Thursday, October 30, 2008


April writing...

For real? Yep. Check out the story about the Cabbage Patched Presidential hopefuls here. You can visit this page to see more pictures...this is amazing.

*and far be it for me to judge...but I think they gave Sarah Palin cankles....ehhhh*

Simple Pleasure Thursday

Cory Writing...

Today is another Thursday and a day for another Simple pleasure.

My simple pleasure today is finding that one thing that you feel you were meant to do. I am teaching a leadership class to our youth group peer leaders. I was very nervous to teach the class, but since I started I have felt totally comfortable in the class. While I am teaching the class just flows so well and I am loving it. I find myself looking forward to the next class. I think I am going to enjoy being a teacher.

Please share you simple pleasure with all of us. Come on peeps I know you have simple pleasures

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I NEED these Decor Elements...

April writing...

I have been meaning to...Seriously. I NEEDS me some of these Decor Elements vinyl wall rub-on's. They are just simply amazing and I am already a rub-on fan when it comes to my scrapbooking, so to be able to do the SAME to my walls...*I am drooling!*

I just haven't ordered them yet. To be honest, I got overwhelmed. When I got the first batch of advertisement from Stampin' Up I couldn't keep my eyes off it...and just when I had about decided what I would purchase, they sent the supplemental advertisement...with MORE goodies! Now I am simply LOST.

So I am kicking my butt into gear and PURCHASING at least ONE of these Decor Elements...not only because I WANT them, but because I NEED to place an order to stay ACTIVE haha. This lovely recession or whatever we are in, coupled with the gas prices and just all around craziness is seriously effecting my Stampin' Up business. That and I get RSVP's to Club and then the numbers slowly dwindle down to ONE...and I cancel it, to save that ONE person some gas.

Anyways...I am rambling. Here's what I have been going through...while deciding on what to PICK!!!

This is one beautiful example of how these wonderful vinyl rub-on's can be used...and I am IN LOVE with the idea. Ahhh!

Now to tease both YOU and ME with more ideas...
This lovely lady, put her rub-on on a blank picture frame and backed it with some decorative paper. What a neat look!

And this one...I LOVE...I am actually thinking about doing something very similar (with initials) on my dining room may be what I purchase.

And I just ADORE these flourishes...I want them too. Ehhhh *see my problem?*

And THIS!? What a stinkin' CUTE idea?!?!

So...I am just at a loss. I am seriously torn between the Monogram idea and the flourishes. At least with the Monogram I KNOW where it would go and what I would do. So I may just hold onto getting the flourishes for now.

Anyways...I will be ORDERING whatever I decide on FRIDAY...cause I just can't wait any longer. I will also be posting a tutorial post when I actually put it on my walls!

FOR any of you who may be interested in purchasing one or more of these lovely vinyl art rub-ons, please contact me will be helping me meet my "active" requirements for orders and adding design and style to your home at the same time!!! WHAT?! Awesome!

Take a look at all the Decor Elements products here. Seriously...drop me a line if you are interested in ordering something. Mention this post and SAVE 10% on your ORDER!
Here's my email address...Slickslady AT verizon DOT com :)

Wordless Wednesday

April writing...

"little miss thang is growing up."

Monday, October 27, 2008

Our weekend...

April writing...

Well our weekend was pretty packed with fun things to do. So I figured I would share some of those things with you all! Sorry, I went a little heavy on the pictures this post! Enjoy!

Saturday afternoon, The girls (Beks and Mary Ann) came over to get their hairs did for their Senior Year Homecoming!

Too cute!

Here's Beks (my little sister) with her Date, Sam!

Here is Cory with Beks.

Me and Beks.
Dad getting covered with glitter!!

Mom, Dad and Beks.

The gals...Julie the Bully, Sharpe and Becckerrr!

I am sure they had a blast, they sure were tired, but made it to the 9:00 am service at church the next morning...such good girls! *wink*

Sunday afternoon we had family and friends over to carve are some fun pics from the day!

Here's Jared and Elijah picking out their pumpkin carving templates online!

The kiddos carving away...*note* Elijah is both outside AND wearing gloves...he is our resident 'pumpkin carving puker' so we take precautions where necessary!

