Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The shot heard round the world...ok not really...

April writing...

So I did it!!! I took my first Follistim shot last night and survived. Cory barely made it out alive though!! *poor little guy got squeamish when I asked him to take pictures for me!*

Here I am getting it all ready...I look confused, that's cause I nerves were making me forget everything I learned, glad I took Cory with me...he was so helpful.

Here I am opening the medicine...that as trick as it was in the office thankfully. Now I have to clean it all up.
I take 50 I dialed it up...

And there's the needle...not too bad actually. Basically a little thicker than a strand of hair or maybe like 4 of them...but whatever. I go. This is me telling Cory that he can put it on 'continuous shot', hold up the camera and close his eyes. Which he did...but I still needed my pictures!! *ps don't mind the lard I am holding in my hand, thankfully the lard is my friend...can't feel it as much going in! Thank you Lard...haha*

And in we go...oh, that's not bad at all!!!

YEAH I did it!!! I survived...

And so did my wittle Cory :) Thank you baby for taking pictures, this is going to be an important journey to talk about later in life!! Now we have pictures to go with it!

So all in all, it wasn't that bad at all. The area around the injection site felt warm for about 10 minutes afterwards...and it kind of felt like I was still pinching the lard for a while too. Here I am almost a half a day away from the shot and I am feeling good...and praying that it's doing it job, just the way it should. WE WANT OUR BABY! :)


- Sarah :-) said...

#1 - I just wanted to add that you looked really good in the pictures! ;-)


#2 - did you actually make that little "grow follies grow" thing, or did you find it online? It made me giggle a little.

Terri Peters said...

I agree with Sarah. You look very beautiful (and skinny) in the pictures.

Come on baby...come on!

Becky said...

I want to wish you luck and love at this time. My sis in law did the same shots. It's a process you never will forget.

PS: Love the hair, it looks so pretty long and I agree, you look really good!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I understand now!

And yes, I couldn't help but laugh at the miniature banner there at the bottom :3

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