Thursday, October 16, 2008

NOW don't call me CRAZY yet...

April writing...

I just thought that this was truly interesting...(Thanks Sarah for pointing that site out to me.)

If you have been hanging around enough you know that both Cory and I have all things baby on the don't know IF we are pregnant or not yet...however...the thought of it being a positive test result is consuming our brain, so reading about potentially BEING pregnant seems like a smart thing to do.

So I did. :) *there now I feel justified*

MEN you may want to read no further...unless you are and OB/GYN in your spare time... I didn't know that the measured pregnancy in weeks from the first day of your menstrual cycle. It seems weird to me. But according to some sites I have been reading today, that's the truth.

Has anyone else heard this? Any thoughts? Is it just me or does that not make much sense?!


Monica Dawn. said...

;-) it doesn't make's like " I concieved 4 weeks ago so how am I 6 weeks pregnant?! 6 weeks ago there was no conception!?!?!"

It really doesn't make sense....But think of it this way... it's like getting 2 weeks free! ;-)

Regina said...

I totally didn't know that's when they calculated pregnancy...but I suppose it makes sense.

However, the most amusing part of that little website for week 1 was the "Buy It" section: "Candy Bra and G-String. Suit up for some sweet, sweet baby-makin'."

*THAT* made me giggle.

Mommy B said...

OK, let me see if I can take a shot at this. Once you indeed find out you're pregnant, your doctor will start telling you what week you're in during your pregnancy. So if you find out next Friday that you're pregnant, you will already be 4 weeks along, even though you technically conceived 2 weeks ago. The first day of your last period is the starting point to begin calculating from. On other preggo boards you'll see tickers that say "5w3d" for 5 weeks and 3 days. Make sense? Get used to answering the age old question "So how far are you" in weeks - there are 40 weeks total! Did you know that eye, hair and skin color as well as gender and body type have already been determined? Pretty cool, huh? Oh, and that little one is just around the size of a poppy seed. I love it!!!

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