Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Moan

Cory Writing....

My Monday Moan this week has to do with the presidential inauguration.

I don't understand why President-Elect Obama has to have all these stupid things happening. I don't remember any of the last several presidents having all this stuff leading up to the Inaugural. All you did is get elected to president like 43 other guys before you. I understand that this is the first time we have had a black president, which is kind of cool, but I thought you were bringing change to the white house. All I am seeing so far is you sticking your nose in stuff that doesn't concern you (IE. college football having a playoff) and spending an ungodly amount of money just for events for you to "thank the people." How about you just put all that money into the economy, take your oath, and get to work. Enough is enough. You are inconveniencing everyone.

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April E. :) said...

Well...I'm going to encourage Cory to take a time seems he is a bit steamed up. heehee.

My Monday Moan is people who either SPEED or DRIVE TOO SLOW in the snow. This am, there was snow falling. But by no means in large amounts. Still we had the dummies who felt it was safe enough to speed past other drivers with no regard for saftey, and the ones that drive so slow that they aren't going to EVER get to work...and not because of an accident.

Annoying. My normally 15-20 minute drive took 35 minutes. GESH!

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