Thursday, October 09, 2008

Simple Pleasure Thursday

Cory Writing...

First of all I would like to send a big Thank You to my wife for reminding me and typing my simple pleasure out last week. I was very sick and didn't even get out of bed. Well I am over that now and feeling a whole lot better and that is a simple pleasure in its self, but I am not using that one today.

My simple pleasure today is having a father that knows so much about construction and home improvement. My dad is a very handy man. He has graciously agreed to teach me everything he knows. I am trying to finish my basement (currently working on a bathroom) and my dad is supervising me. He is taking his time to hang out and watch me and teach me how to do things. I know this is difficult for him because he knows he can do it so much quicker and better, but he sits back and explains and lets me do it and fights not to take over. Ha Ha.

Thank you Dad. (even though he probably wont see this) I can't Thank him enough.

Have a great day and please don't just read.... post your simple pleasure.


April E. :) said...

My simple pleasure would be my hearing. YES! I still have it, but barely. I have been severly clogged in the listening/hearing region of my body since I got sick last Friday. I just want to hear fully again!
I hate having to ask people to repeat themselves. I hate being able to hear all my internal body workings louder than the outside world. I just want to hear!!!

Regina said...

My simple pleasure is gearing up for the first work-out of the week. I love when my gym clothes still smell like fabric softener... and not like... well... me.

It's a double simple pleasure too because I've been able to regularly run again. Something that has eluded me since I broke my leg last fall.

So hooray for running, and for great smelling gym clothes...

Mommy B said...

My simple pleasure is the wonderful smell of a little girl, straight from the bathtub, all lathered up with lotion and in pajamas with hair still wet but combed. Or maybe it's the pleasure of accomplishment of getting that done!

- Sarah :-) said...

My simlpe pleasure for this week is having family near-by. With McStudly gone, it's been tough. But having my family near-by to spend time with, talk to, and keep my mind off of things has been so wonderful.

... and having parents that are willing to drive me to the airport and watch our rambunctious (sp?) dog while I go see my husband this weekend. Becuase LORD knows travelling is expensive enough on it's own, but you throw in the costs of parking, transportation to and from the airport, and then kenneling your dog on top of that... and it's near impossible to afford.

Thank you family!!

Becky said...

My simple pleasure this week is being able to have people trust me and place their complete confidence in me.

I recently had a very special person open up to me once again about something very personal. It's true when he says, "I don't rush into anything." Because I know just through those words and then him coming to me slowly and in his time; it all shows me that he is learning and beginning to know that he can trust me and has everything he will ever need in me. I thank God for that.

PS: Glad you are feeling better, Cory. April I hope you are feeling better soon!

Brittany said...

My simple pleasure would have to be the washing machine!!!! I cannot imagine having to hand wash every single piece of clothing that is in this house. Especially now with the baby. Every time we go out whatever went out with us must be washed when we come back home. Crazy, I know.

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