Monday, January 09, 2012

Quatrefoil Idea...evil genius? Just maybe!

I am leanign more towards evil OH MA GOODNESS...

I'm excited...

I was going back through old posts and I came across this sweet little thang...

Gorg right?! If I remember the price tag correctly, it was somewhere near $299 and it was quite heavy. But oh how I lurved it!

So I keep skimming through posts and came across this included this little bit...

Which is made from...styrofoam. Oh yes.

So I thought to myself...could I quite possibly use styrofoam, some 1x1's and MAKE my own room divider? I mean, it would be super simple and super lightweight. I could cover the quatrefoil design with fabric or yarn for a more colorful look. Or I could just paint it. I could even stretch fabric across the back of the quatrefoil design to make it more of a true room divider instead of leaving it open.

I don't may just work...I may just be onto something. I am thinking it will be rather cheap too. I can watch Hobby Lobby for sales and snatch up some small styrofoam circle wreaths for cheap, then decide on how to decorate and incorporate color; whether by buying fabric or painting it, or yarn like mentioned above. Then I'd pick up some 1x1's at Lowe's, those are usually pretty cheap and I won't need many of them. Then I think I will need 6, this could work!

I think Husby is going to think I am crazy...but I am giving it a shot!
What do you think? Am I absolutely crazy?

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