Me taking a stab *literally* at a new way of carving!
Mom was SO proud that she caught this look on my face!
Uncle Cory helping out. What a trooper...he got off work that morning and was still going strong!
Mary Ann and Beks after carving their 'really simple' pumpkin so they could go home and sleep!

Jason...frustratingly sawing away at his large-lopsided pumpkin.

'Via...hard at work.

Grandpa helping Mal to 'shave' her pumpkin.
Jason...still hard at work.
Jared, with his completed pumpkin!

Mal with her "ohhh tooo heavvveeyyyy" pumpkin.

Brittany, working so hard on that little thang that her sunglasses fell!

The Halls...with their pumpkins!

Miss Tessie, smiling away at her MOMMY!

Me and my sweet hubby...after the day was done...with our 'fake-hole-punched-but-oh-so-cute' pumpkin and another memory of good times with family and friends. *cheeeeseee*

How was your weekend? What did you do?

Monday MOANS

Cory writing...

Ok, so this week April and I shared our MONDAY MOAN together. This morning as we went by our doctor's office to pick up our referrals to the I will let April share our Monday Moan with you guys today as my guest blogger...over to you April...

Thank you Cory!

SO let me MOAN for the both of us. You see, a little background is needed to understand our moan...(isn't background info always important when I blog?!) We need referrals to visit specialists like the Chiropractor and Reproductive Endocrinologist...other wise we pay a higher we like to save we get our referrals. our doctors office which basically sucks, but we deal with it, because we rarely have to actually go THERE...their procedure for requesting referrals works like so:
1. You call their office, you have to wait through about 3 minutes of chatter to finally get to the point where you can push option 3 to go to the referral request desk.
2. Once there, you don't talk to an actual person, no...instead you leave your name, date of birth, insurance carrier, reason for referral, doctors name and your number where you can be reached.
3. Then they tell you, that your referral will be ready in two days for you to PICK up. They won't send it to the office requesting it. Nope.
4. + they won't tell you it's ready, they will only call you if there are no problems.

Well, here is where our problem arises...well our MOAN arises! We have no way of knowing that they even GOT our message. So what happened today has happened multiple times. We drive by the office (over two weeks after requesting the referral) to pick it up...and wouldn't you know. They never received the request for our referral. Which is actually quite comical seeing as how I actually left TWO separate requests for this ONE referral because after the 1st time, I couldn't quite remember if I had called to request it or not, so I added a second request for good measure. (Then I remember that I DID call that first time!)

So Cory is in there and she was all, "I don't have anything for you, if you want to sit down and wait a few minutes I can type it up for you." Which he is like..."Uh no, I'll come back." I takes like 30 seconds lady...type it up!

So...there you go...our MOAN in a semi-larger-than-normal-nutshell. I want to call my doctors office, talk to a real-live human being, put in my request for a referral, have her tell me OK it's done come pick it up. So I know it's ready for me and I am not wasting my time coming by the office to pick up a non-existent referral.


What's YOUR Monday MOAN?!?!

Friday, October 24, 2008

I needed a little pick-me-up...

April writing...

I needed a little something to cheer me up...Tommy Boy usually does the trick...if you aren't enjoying your Friday either...I hope this helps!

Happy viewing...*remember to pass the popcorn!*

Too bad...oh too sad news.

April writing...

I spoke with my wonderful nurse, Sonya earlier. It looks like Cory and I aren't pregnant this time around.


We are STILL staying positive...we know God has His plans.

I won't lie and say I am not super bummed...but I know all good things come to those who wait. In the meantime I find pleasure in knowing that a few of my new friends on my fertility website are getting their BFP's. (Big Fat Positives) They are pregnant now and that brings me joy, yes even in seeing someone else get something that I want so badly. I'm not heartless! I also know that one more month not pregnant just gives us more time to pay down debt and get our house remodeling done.

*that's me, just looking for the positive in everything!!*

Sonya says all the pieces and parts are there and working as they should, so we have no reason to believe that this won't happen for us...we just may have to work a little harder at it. So off we go...

We are headed into IUI round #2 this next week. Please pray for us. So far, Cory has been holding up and dealing with any of my slight hormonal/emotional swings like a real champ, and my body has done well adjusting to the medications, my weight...well not so much. So hopefully I can get a handle on that before they UP my dosage! :) (Or else I may REALLY eat the whole house this time!)

