Friday, October 17, 2008

Picking a mystery...

April writing...

Well it's Friday and as soon as I can get away from ACW (Anal-Co-Worker) and his evil Specs then I can get onto other more exciting things...such as:
  • Planning and work on the Super-Hero-Ween Bash! (Which is fast approaching in two weeks!!!! ahhh!)
  • Picking out a Murder Mystery script for next years Dinner Theater! (Which I am SUPER excited about, seeing as how this year's was amazing...and we are doing TWO shows next year!)
  • Working on some VERB stuff for Jason.

So I really have lots of OTHER stuff to do...I just have to actually WORK first :)

Oh and I might be meeting my "Rockin" hubby for lunch too!!!

Until me out with the scripts for the Murder Mystery...which one of these appeals to you the most?

SUSPECT HOLLYWOOD - A hilariously, funny dinner theater about some “famous” and some not so famous actors and actresses who are auditioning for a new movie entitled Peril of the Prodigal Son. The director has made lots of promises to the potential cast members and financiers of this movie. But can he keep these promises and how will they react if they are betrayed? There are several suggestions for involving audience members that will make this a fun night to remember!!

MURDER AT MIKE'S - It’s opening night at a new 1950’s style restaurant – Mike’s 50’s Cafe. Guests arrive dressed in fifties attire ready to celebrate! As the night progresses, secrets will be revealed. However, some characters are desperate to keep things hidden. And when one person decides that murder is the only solution, the audience is called on to help solve the crime. Who did it? How did he or she do it? And why?

THE CLASS OF VALLEY HIGH - An all-class reunion is the setting of this high energy mystery that also includes heavy doses of laughter. Grammy Award winner, Cindy Masters, is coming back to her old school. But is everyone really so happy to see her? Several flashback scenes reveal that many of the alumni have motives for murder. Will “Cinderella and the Stepsisters” appear on stage together again? Will Boffo the Brilliant be brought in to help solve the crime? Can Tom Bradshaw tell a joke that anyone but Susan Sherwood finds funny? Will the reunion be Cindy’s farewell gig?

CATASTROPHE AT THE CONVENTION - The Annual Convention of the SPCI (The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Insects) is the setting for this highly comedic mystery. Four regional candidates vie for the highly esteemed position of President of the SPCI. Guests will hear stirring campaign speeches and cast ballots to determine who will lead this champion organization for the bugs of America into the next century. A highlight of the evening is T.P. Barnum and his world famous flea circus! When tragedy strikes, who is to blame? Would one of the candidates resort to murder?

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