt like an adult who was in love...not just content.

I knew that I was finally with my best friend, my lifelong partner, my soul mate. There was never a defining moment of was baby steps that God designed for us to take together that brought us to that point.

Today, I still think my Husband rocks because he was ever the gentlemen...ever the best friend I needed. There were many times where he could have taken advantage of our friendship and crossed lines not meant to be crossed, but I think he grew up too during that time. He was patient and loving, loyal and true. That cocky, arrogant Cali-boy took his time loving me and in the end he got me. I truly felt like a gift for him that he had waited years to receive.

Baby, thanks for being persistent, thanks for loving me, thanks for believing and trusting in ROCK! :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Simple Pleasure Thursday

Cory Writing...

My simple pleasure this week is having a wife that understands me. I have had a long week with not a lot of sleep. I had a meeting last night and after the meeting I was just so frustrated that I requested that my wife and I just go home. When we got home my wife just allowed me to explode and vent some frustrations that I really needed to vent. She sacrificed going to Chick-fil-a like we do every Wednesday because she knew that I needed something. Thank you baby.

What is your simple pleasure?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


April writing...

Totally nasty outside...See that pink in the middle...that's me...right now. Gross. And I have to drive home in it in 45 minutes.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

...going back in time.

April writing...

I was just going through some old pictures...lookie.

There's my sweet little Pickle-Bear on the day we brought him home from the breeder. What a sweetheart he was...and he was so tiny. He is still a sweetheart only not so tiny anymore :)

I remember picking him out for his cute puffy pink eyes and his playfulness. Hard to believe that we have had him almost 6 years!

I don't miss the puppy days though...there were many days that myself and especially Cory were not on good terms with that sweet little puppy. I am glad to have both him and Olive in our lives...keeping us busy and keeping us laughing.

Too impatient...that's my problem.

April writing...

Two different evenings since last Wednesday I have gone into my craft room and tried to sew more cloth baby shoes. Both evenings I have sorely butchered one of the shoes I tried to sew. I don't know why so's basically my impatience. I want to have some made so I can sell them and give them away as I see fit...but I need to slow down.

I need to dedicate a day where it's just me and I can go down there without worrying about taking time away from the Husby (although I am sure he wouldn't mind sleeping on the couch while I sew). I need to pace myself and make them step by step.

I will get them done. And to drive myself in a more adult way...I will release the name of my soon-to-be Etsy shop...

"Wittle Feets and other Treats"

I plan to have baby shoes, headbands, wallets, etc. Just lots of cute, fun, homemade stuff for sale.

Some day soon...when I have slowed down and paced myself and just calmed down. ha! I guess my excitement got the best of me! :)


I'm feeling the itch...

April writing... get organized.

I know what you are thinking...those who know me well enough that is. "April, you are already pretty organized...what's left to organize?"

Well the answer my friend is blowing in the answer is that ALOT needs organizing still. While there have been many projects in our home over the past few still seems as though there are many more projects to come. While we wait, gather the funds and the seems more projects creep up.

...then in the meantime things get left "undone" such as, filing, purging, decorating and organization.

Here are a few of the un-organized thorns-in-my-side:
  • Office filing cabinet - this area is actually pretty well kept. I mean I add the papers to their proper folders and all, but the cabinet is packed. Half of the stuff is old enough that we can shred or pack away in the attic filing boxes. It's just a bear of a job...that I have been putting off.
  • The attic - When we bought this house we were lucking enough to have a wide open attic that is accessible via a stairway. So there is SO much room and SO much junk up there. I need desperately to go through it all...organize it (so things are easy to find) and get rid of all the junk that we haven't laid our eyes on in years! Another bear of a job...that we have to do during mild weather...because there is no insulation up if it's cold outside, it's cold up there and if it's hot up's HOT up there.
  • The kitchen - When we remodeled the kitchen, we added like double the cabinet space...and while every nook-n-cranny is in's not necessary. There are tons of kitchen items that I NEVER touch. And why take up the space if you don't need to. Sell it all I say!
  • The basement - Specifically in the area of the pantry and my temp-craft-space. I have cleaners next to cans of good and paper products next to marshmallows...and it all just bugs me. And my temporary craft space...there is alot of stuff I could get rid make room for a newer hobby (sewing). Plus I just have alot of scrapbook stuff that I will not use. Another yard sale booster...hobby misc.

