Thursday, October 30, 2008

Simple Pleasure Thursday

Cory Writing...

Today is another Thursday and a day for another Simple pleasure.

My simple pleasure today is finding that one thing that you feel you were meant to do. I am teaching a leadership class to our youth group peer leaders. I was very nervous to teach the class, but since I started I have felt totally comfortable in the class. While I am teaching the class just flows so well and I am loving it. I find myself looking forward to the next class. I think I am going to enjoy being a teacher.

Please share you simple pleasure with all of us. Come on peeps I know you have simple pleasures


Becky said...

My simple pleasure....patience. Even though our human-ness can get in the way sometimes with what we want now; good things really do come to those who wait.

April E. :) said...

Hmmm my simple pleasure are days off from work. For whatever reason, some days it just rocks not HAVE to go in and WORK. Even if your day off will be busier than work, ha! :)

Goldie said...

My simple pleasure is snuggling with oldest dog Shadow. She is not too much of a snuggler so when she "is in the mood to snuggle" it is really nice. Especially since it is cold now its nice to have a friend with a fur coat.

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