Monday, October 27, 2008

Our weekend...

April writing...

Well our weekend was pretty packed with fun things to do. So I figured I would share some of those things with you all! Sorry, I went a little heavy on the pictures this post! Enjoy!

Saturday afternoon, The girls (Beks and Mary Ann) came over to get their hairs did for their Senior Year Homecoming!

Too cute!

Here's Beks (my little sister) with her Date, Sam!

Here is Cory with Beks.

Me and Beks.
Dad getting covered with glitter!!

Mom, Dad and Beks.

The gals...Julie the Bully, Sharpe and Becckerrr!

I am sure they had a blast, they sure were tired, but made it to the 9:00 am service at church the next morning...such good girls! *wink*

Sunday afternoon we had family and friends over to carve are some fun pics from the day!

Here's Jared and Elijah picking out their pumpkin carving templates online!

The kiddos carving away...*note* Elijah is both outside AND wearing gloves...he is our resident 'pumpkin carving puker' so we take precautions where necessary!

Me taking a stab *literally* at a new way of carving!
Mom was SO proud that she caught this look on my face!
Uncle Cory helping out. What a trooper...he got off work that morning and was still going strong!
Mary Ann and Beks after carving their 'really simple' pumpkin so they could go home and sleep!

Jason...frustratingly sawing away at his large-lopsided pumpkin.

'Via...hard at work.

Grandpa helping Mal to 'shave' her pumpkin.
Jason...still hard at work.
Jared, with his completed pumpkin!

Mal with her "ohhh tooo heavvveeyyyy" pumpkin.

Brittany, working so hard on that little thang that her sunglasses fell!

The Halls...with their pumpkins!

Miss Tessie, smiling away at her MOMMY!

Me and my sweet hubby...after the day was done...with our 'fake-hole-punched-but-oh-so-cute' pumpkin and another memory of good times with family and friends. *cheeeeseee*

How was your weekend? What did you do?


megsnbigd said...

Love it, love it, love it! What a super fun weekend! Can we just discuss how old Rebekah looks and now how old I feel!?!??! I love your attempted effort at the pumpkin. It was a blast seeing Tammy's oh-not-so-little ones. Weird. Where did the time go? I'm bummed about your BFN...I get it. On a few levels. God Knows. And it stinks just waiting and truting and waiting and trusting. But we've all got your back! Did you know the Message translation at the end of Jer 29:11 says, "The future YOU hope for!?!?!?!??!" That's what He wants to give you.

Monica Dawn. said...

Haha. All I had to do was backtrack a little to find more pictures haha.

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