Monday, January 05, 2009

Monday Moan

Cory Writing....

My Monday Moan is about slippery trees. You might be scratching your head on this one, but allow me to tell you a little story and you will understand.

On Friday night I responded for an overturned vehicle in the water.

When I arrived there was a truck flipped over in the water down a hundred foot cliff. We ran down the hill to the truck because there was supposed to be a guy trapped in it. We got to the truck after falling into the mud several times and we located the individual not in the truck, but close to it.

I was stuck out by the truck standing on a tree that was a little above the water. So I stayed there until the fire department got the guy on a backboard and started to move him up the cliff. There was enough room on the dry area, so I started to walk along the tree trying to keep my balance. The tree was really slippery and slimy, so I was trying to be careful. I got almost to the dry land when I tried to jump, but my feet slipped. Luckily I landed on a dry spot, but the slip caused me to fall forward. As I was falling forward I reached out to catch myself with my hands on the tree. I grabbed the tree, but I had gloves on and my hands slipped off too. The only thing left to catch my fall was my face, so I have a bump at my hairline, a scratch on the bridge of my nose and a scrap on the end of my nose. In a straight line just like the tree, so that is where my Monday Moan comes from.

Now that I shared my embarrassing moment I want to hear your Monday Moan.


- Sarah :-) said...

Ha ha ah haaa haa haaaaaaaa





(I can't even begin to HAVE a Monday Moan after this story. Thanks for fixing my Monday, Cory!)

April E. :) said...

My monday moan is Pilonidal Cysts. Boo.

I have one...and although it's getting better, I am still pretty sore.

*oh* and I wouldn't recommend googling it...not some great pics...and NO mine is NOT that bad :)

*thank goodness*

Jason said...

Dude - you got have your picture of your face on there.
My Monday moan is just simply it's Monday, Monday are not always bad - but after a long holiday, Monday's are nasty.

Brittany said...

Day late and a dollar short... but my Monday moan is having to be all by myself again. After spending two weeks with family and my wonderful husband, its just me and the baby. Kinda lonely.

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