Friday, December 21, 2007

Olive's in the tub...

We heard that Olive liked the water...see for yourself.

OH SO wonderful...GOOD TIMES...

And ONE MORE...this seriously had me DYING!!!


April writing...
So after much commenting from Cory that he now had officially blogged more than me this month, I figured it would be time to check in!!!
So December, WOW! I mean talk about coming fast!!! I was hit with December like a two-by-four across my noggin! I was NOT prepared for Christmas shopping this year..unless years past when my goal is to be complete by the end of November. In fact, as I sit here typing on December 21st...I have ONE person completely done. ONE! Out of 1, 2, 3, 4....9 people!!! Not good. So, needless to say Cory and I will be SHOPPING this weekend. DARN IT...and with all those other NUTTY last minute people too! MAN! This is why I try to avoid it and get done early!
The month started off pretty well...I went to Lisa's (A friend from church) Annual Tea. Exchanged ornaments and had brunch with some wonderful ladies!! That night (the 8th) was SUPPOSED to be out Cookie Exchange (Me, Tammy and Cristy...Sis and Mom in law) but all our ladies, with the exception of 4 of them (out of 16) couldn't make it. So we canceled. It was sad, who wants to miss out on 18 dozen DIFFERENT cookies?!?!
Cory and I went to the RAVENS game on the can read more about our after game experience below in Cory's entry from that date. It was COLD but we had a blast together, as always!
On the 14th we had our Annual Gingerbread House was a TON of fun. Cory and I made a double-decker house...SKILL huh?!?! I will post some pictures when I get home from work later. (Yes I am at work, and yes I realize I should be working, but I am about to leave in 10 minutes for the in my mind I am already off! :) ) was great. John and Cristy (my in laws) took home top honors in our Award categories that night. Check back for pictures!!!
On the 15th we had our Young Adult Christmas was a ton of fun. We played Pop Cranium, which...if you haven't must. It has grown to be a group favorite and BOY do we get competitive!!!
On the 16th, Cory and I brought home a new puppy. Her name is Olive and she too is a Jack Russell Terrier like our other pup, Pickle. She is about 18 months old and Pickle is now about 4 and a half. This past week we have been working to make sure they get along...and now they do. There are a few snarls here and there, but for the most part they are getting along great. Even taking naps by each other. I will ADD pics!!!
Last night, the 20th...our church hosted a "Spike the Ball" party for the church staff and leadership and Elders. It was really nice. We just gathered together to fellowship and discuss the GOOD STUFF that God has done for our church and how we have touched and helped so many lives. Two members shared their stories and they greatly touched me. One was of a single mother who at a low point in her life truly learned to depend on God for him to take care of her and send people into her life and he did. The other was a gentlemen whom, on the verge or retirement adopted his nephew into his family out of an alcoholic environment and is not raising him with is wife. He talked about feeling bitter about not getting recognition from his family for postponing retirement to take care of the little on, when in actuality he was doing what God desired and taking care of him through his new son. ("When I was hungry, you fed me. When I was thirsty, you gave me a drink...") It was just an overall good morale booster and Cory and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Which brings us back to now...I am heading out to take Olive to the vet for a checkup, help out a friend set up her Webcam so she and her family can have Christmas with a friend overseas and to go Christmas shopping.
Cory and I both wish you and yours a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Talk to you soon! And remember...check back for photos!!!!! We have LOTS to share!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Couple's Night Out...

Cory Writing......

On Tuesday December 18, 2007 My wife and I went with two of our favorite couples (Jason and Brittany Harris, Andrew and Terri Peters) out to dinner (Goldenwest Cafe) and then we went to 34th street in Hampden to see the lights.

The restaurant was a very interesting place. When you first walked in on the counter there was this very zin like asian goddess statue and then right behind that on the back wall was a stuffed mounted moose head. Very strange combination if I say so myself and I do say so. The waitresses were very strange also. I will give you a story that will tell you how strange they were. Andrew asked the waitress if she would like to split the check now or wait until the end of the meal to split the check. The waitress with a straight face said, "I don't know what you mean?" What waitress in the world doesn't know what splitting the check is all about especially when there is clearly three couples sitting at the table. We had great conversations with our friends. The conversation was so good that we didn't even notice we waited 45 minutes for our food to arrive. Now that is getting lost in conversation.