So those are my buggers. I CAN get it all done...I just need the energy, the time and the drive to do it. I had the best of intentions to take care of a couple of these jobs on my Christmas vacation, but I was sick...the entire week. So now that has pushed my plans farther into the present and springtime...which is no good either. I want to be spending that time working on my GARDEN!

Anywho...maybe putting it out there like this will push me to just take baby steps and little bites out of each job as I get the time.

So early spring...probably the beginning of April...swing by my house on any given Saturday...we will have lots of LOOT for sale. :)

What's your un-organized space? What's keeping you from getting it done?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dinner for Four and Half

Cory Writing......

Recipe ..... Ingredients

Meatballs before.............Meatballs during......

Meatballs After.
I have started a new goal where I make dinner on one of my days off. This was the third consecutive week that I have accomplished my new goal. The first week I made stuffed green peppers and the second week I did chicken stuffed shells. This week my wife suggested stuffed chicken breasts, I immediately turned her down because it was boring and didn't fit my rules of cooking (that I forgot to inform her the rules before she picked out the recipe). So I arrived home an pulled out the cook book and found the above recipe. Which is meatball subs. (I added curly fries as the side because we needed one).
I invited our good friends Jason, Brittany, and Tessie (but she didn't eat) to be my guinea pigs. They all said it was good and I enjoyed it also. So Dinner for Four and a half was a success.

Things I do daily...*slightly random*

April writing... it is...

Things I do Daily...some may appear random...but that's ME!

Shower - everyday.
(I'd like to have a shower head like this...or bigger. So it feels like rain)

Sing - in my car, at home, at work, in the shower.
(It might be fun to have a microphone like that.)

Clap - I am a big clapper...I clap when I laugh, when I am dancing or just randomly.
(those aren't my hands...FYI.)

Put on Deodorant - When I wake up, after I shower and before bed. It makes me feel fresh.
(Yeah, I use Dove too...makes my pits silky smooth. Word.)

Crack my neck - It's become more a habit than for an release...I also find myself twirling my right hand to crack my wrist too.
(although I try and not break my neck while doing so.)

Make mouth noises - but not like the smacking kind...more like clicking noises. Usually when I am thinking or just bored.
(and I look like a cartoon at the same time...)

Talk to myself - I am finding that older I get the more I do this. I'm not nuts though...promise.
(I don't need a mirror to talk to myself...she does. Just for viewing purposes.)

Put on chapstick - alot. It's a staple...I have to.
(My fav.)

Tap my fingers - I do this alot at work. But if I am near a hard object...I will usually do it.
(This isn't my hand either.)

Count stairs - I find that if I come to stairs during the course of my day, I tend to count them as I climb. Unless I am talking at the same time.
(This IS my house. sike.)

Un-bend paper clips - It's my bad work habit. I have gone through thousands. Gesh.
(What's that spell??!! ...nothing actually stop trying to figure it out.)

Say "I Love You" - Always to Cory...and more than enough times too.
(again...not my hand.)

Log on our Home Banking account - almost daily. It's a habit too. I just check in...say hi to our money or what's left of it...then log off. :)
(I am not always that happy when looking at our account...if that's you...that's great.)

SO?! What do you do on a daily basis??

What in the wooorrrld? haha

April writing...

Monday Moan

Cory writing...

My Monday Moan is having both COURT and TRAINING on my DAYS OFF. That is not a way to spend my time away from work!!!

How about you? What are you moaning about this Monday?

This is really sweet...

April writing...

An open letter to my body...

April writing...

Dear Body Fat, (especially what Fat finds itself hovering around my midsection, arms and neck...)

I just wanted to touch base with you in a more formal, public way to ensure that this time you may get my drift.

