Friday, October 03, 2008

Grow Follies Grow!

April writing...

This is my Follicle update for Friday....hooooraaaahhhh!

I went to see my Doc this am...had some blood work And I had another backwards But this is a necessary evil.

He said I have two healthy growing follicles in my right ovary and one healthy growing follicle in the left ovary. This is a good thing! They look something like this...(this big black circle in the middle is a maturing follicle, although that is not a picture of mine!)
He also said, "it is still you may get one or two more and some of these that you have now may not fully mature." The more follicles the merrier...however we have been told that over 3 mature follicles increases our chance of I am good with 3! :) So we are looking good for now...and I will hear back later, based on my blood work results about whether or not he will be increasing my dose.

So onto more shots...(of which I have found that the right side of my belly is not down with the shots...) so for now it's shots in the left side for me! I have a few little pinhole marks on my belly that show where I have taken the shots before...I should be all marked up before it is all said and done!

Here we go FOLLIES, Here we go!!!!


- Sarah :-) said...

YES!! Grow lil' follies! GROOWWW!!!

Becky said...

2, 4, 6, 8...Who do we appreciate???

Growing follies...2 is a good but 3 is great!!!

I am praying for you guys and tell Cory that I said, my brother was the same way the only difference was he had to give the shots because my sis in law just couldn't do it for herself.

Brittany said...

We need more babies.... and lots of them!

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