Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday MOANS

Cory writing...

Ok, so this week April and I shared our MONDAY MOAN together. This morning as we went by our doctor's office to pick up our referrals to the I will let April share our Monday Moan with you guys today as my guest blogger...over to you April...

Thank you Cory!

SO let me MOAN for the both of us. You see, a little background is needed to understand our moan...(isn't background info always important when I blog?!) We need referrals to visit specialists like the Chiropractor and Reproductive Endocrinologist...other wise we pay a higher we like to save we get our referrals. our doctors office which basically sucks, but we deal with it, because we rarely have to actually go THERE...their procedure for requesting referrals works like so:
1. You call their office, you have to wait through about 3 minutes of chatter to finally get to the point where you can push option 3 to go to the referral request desk.
2. Once there, you don't talk to an actual person, no...instead you leave your name, date of birth, insurance carrier, reason for referral, doctors name and your number where you can be reached.
3. Then they tell you, that your referral will be ready in two days for you to PICK up. They won't send it to the office requesting it. Nope.
4. + they won't tell you it's ready, they will only call you if there are no problems.

Well, here is where our problem arises...well our MOAN arises! We have no way of knowing that they even GOT our message. So what happened today has happened multiple times. We drive by the office (over two weeks after requesting the referral) to pick it up...and wouldn't you know. They never received the request for our referral. Which is actually quite comical seeing as how I actually left TWO separate requests for this ONE referral because after the 1st time, I couldn't quite remember if I had called to request it or not, so I added a second request for good measure. (Then I remember that I DID call that first time!)

So Cory is in there and she was all, "I don't have anything for you, if you want to sit down and wait a few minutes I can type it up for you." Which he is like..."Uh no, I'll come back." I takes like 30 seconds lady...type it up!

So...there you go...our MOAN in a semi-larger-than-normal-nutshell. I want to call my doctors office, talk to a real-live human being, put in my request for a referral, have her tell me OK it's done come pick it up. So I know it's ready for me and I am not wasting my time coming by the office to pick up a non-existent referral.


What's YOUR Monday MOAN?!?!


- Sarah :-) said...

I will try my best not to get TOO annoyed while typing.

My Monday Moan comes from our weekend. And it invovles a few moans from the planning of a single event.

#1 - I offered to help someone out that wasn't feeling well (I said I'd run an errand for her so she could rest). So I arrive to pick up the stuff from her to run said errand, and as I leave, she TOO is leaving to go SHOPPING! Are you freakign kidding me?! I was doing you a favor because you were supposed to be ILL! And now you're fine enough to go shopping?! UGH!!! Yeah...


#2 - If you have a team of volunteers, and you meet for - oh I don't know - say 2-3 hours to plan and brainstorm for an event, then do NOT turn around and just do whatever you wanted to do in the first place. If yowu ant to plan it, then just freaking plan it. We are volunteers. We don't haev to be here. so Don't waste our time and manpower to plan and brainstorm and get all excited over an event, and then when we arrive at the allotted time to hep set up say "Oh, well we thought that would be too much, so we're just going to do this and this. We crossed those [your] ideas off the list". UGH!!!

You have got to be FREAKING kidding me, people!! What in the WORLD?! Do you not think about what you're doing? Does it not even cross your mind that peopel are going out of their way to help you?! Seriously... I just want to SCREAM!!!

No wonder some people are so reluctant to volunteer...

Wow - I said I'd try not to get carried away, and I failed at that. I definitely got carried away. My bad!

Brittany said...

My Monday (really Tuesday)moan is when you are just not feeling all that well. Don't really know what is wrong, but you just know something is off. I probably just need a really, really long nap. =)

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