We will keep you in the LOOP!!! :) Thanks again for all the support guys!!!

My Husband Rocks Friday

April writing...

There are many ways my Hubby rocks, but today I want to talk about how he loves me for who I am, specifically personality wise. You see...I am a very goofy, silly, glass-half-full and trusting kind of DH is more serious, not so silly, cynical and glass-half-empty kind of person.

There come many times where I try to push him to think my makes life easier to deal with in my thinking. I know I frustrate him at times when I am always so 'look at the bright side' or 'think about what they are going through,' but he loves me anyways. And I think there are many times where my 'bright sided' thinking has opened up new ways of thinking about life for him.

I am glad he isn't the type of husband that silences my personality just because it is different from his. It seems that there are alot of relationships that work like that...and I am awfully glad ours doesn't.

Thanks for letting me be ME baby...I love you for you too!!!

This may seem like a weird MHR post...but it's just been something I have been thinking about lately.

How does your Hubby, Significant Other, what have you ROCK?!?!

Don't mind me...

April writing...

I may be posting quite often today...seeing as how I am majorly trying to keep my mind of some NEWS I will be getting later today....

are we (+) or (-)???

Anywho...I guess I will start off with what is sure to be a bunch of random posts (with the exception of the MHR post which is coming shortly)...

I think this explains alot...and it TOTALLY how it works...even for me, who doesn't consider herself that big of a 'girlie' girl...even I do some of this...

What do you think?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

This waiting is making me nuts

Simple Pleasure Thursday

Cory Writing...

My real simple pleasure for this Thursday can't be put on here because it isn't very politically correct, so if you want to know it just ask in person and I will tell you.

My politically correct simple pleasure is to watch my little sister bekah (I don't like the label in-law so I don't use it) play her last home game of volleyball and getting to enjoy senior night with her and her family. She has done a great job in her volleyball career and the game was spectacular even if they did lose.

Please share you simple pleasure even if it is not politically correct. I just can't risk my career for this blog sorry guys. Ha Ha.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

"A is for April."


April writing...

My co-workers are dropping like flies people...Our In-Out Board is covered in "Out Sick"...
Do you see this???

I am getting lightheaded from holding my breath!!!

*does anyone else notice how large my hand looks in front of my's gargantuan. Ewww*

Anyways...I am NOT trying to get sick again. For realz, I got a can of Lysol at my desk...and I will just randomly spray it at 2 minute intervals.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Pet peeve Monday

Cory Writing...

Ok well I have come up with a better name for Monday's blog and we are going to call it Monday Moans. You can whine, complain, or share your pet peeves.

My Monday Moan is going to be about the weather. I hate the cold weather. It makes me very angry and doesn't allow me to get out of bed on time. I didn't get out of bed today until 11:15 and that makes me mad. I didn't need to sleep that long, but I did because my bed was warm and my house was cold. So that is my Moan. Sorry God I hate the seasons. Just give me warm.

Share your Monday Moans.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Picking a mystery...

April writing...

Well it's Friday and as soon as I can get away from ACW (Anal-Co-Worker) and his evil Specs then I can get onto other more exciting things...such as:
  • Planning and work on the Super-Hero-Ween Bash! (Which is fast approaching in two weeks!!!! ahhh!)
  • Picking out a Murder Mystery script for next years Dinner Theater! (Which I am SUPER excited about, seeing as how this year's was amazing...and we are doing TWO shows next year!)
  • Working on some VERB stuff for Jason.

So I really have lots of OTHER stuff to do...I just have to actually WORK first :)

Oh and I might be meeting my "Rockin" hubby for lunch too!!!

Until me out with the scripts for the Murder Mystery...which one of these appeals to you the most?

SUSPECT HOLLYWOOD - A hilariously, funny dinner theater about some “famous” and some not so famous actors and actresses who are auditioning for a new movie entitled Peril of the Prodigal Son. The director has made lots of promises to the potential cast members and financiers of this movie. But can he keep these promises and how will they react if they are betrayed? There are several suggestions for involving audience members that will make this a fun night to remember!!

