Monday, October 13, 2008

Pet Peeve Monday.

Cory Writing...

This week we are starting a new weekly tradition. Mondays are going to be dedicated to pet peeves. So we have pet peeve Mondays, Wordless Wednesdays, Simple Pleasure Thursdays, and My Husband Rocks Fridays. So lets start this new tradition with my first pet peeve.

My pet peeve this week is those annoying people that try to get on a freeway or any type of road from either a dead stop or by driving the speed limit. This happened to me coming home from our IUI appointment on Friday. This moron was trying to get onto the 695 driving like 50 miles an hour while everyone else is going like 65 or 70. Do you really think you are going to survive your stupidity. I think not.

Wow i feel better now that i got that off my chest. Come on I know you have a pet peeve to share with us..... it will make you feel better if you share.


Mommy B said...

Cory, I can actually picture you lamenting and gesturing about stupid drivers. :)

My pet peeve for today would be alarm clocks. Romeo wakes up an hour before me after snoozing the clock a few times which then woke up Aubrey, the baby..... however useful, they are still irritating!

April E. :) said...

My pet peeve is the interuption (in any form) of ones personal desk space at work. I am the receptionist, so I understand that frequent interuption of my work space is bound to happen.

However, I say this...ALL of my co-workers know how tidy and neat I am, especially my desk. So it peeves me to come in on Monday morning to see not only piles of work lying AROUND my desk, (even though I have asked them to put it in my INBOX), and to see my pens, and scissors either missing or scattered around my area. To see junk faxes just sitting or sometime thrown across my desk counterspace behind me instead of in the DEAD FAXES box. This is just scraping the surface too! (Baby this was an excellent time to start PP Mondays!)

I came in this morning to find that someone had apparentally spilled water on my desk while they were probably sitting here writing me one of the many NOTES I am left with each morning. Well, they didn't take a minute to clean up the water (using the paper towels) sitting at the end of my desk...nooooo. They just left it.

Which leaves me to get my arms and my clothes soaking wet when I sit down and begin signing onto my computer!!


I seriously LOVE my job and my office...but people. COME ON...this is a bit ridiculous!

You are officially on PPMondays on my blog people...make some changes!

Becky said...

My pet peeve today is, people who lose all abilities to have and sustain their common sense.

Like how hard is it to figure out the simplest of things?

Terri Peters said...

Oh I have one...

When people do not RSVP for something you invite them to.

A simple "yes" or "no" is all it takes, people. It's common courtesy!

Anonymous said...

The computer is by the laundry room in the basement, and usually there is something in the dryer. Well, there's always something that's not supposed to be in the dryer (such as change from pockets) that rattles and rattles while the dryer just hums away. Oh, my favorite part is when it comes to an end with the most obnoxious buzzer that goes on for what seems like a good ten seconds.

-listens to the rattle-

Jason said...

My pet peeve for this week happens to come from the grocery store. I hate it when you are walking down an isle and you come into contact with someone that has parked the cart on one side of the isle and they themselves are on the other side of the isle looking for products on the shelves. Which leaves you no choice but to either wait for them to get done or to cut in-between the two. It doesn’t matter which way you take - waiting or squeezing your going to get a look from them “like I was here first”.

Come on stick to one side or get out of the way.

This probably doesn’t help the fact that most of the time I hate going to grocery store because I swear they move stuff every week and I can't find it and Brittany has to read everything on the back of the products we don't buy. So it doesn't help the people that are making me squeeze by them at blazing speed and I nick their cart.

But either way, pick a side or carry all the groceries in your hands.

Brittany said...

My pet peeve is when you have issues in a relationship and you sit down and talk them all out. But the other party never tells you how they feel even though you asked several times. Then you leave the conversation saying that this situation is over and that we will never bring it back up and we will just move forward from that date. And then later on down the road they want to negatively tell you in what ways you are wrong in the relationship. And all the things they should have told you then. Sorry, but you had your chance to speak and you didn't say a word. SO JUST DROP IT ALREADY AND MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!

Just had to get that of my chest.... or fingers I guess.

- Sarah :-) said...

My pet peeve is when people from California try to start a new "thing" by bringing their naming of highways to the East Coast... i.e. the 5, or in this blog's instance - the 695.

Come on, Cory!! It's JUST 695... no ifs ands or THEs about it!

ha ha ha... good times.

- Sarah :-) said...

PS - it's not really a pet peeve of mine. I thought it would be fun...

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