About Us

One Boy. One Girl. Two Pups. One small happy family!
We have been married for almost 7 years this April, and it has been a blast. I love living with my best friend and sharing our lives together with our two fun-loving, hyper Jack Russell Terriers. We are trying to start a family, which hasn't been the easiest road. We are actively involved with our home church as we have been now for 16+ years. That's actually where we met!

Oh we didn't get along at first; I thought he was cocky and arrogant and I am sure he thought I was just this hyper/loud preacher's kid. Of course he was a preacher's kid too...albeit he wasn't raised that way. You see, when we met, my Father was the Youth Pastor at our church, and he had been a Youth Pastor since I was born. His Mother, who worked mainly voluntarily at their old church on CA in the Children's Department, had just taken the Children's Pastor position at my church. Me and my girlfriends dreamed of hot, surfer boys coming in from California. We didn't get what we thought we would. haha. Not to say that they guys didn't find ladies fast...they did...especially Husby!

As we first got to know each other, both of us were in relationships. Mine lasted about 5 years while he dated one of my good friends on and off for 3 years; and had other girlfriends in the couple years that followed the end of their relationship. Despite my disgust in his sexist, girl-crazy ways we actually grew to be very close.

He was training to become a Police Officer and I was in college struggling to decide what I wanted to do with my life. My 5 year relationship was winding down and things hit a rough patch. We were growing apart and for once I was deciding on my own what I wanted in a Husband. During that time, I actually set Husby up and pushed him into trying a relationship with another friend of mine; which turned out to be pretty silly of me because by the time this happened, I had ended my relationship and started to realize that what I wanted was Husby. We talked more and more and it came out that Husby had feelings for me too; and had, for a while now. I was floored. I wasn't sure how I missed it. Honestly, I figured he would just be that guy, whom I considered my best friend. I would like him and secretly long to date him but it would never happen. The truth of the matter was, even though he was my best friend, I never once knew he had feelings for me. He never once tried to convince me to get out of my previous relationship, he never took the low road and tried to make advances on me. He was just tried and true, a good friend to me. I respected him even more for having feelings for so long and being patient for whatever the outcome would be.

And the outcome was...Us. Husby and I became a "we." We dated briefly and quickly became aware of our desire to be each others forever. Husby talked with my Father and got permission to propose, however that came with a few requests. Dad wanted us to have a lengthy engagement, which was fine with us, as we wanted the same thing.

It was almost another two years before we finally walked down the aisle on April 5, 2003.
What a great day that was. Funny thing is I married a man who had planned his wedding day with his Mother for most of his teenage years. The roles were completely reversed. I was never really that girl who planned her wedding. I mean sure, I had things I wanted, colors I liked, etc.; but it all mainly came down to ideas that Husby had, and I was fine with that. It was a beautiful wedding. It was so...Us.

Ever since that day, we have grown and planned and changed together. We are in our second home, our forever home as we like to call it. It came complete with ample opportunity for home improvements, decorating and plenty of making it our own.

We have tried for a family for close to 4 years now. We haven't had any luck. We've tried some medications, and a couple procedures and soon we will be heading into the crazy, slightly terrifying world of IVF. In the meantime, we have fully placed our faith in God. We know he has a bigger, better plan for us and we are more than happy living in His will and timing. Until then, we enjoy Us, we enjoy our pups, our home...our friends and family. We enjoy our passions, our jobs, our hobbies, our church and our Faith.

We know there is alot more to come...and we are glad you are here to join us on our forever road together.
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