MURDER AT MIKE'S - It’s opening night at a new 1950’s style restaurant – Mike’s 50’s Cafe. Guests arrive dressed in fifties attire ready to celebrate! As the night progresses, secrets will be revealed. However, some characters are desperate to keep things hidden. And when one person decides that murder is the only solution, the audience is called on to help solve the crime. Who did it? How did he or she do it? And why?

THE CLASS OF VALLEY HIGH - An all-class reunion is the setting of this high energy mystery that also includes heavy doses of laughter. Grammy Award winner, Cindy Masters, is coming back to her old school. But is everyone really so happy to see her? Several flashback scenes reveal that many of the alumni have motives for murder. Will “Cinderella and the Stepsisters” appear on stage together again? Will Boffo the Brilliant be brought in to help solve the crime? Can Tom Bradshaw tell a joke that anyone but Susan Sherwood finds funny? Will the reunion be Cindy’s farewell gig?

CATASTROPHE AT THE CONVENTION - The Annual Convention of the SPCI (The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Insects) is the setting for this highly comedic mystery. Four regional candidates vie for the highly esteemed position of President of the SPCI. Guests will hear stirring campaign speeches and cast ballots to determine who will lead this champion organization for the bugs of America into the next century. A highlight of the evening is T.P. Barnum and his world famous flea circus! When tragedy strikes, who is to blame? Would one of the candidates resort to murder?

My Husband Rocks Friday

April writing...

My husband rocks because he has been so supportive of me during this 2 week appetite has increased, thus increasing my weight by 4.4 pounds..(which I was not happy about) and he said, "Don't worry you will do better this week." And somehow, when he says it...I always do.

I love you baby!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

NOW don't call me CRAZY yet...

April writing...

I just thought that this was truly interesting...(Thanks Sarah for pointing that site out to me.)

If you have been hanging around enough you know that both Cory and I have all things baby on the don't know IF we are pregnant or not yet...however...the thought of it being a positive test result is consuming our brain, so reading about potentially BEING pregnant seems like a smart thing to do.

So I did. :) *there now I feel justified*

MEN you may want to read no further...unless you are and OB/GYN in your spare time... I didn't know that the measured pregnancy in weeks from the first day of your menstrual cycle. It seems weird to me. But according to some sites I have been reading today, that's the truth.

Has anyone else heard this? Any thoughts? Is it just me or does that not make much sense?!

Simple Pleasure Thursday

Cory Writing...

My simple pleasure today is picking out names of my future child with my wife. My wife and I are using the power of positive thinking with this whole IUI thing. So we have been feverishly trying to find names in case we have a little girl. We have our boy name, but we are needing a girl name.

My wife has two girl names picked out and I am just being stubborn because I don't really like the two. I will have to admit they are both growing on me. I never knew how hard it was to pick out names, but there is so much to think about.

What will they think about the name?
What is the first thing you think about with the name?
How will they be teased?
Does it fit with your last name and the middle name?

Wow way too much to think about and we haven't even bothered with what does the name mean?

Lets hear your simple pleasure......

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesdays.

April writing...

"We always have fun together!"

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The man is trying my patience.

April writing...

I consider myself to be a pretty patient, let me rephrase that. I am REALLY patient. Whether it's the fact that most impatience leads to some form of conflict and I avoid conflict like the plague or just the simple fact that I am patient because I am such a nice person...

either way...I am patient. (and I hope you are too...sorry, but this is a long one!)

So I get annoyed when my patience is tested by, ONE co-worker in particular whom I work with on a daily basis. His passive aggressive nature is quite annoying and hard to be patient with in the first place...but when I am greeted with lovely notes like the one I got today...'s at this point that my patience leaves me all together.

Now...allow me to give you a little background. At work, one of my main jobs is typing specifications. If you aren't at all aware of how specifications work...they are basically a bunch of words, bullet points and phrases used to tell Contractors and Engineers when, where, how and why they are to do what they need to do in regards to any construction situation. We have specifications at my job because we are an Architecture office and it is important for the Contractors and Engineers to know when, where, how and why we want certain things done. It is also a big CYA (Cover Your Arse) factor as well. You see if things go wrong at a site, we have to know it wasn't because we left something unsaid or a job unexplained. That's the basic reasoning in WHY we have specs. We have specs for EVERY single job we do. From adding new windows to a school to a complete new construction of an office building.

