Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Repenting made easy...?

April writing...



Go there. It's "repenting made easy." You can talk to God...an artificial intelligent computer man-made God. Interesting.

When I got there, 'iGod' asked me my name...I said, "Shouldn't you know it?" and iGod said, "I think I should." So I said, "Then what is it?"

Then iGod stopped talking to me. I don't think iGod likes it when you get snarky with him.

I never even got to repent.

*UPDATED to say*

I did not go to iGod expecting answers on the meaning of life...nor the truth about all life's little mysteries...nor did I assume that repenting to iGod would put me in better standing with RealGod.

However...with all that said...I do feel that the makers of iGod could have done a better job of making iGod a little less emotional about my questioning him and my snarkiness. And even with that said, I do agree that if they had done TOO good a job with iGod...some simpletons out there may decide that iGod is better than RealGod...and that would not be a good thing overall.

So I guess I am just saying...iGod hurt my feelings...but RealGod made me feel better :)


- Sarah :-) said...

Ha ha ha - you have to remember that it's not real. Not that I needed to remind you of that. But... I think you are supposed to focus on the "artificial" of artificial intelligence.

But hey - I'll give it a shot!

- Sarah :-) said...

Oooh... well that makes more sense. :-)

Regina said...

I don't think iGod works with my browser. Of course, I was trying to be funny.

I logged in and then typed "Hello God. Do you know my friend April?"...

no response.

iGod either 1) has poor memory retention, 2) withholds repenting from snarky friends of snarky people, or 3) doesn't like IE8

Either way...I love RealGod best. :)

Cory E. :) said...

you find the wierdest things.

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