I want to wear cute clothes. I know that sounds selfish and childish, but it's the truth...and for too long you have hindered me from doing just that. I have not been able to develop a relationship with cute clothes because of your swelling connection to my body.

Here you are happily clinging to my body as if there was no invitation to go elsewhere...but there is. I don't care where you go, just leave me alone...seriously. I mean, you could even hop a little bit of yourself onto my Husby seeing as how he has been trying to put on more weight for a while.(Not too much though...he may get upset.)

I long for the day when I don't have to wear slightly larger shirts to ensure that your ever present protruding doesn't interfere with any cuteness that I could muster up.

And yes, I see you there...with your hand up my old fat friend...I know what you are going to say, "Why are you blaming's all about what you eat and how you exercise. Do the right thing and I will be gone." While I need you to know that I understand that, I still feel that you hold on with the tenacity of a protester; bound and determined to sit and scream out your point until it is realized by all.

But your point...the one that screams that I will be "fat" forever...well I plan on drowning it out! I WILL do it...I too can have fact for the better part of 2008 I drowned out 34 pounds of YOU...and I felt like I was on top of the world. Whatever it was that made me lay down my sword and stop fighting...well that's gone.

I HAVE picked up my sword again...and I plan on fighting the remaining 50+ pounds of YOU that is hanging around. Then you will be GONE forever...and that relationship that I have been missing out on, the one I have been putting off...that relationship with cute clothes...I will flaunt it in front of any sign of you that creeps up until you run away screaming.

Body's ON!
You are no longer welcome.
Please see your way out.

Friday, January 23, 2009

they make me smile...

April writing...

Have I told you how much I love these kiddos??

I mean, they just feel the music...*sigh*

*CONTEST* & My favorite pic of Bek...Picnik'ed.

April writing...

I've been playing around with Picnik. It's fun. Here is my favorite (like absolute favorite) picture of Beks...and I did a little jazzin' up with it! :)

Go take a Picnik break yourself...and don't forget to SHARE your pictures!

In FACT...I am officially starting a CONTEST!!! I have a Starbucks gift card that I am pretty sure has close to $15 on it...(I will verify and post the exact amount!) I am willing to give it to the winner!!!

Contest rules:
-Go Picnik your favorite picture. Each person can enter up to 3 pictures. Then post your picture(s) on your Blogger, Flickr, Facebook, what have you...
-Come back to this post and leave a comment with the location of your Picture(s)! (also make sure I have a way to contact you if you win!)
-Deadline is Midnight, Friday, January 30th.

After the deadline I will post all the pictures and we will have an open poll to decide on the TOP 5 pictures...then I will pick from those for our WINNER!!!

Get it on the FUN! Don't miss out!

Answers to your questions:
-No collages.
-You MUST you Picnik...not photoshop.

hahaha...I think I have a boo-boo

April writing...

These are too funny. I mean...who wants a boo-boo now...just so they can wear a Jesus Band-Aid. heehee.

Remember "Jesus Heals."


My Husband Rocks Friday

April writing...

My husby rocks this week because he is planning some special for our Saturday together tomorrow. It's a surprise...I don't know what it is...but I just love it when he takes the time to surprise me...and I am so simple...that I would love anything! ha! I can only imagine what it would be!!!

You rock CJE :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

ok...this, is adorable.

April writing...

I am having an outstanding week. So to share in some of my cheer I want to show you guys something that I got from a fellow bloggy friend.

I TOTALLY want to do this...but where???

My only current I was thinking about getting the shelves and painting them black. Then taking picture is various kitchen items (i.e. forks, knives, teacup, mixer, etc) and putting them in vivid black and white. Then putting them in the frames and doing two rows of this shelf with my pictures on my main wall in the kitchen...?? What do you think (for those of you who have seen my kitchen.) Would that work? (I am kinda going for a homey-cafe type feel.)

For those that want to do one can find the shelves here. And you can find the clip frames here. (All at IKEA of course!)