I type the specs. All of them. Now granted, I am not typing them all from scratch. Luckily there is a system that is used where we take basically pre-designed specs and we re-write aspects of the specs to suit each job type. The needs of the job, the construction specifics, etc.

So I receive piles of papers printed out with RED INK all over them from said annoying co-worker. With notes like, change this, add this space here, write this, etc etc etc. So that's what I have to do. Some of the jobs come with deadlines and some not so much. Some jobs take 20 minutes to complete, while others could take me the entire day.

The gentlemen that is the Spec Writer is well...supremely anal. God bless him, he is a nice enough man...but there are many things about his personality and the way he works that completely irks the living daylights out of me. For HIS mind there is always a deadline. So he brings me the papers and at any given time and will drape them over the edge of the counter, covering my computer screen. (usually while I am in the middle of typing another project for another co-worker) So I then am usually patient enough to stop what I am doing (although showing signs of a little annoyance) listen to the deadline and what he needs (he feels it's necessary to go over all the red markings on each paper) and then I need to let him know that I heard him and let him have an idea of when he will be getting the project back. Other times, for example in the mornings...I will come in with papers all over my desk from him. Different projects to work on. Instead of placing them in my INBOX like he has been asked to do. But I usually grin and bear it and get over it.

Now, while I understand that specifications are technically a legal document (for CYA purposes), it still bugs me that every single SPACE, MARGIN, PERIOD and such must be JUST doesn't make it any LESS annoying when he proceeds to POINT out again and again...that I must have NOT been paying attention, or I am too easily distracted and I can't get the work done right the first time. He has even gone so far as to ask my other co-workers to cover the phones for me so I won't have any distractions. I am the FREAKING receptionist...OF COURSE I am going to have distractions. Why in the world don't you, as the SPEC WRITER actually WRITE the specs yourself?? He literally....prints the pages from the pre-designed specs, and puts red-marked written corrections all over it then give is to me. I make the corrections, print a new copy only for him to put MORE corrections on the spec and give it back to me to correct and print again.

I have an idea...skip the stinkin' middle man and just MAKE the corrections on the computer yourself, since I am apparently not doing it how YOU would do it!!!!!!

Well today was the straw that broke the stinkin' camels back. My patience has run out. You see, we have been working on a project, that I have known from the beginning needs to be complete by THIS Friday. I have been steadily working on each section of the project and returning it to him for his checking. (Like I just mentioned he brings me corrections, I make them. He takes them back and then almost always brings me more corrections. oh yeah...we got through ALOT of paper.)

Meanwhile I have been having major problems with the relationship between my computer and my printer. Sometimes it will add spaces where spaces don't belong. It will add other formatting marks where they aren't seen in the print preview. I can't get rid of them...and our IT guy has seriously been trying to fix the problem now for over a week. The said anal co-worker has been made aware of this MORE than once. I have said to him, "Anal Co-worker, my printer is acting up again. I realize it may seem like there are some extra spaces or formatting marks on this draft, but when all the corrections are made and the spec is finalized it will be sent to the printer for printing and binding so they will not show up on the final copy. So please disregard them, as they are not my mistake."

You would think at this point...any comments about extra marks or spaces would be left unsaid because after all, these are just DRAFTS and there is NOTHING I can do to fix the problem. So just OVER look them, and move on to giving me any other un-related corrections. But no.....I get notes like this...

Wanna know what he is talking about? Extra spaces. Yep...the very extra spaces that he has been TOLD just appear on the printed document. He says (in case you can't read the note) "If you looked at the printed section this would not happen!"

I CAN'T FIX IT!!!!! What in the WORLD made you think that this note was appropriate!!!!!

He is basically saying to me..."Hey moron, if you would pay attention to how the document printed out, you would see all the extra spaces that I have circled and asked you to correct and you would have fixed them before you gave me the corrected copy. Idiot."

I am no are.

And my patience is gone. It packed up it's bags and left took a jet plane to anywhere but here. Gone.

I am seriously biting my tongue now...if I get a visit from anal co-worker, 'checking up on the status of the project'...I may go postal.

Repenting made easy...?

April writing...



Go there. It's "repenting made easy." You can talk to artificial intelligent computer man-made God. Interesting.