Then it was off to see the lights hun. We walked about four or five blocks in the beautiful city of Baltimore (know by the thugs as bloodamore). What a great city to walk in. I love the city life, but don't ever want to live in the city, just like to visit. We arrived at 34th street to see the one block of lights. It was very pretty, but I expected so much more. Oh well it was good times had by all couples. Thank you Andrew and Terri for taking us on an adventure that we have wanted to do for a long time. You are truly great friends. We love you and look forward to many years of once a month dinners together.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Old Man Fights Young Man and WINS!


My wife, James Yao, and I went to the Indianapolis Colts vs. Baltimore Ravens football game Sunday night December 9, 2007. The game itself was horrible. The Baltimore Ravens forgot to show up for the game, it was kind of cold, and it started to rain. Overall sucky night, but a couple good things happened.

The first good thing was actually a great thing. I got to spend quality time with my wife. We (I) have been so busy lately we just haven't had that quality Cory and April time that we love so much. One of our favorite things to do is to people watch and what better place to do this than at a Baltimore Ravens game. There are great people in Baltimore Hun.

The second good thing was we spent a few minutes hanging with our friends James, Dan, and Brandy because they were all at the game also.

The funniest thing that happened and the basic reason I am blogging this happened on the way home. To get to the Ravens game and to get home we rode the Light Rail. (for those who don't know the light rail is a train that runs from the city to the outskirt counties). So on our way home we were sitting on the train just kind of zoning out because we were cold and very tired. While zoning out there were several young kids and a couple older people standing at the front of the train talking and cussing and acting like a bunch of drunk idiots.

Well, the fun banter and teasing turned really serious and they started yelling obscenities at each other. The train then came to a stop at the Baltimore Highlands stop and the older individuals wanted to get off. One male told the loudest young man to move and get off the train so people could get off, but the young person didn't move. The older gentleman started to get really upset and yell at this kid and the kid started yelling. This is where it got ugly. The older gentleman (late 50's) pushed the younger kid (early 20s) off the train and started to pound on this kid because he called his wife a B*@$&. So the older guy tore this younger kid up and then pushed him back on the train and told him. "Now shut your mouth and go home." The young kid yelled a little more and the train doors shut. The train went down the tracks. The young man kept his mouth shut and his knuckles were bloody from scrapping them on the ground.

Just before the final stop the young guy's friends started to feel tough and were talking about all the things they should of done to this old guy, but I would like to note that none of these guys helped their buddy in the heat of the battle.

I know some of you are asking, "Well Cory what did you do." The only thing I did was jump up and watch. I didn't get involved at all because sometimes people just need to have consequences for running their mouth.

You gotta love riding the train. There is always an adventure facing you when you ride the light rail especially with a bunch of drunk upset Baltimore Raven fans.

Well, that is all for now..... Until the next adventure arises.

Cory signing out


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Basement shots..

This is right as you come down the basement stairs.
Close-Up of the same angle.

Inside the bathroom standing in the doorway.

Zoomed out from the doorway. Standing in the laundry room.

Right as you come downstairs this is what you see. Down the hallway to the left is the laundry room, the the right in the scrapbooking room.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

NLEOMF Plate drive...and house work.

Ok..... lets see the last time I blogged I was in the process of working on an Organizational plate for the National Law Enforcement Museum. Well, I am still in that process. The paperwork was submitted and it passed the committee. Now it is at the license plate creator and he should be getting the example back to me for approval, then it will go into production. I can't wait.

On the other hand I have been spending my time framing in the half bath downstairs in the basement. I am doing everything by myself, but I am being supervised by my father who is a well diverse construction brain. I have also spent some time here and there at my parents house trying to get there renovation project done. I have been doing that for two reasons... one to get there house done, but second because the quicker there house gets done the more time dad has to spend at my house.

Back to the bathroom. I have it all framed in and all the electric ran. Now I am hanging drywall and running the water lines. Hopefully I will have all the water lines ran and all the drywall hung by Christmas. We are trying to be good with our budget with these projects. We are only doing as much as we have money for, so we have paid cash for everything. It is sweeter when you don't go into dept to finish projects around the house, but it does take longer to finish.

Well, that is all I have for now. I will try to put pictures of the bathroom up, so that you can see the progress. Thank you for taking the time to stay up to date with our lives. We love you all and hope that you have a great holiday season. Just remember it is not YOUR Birthday it is JESUS'. If you want to know what I am talking about go to and go to the audio file and listen to the sermon. It was delivered by Steve Hall (lead pastor) in December.
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