If you add it to your some pictures!! I will be sure share when I add it to my house...somehow :)

p.s. - If you get a moment...say a little prayer for little Xavier. One of the members of our church, Lisa, her son Xavier had a stroke. (He is 5 I believe) He is not doing well and he needs our prayers! Also, send some prayers up for Linn, DW and their family. (Another bloggy friend) Their house burnt down last Wednesday and they are still picking up the pieces with their very large family. (8 kids) You can read her story here.

Simple Pleasure Thursday

Cory Writing....

I actually have two simple pleasures for this week.

The first simple pleasure is to see my extremely creative wife put her sewing machine to great use. She made these super cute baby shoes and she did a great job on them.

My second simple pleasure is to see my wife get an offer that very well my change her life. She was contacted by a FOX 45 news personality that wants to do a special segment on her Baby Signs business. Hopefully this will set her in the right direction to get this business off of the ground. My wife works so hard for other people and she really deserves to have something great happen to her.

Those are this weeks simple pleasures. Share yours with us.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I may seriously need this thing...

April writing...

This little baby is awesome. When the alarm sounds...the propeller flies off and shoots around the room. You can't snooze the clock without getting up, finding the propeller and putting it back on the stand.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My first try...

April writing... Cloth Baby Shoes...

It took me an hour and half for the FIRST shoe alone...then the second shoe took 20 minutes haha! I plan to go down and make two more pairs after I get myself some nourishment.

What do you think? (And yes, for those of you wondering...these shoes are NOT for children walking...they are more like baby slippers!! But I literally made these with EXTRA fabric I had in my house!! AHH!!)

p.s. - I will post MORE pictures of my other pairs when they are complete!! :) Here they are....pair three coming soon!!!

I am hopeful...

April writing...

I am.

With a new Leader comes change, that's for sure. How those changes will impact Me, My Family, Our Country...only time will tell. But I am hopeful. It's scary and unsettling no matter what, no matter who...placing our HOME, our COUNTRY in the hands of ONE MAN. One Human.

So we pray, we stay hopeful and we continue on...yes, today made history...but simply put. It's just another day.

Welcome Mr. President and the First Lady.

And goodbye Mr. Bush and Laura. Thanks for your years...your changes, good or bad. In your own way, you shaped our Country.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Life's for sharing...

April writing...

This just brightened my day...totally made me giggle the whole time. Tell me...honestly...haven't you ever wanted to break out in song and dance in public??

2009...the year of the Scarf

April writing...

Please tell me how CUTE this is???? I found it over at Infarrantly Creative.

I am totally going to make one!!! I have never crocheted a day in my if you know how...or even have some remote knowledge...then I will need your help with this tutorial...and by helping me...I will make you one too!!

And here's the tutorial for making the flower...which is equally as cute!

Some of the blogs that I follow are announcing that 2009 is the year of the scarf...which I find appealing seeing as how I have been wearing my scarves for the past two months long after I have taken my coat off indoors. They are just so warm and toasty and fun...

So now...I will make my chunky scarf and some for friends...If I properly learn how! :)

Monday Moan

Cory Writing....

My Monday Moan this week has to do with the presidential inauguration.

I don't understand why President-Elect Obama has to have all these stupid things happening. I don't remember any of the last several presidents having all this stuff leading up to the Inaugural. All you did is get elected to president like 43 other guys before you. I understand that this is the first time we have had a black president, which is kind of cool, but I thought you were bringing change to the white house. All I am seeing so far is you sticking your nose in stuff that doesn't concern you (IE. college football having a playoff) and spending an ungodly amount of money just for events for you to "thank the people." How about you just put all that money into the economy, take your oath, and get to work. Enough is enough. You are inconveniencing everyone.

Friday, January 16, 2009


April writing....


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our version of the Chicken Stuffed Shells

April writing...

So our pictures (and the meal) isn't as pretty as the recipe picture...but it was REALLY yummy. And the JUMBO Shells that we found, weren't as JUMBO as needed...but we got Manicotti shells we made those work. Enjoy our pictures!!

Our chicken cooking... Our stuffing...

Cory delicately layering our dish... The Un-JUMBO shells...

Cory stuffing the shells... And more layering...

Our dinner cooking... The yummy finish...

A few more views... Up close yumminess...
We loved it!
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