When I got there, 'iGod' asked me my name...I said, "Shouldn't you know it?" and iGod said, "I think I should." So I said, "Then what is it?"

Then iGod stopped talking to me. I don't think iGod likes it when you get snarky with him.

I never even got to repent.

*UPDATED to say*

I did not go to iGod expecting answers on the meaning of life...nor the truth about all life's little mysteries...nor did I assume that repenting to iGod would put me in better standing with RealGod.

However...with all that said...I do feel that the makers of iGod could have done a better job of making iGod a little less emotional about my questioning him and my snarkiness. And even with that said, I do agree that if they had done TOO good a job with iGod...some simpletons out there may decide that iGod is better than RealGod...and that would not be a good thing overall.

So I guess I am just saying...iGod hurt my feelings...but RealGod made me feel better :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

A silly-mental-waiting game...

April writing...

Here we are Monday afternoon and I am sleeeeeepy. I am blaming (wholeheartedly) my medicine and NOT the fact that I stayed up till 1:00 am last night watching TV with a stomach ache. I am blaming the medicine because it has increased my appetite...which caused me to eat last night, later than I would normally...thus giving me a stomach ache that kept me up watching TV until 1:00 am.

You see, it's a vicious cycle.

...and NO, I don't want to hear anything about how I didn't HAVE to eat (although the thought of not putting something in my stomach was nauseating)...I know that I didn't HAVE to eat chicken nuggets and tater tots. This was not a smart idea, I know. Nor was watching the second episode of Ugly Betty when instead I should have just turned off the TV, popped a tums in my mouth, rolled over and forced myself to go to sleep.

But I didn't...and now I am paying the consequences. Albeit NOT my fault. :)

However, in all this I guess I DO have to admit that this very medicine which has caused me so much sleepy-hungry-grief, could possibly have been the deciding factor in our quest for a I can't complain much...rather I shouldn't complain much. I guess it's just that I have 11 1/2 days until I find out if we are pregnant...and keeping my mind on other things...even if they are complaining about my appetite and sleepiness, is keeping me from going crazy and running to the nearest Walgreen's for a pregnancy test!!!! (and who am I kidding, even if I DID take a's still too early to tell.)

If I can be vulnerable for a moment...I am just feeling REALLY ready. It kinda goes through phases with me. I mean, I WANT a baby...WE want a baby, but there are days when I FEEL it even more...and since the IUI on Friday I have been FEELING it. So I am not trying to over react when I FEEL anything else...i.e. a little nausea, 'tater' tenderness or having to go to the bathroom frequently. I can't get caught up in all's too early for that. Besides...I did drink alot of tea this weekend, I did lay on my back for a long period of time last night (which always makes me a bit nauseous) and as far as the tenderness goes, I think that's just a mental game.

I'm just ready...but I DO know that even if it doesn't happen this WILL happen eventually and at the best time possible for Cory and I.

So....until then...I will probably continue to complain a little about my medicine and it's side effect woes. Cory will probably keep plugging away at finding his favorite ideas for baby names because he can't seem to remember the few that I have picked out as my favorite! :) (and luckily we have ruled out Ariel and Anastasia...yeah. Don't ask.)

This is what we will have to do until the dreaded two week wait is over. It's not that dreaded I guess...a bit of a lesson in patience...but after all isn't having children one HUGE lesson an I guess we are just starting early.

11 1/2 days to go...I can do this.

Pet Peeve Monday.

Cory Writing...

This week we are starting a new weekly tradition. Mondays are going to be dedicated to pet peeves. So we have pet peeve Mondays, Wordless Wednesdays, Simple Pleasure Thursdays, and My Husband Rocks Fridays. So lets start this new tradition with my first pet peeve.

My pet peeve this week is those annoying people that try to get on a freeway or any type of road from either a dead stop or by driving the speed limit. This happened to me coming home from our IUI appointment on Friday. This moron was trying to get onto the 695 driving like 50 miles an hour while everyone else is going like 65 or 70. Do you really think you are going to survive your stupidity. I think not.

Wow i feel better now that i got that off my chest. Come on I know you have a pet peeve to share with us..... it will make you feel better if you share.

Friday, October 10, 2008

So I'm thinking about THESE...

