Monday, January 26, 2009

Things I do daily...*slightly random*

April writing... it is...

Things I do Daily...some may appear random...but that's ME!

Shower - everyday.
(I'd like to have a shower head like this...or bigger. So it feels like rain)

Sing - in my car, at home, at work, in the shower.
(It might be fun to have a microphone like that.)

Clap - I am a big clapper...I clap when I laugh, when I am dancing or just randomly.
(those aren't my hands...FYI.)

Put on Deodorant - When I wake up, after I shower and before bed. It makes me feel fresh.
(Yeah, I use Dove too...makes my pits silky smooth. Word.)

Crack my neck - It's become more a habit than for an release...I also find myself twirling my right hand to crack my wrist too.
(although I try and not break my neck while doing so.)

Make mouth noises - but not like the smacking kind...more like clicking noises. Usually when I am thinking or just bored.
(and I look like a cartoon at the same time...)

Talk to myself - I am finding that older I get the more I do this. I'm not nuts though...promise.
(I don't need a mirror to talk to myself...she does. Just for viewing purposes.)

Put on chapstick - alot. It's a staple...I have to.
(My fav.)

Tap my fingers - I do this alot at work. But if I am near a hard object...I will usually do it.
(This isn't my hand either.)

Count stairs - I find that if I come to stairs during the course of my day, I tend to count them as I climb. Unless I am talking at the same time.
(This IS my house. sike.)

Un-bend paper clips - It's my bad work habit. I have gone through thousands. Gesh.
(What's that spell??!! ...nothing actually stop trying to figure it out.)

Say "I Love You" - Always to Cory...and more than enough times too.
(again...not my hand.)

Log on our Home Banking account - almost daily. It's a habit too. I just check in...say hi to our money or what's left of it...then log off. :)
(I am not always that happy when looking at our account...if that's you...that's great.)

SO?! What do you do on a daily basis??


- Sarah :-) said...

A lot of the same things, actually, but oddly enough, I MOST definitely count stairs. And don't get me started on all of the OTHER things I find myself counting on a daily basis. I think I'd have NO friends if you all knew...

Angie said...

Daily I count the blessings of my children, and how blessed I am to have such great daughters, no matter how random they all three are!!!!

Adelle said...

i absolutely talk to myself daily and i answer myself as well! i count stairs and if my shoes click sometimes i count that too. if i don't pick out my clothes the night before i change once or twice before settling on my outfit for the day.

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