April writing...
I am thinking about getting these new glasses?! Please note the cool design on the side of the glasses....AHH love it! What do you think of them? Do we like them???

My Husband Rocks Friday....

April writing...

My husband ROCKS because today he got up early and did his part for the IUI, and then sat with me during the IUI.

He was so patient and quiet and he rubbed my hand like a great comforter should! Thanks baby! I am believing that this worked!!!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Simple Pleasure Thursday

Cory Writing...

First of all I would like to send a big Thank You to my wife for reminding me and typing my simple pleasure out last week. I was very sick and didn't even get out of bed. Well I am over that now and feeling a whole lot better and that is a simple pleasure in its self, but I am not using that one today.

My simple pleasure today is having a father that knows so much about construction and home improvement. My dad is a very handy man. He has graciously agreed to teach me everything he knows. I am trying to finish my basement (currently working on a bathroom) and my dad is supervising me. He is taking his time to hang out and watch me and teach me how to do things. I know this is difficult for him because he knows he can do it so much quicker and better, but he sits back and explains and lets me do it and fights not to take over. Ha Ha.

Thank you Dad. (even though he probably wont see this) I can't Thank him enough.

Have a great day and please don't just read.... post your simple pleasure.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I've dropped by twice already...

April writing...

I've come to blog two times already this morning, but I haven't been ready to I guess. I have been out of it, like, majorly this weekend.

I can sum up my weekend in 5 pictures...
LOTS of these...
Alot of this...

alot of slathering on of this great stuff...
LOTS and LOTS of this...

And of course alot of this... say the least I have been SICK...

It was horrible. By the end of it all I also have a stinkin' ear infection! However, I wake up today...and it all seems to be leaving me...slowly...but still. It's leaving me.

I am coughing like nobodies business, but hoping that all the ick is just wanting to jump out of I am helping it along!!! (all the while covering my hands in hand sanitizer after every cough!) I am not trying to spread my germs around work!!!

IN other GOOD health related news...we have ONE large follicle working it's way out! (I would have liked to seen more...but hey...ONE is better than NONE, so that works for me!) I saw my Doc yesterday and we saw my large follicle during the backwards sonogram and he said it is all looking good! He increased my dose of Follistim to 75 units, as he wants to see my Estrogen level increase a little bit more as well. So I am upping my dose and I am scheduled to see him again Wednesday morning. Hopefully then we will know when the IUI is scheduled!!!!

I am getting so excited!!! I feel really positive about it all...and we are just ready to give this a go! We will see what is in store for us!!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Exactly ONE year ago today...

April writing...

It's been ONE FULL, LONG year...since mom had her 5-bypass heart surgery. ONE year since we said one of the worst "goodbye's" ever. Not knowing how she would pull through, was excrutiating and it was a loooonnggg day!!

...but she DID pull through...seeing her all tied down with tubes and iv's and hooked to a monitor was not easy. I think Bekah took it the hardest, I mean we were all terrified...but Dad, Sarah and I tried our hardest to be strong for Bekah. We all still had so much to share with Mom...Bekah, graduating from High School...Sarah, getting married in one month...April, having children...and even Dad...thier 30th Wedding Anniversary was just around the corner!!!

She will get to see it all!!!

She saw Sarah get married...November 10th, 2007!

She got to celebrate yet another Christmas with her family!

She celebrated 30 years of wedded bliss to a man that, since her surgery she has fallen in love with again...thanks to his support and drive to get better!

She celebrated another Mother's Day with her daughters...we are so thankful for her!

And this coming year she see her baby, Bekah graduate High School and hopefully get to meet some grandchildren of her own!

She has given us so much strength when I am sure she thought she had none left to give. She has lost 45 pounds since her surgery and was the main drive for me to lose weight and get in shape too! She continues to be just as sassy and spunky as ever! We are so blessed and thankful to have Mom with us every day!
Mom, I am not sure what I would do if I didn't have you in my life, and if I don't say it enough...I mean it...I LOVE YOU MOM!!!
Thanks for pulling through, thanks for being the ROCK in our family, the GLUE that holds us together...thanks for giving me someone to look up to every day!!!
Happy ONE YEAR *NEW MOM* Anniversary!!! Here's to MANY, MANY, MANY more!!!

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