Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Old Man Fights Young Man and WINS!


My wife, James Yao, and I went to the Indianapolis Colts vs. Baltimore Ravens football game Sunday night December 9, 2007. The game itself was horrible. The Baltimore Ravens forgot to show up for the game, it was kind of cold, and it started to rain. Overall sucky night, but a couple good things happened.

The first good thing was actually a great thing. I got to spend quality time with my wife. We (I) have been so busy lately we just haven't had that quality Cory and April time that we love so much. One of our favorite things to do is to people watch and what better place to do this than at a Baltimore Ravens game. There are great people in Baltimore Hun.

The second good thing was we spent a few minutes hanging with our friends James, Dan, and Brandy because they were all at the game also.

The funniest thing that happened and the basic reason I am blogging this happened on the way home. To get to the Ravens game and to get home we rode the Light Rail. (for those who don't know the light rail is a train that runs from the city to the outskirt counties). So on our way home we were sitting on the train just kind of zoning out because we were cold and very tired. While zoning out there were several young kids and a couple older people standing at the front of the train talking and cussing and acting like a bunch of drunk idiots.

Well, the fun banter and teasing turned really serious and they started yelling obscenities at each other. The train then came to a stop at the Baltimore Highlands stop and the older individuals wanted to get off. One male told the loudest young man to move and get off the train so people could get off, but the young person didn't move. The older gentleman started to get really upset and yell at this kid and the kid started yelling. This is where it got ugly. The older gentleman (late 50's) pushed the younger kid (early 20s) off the train and started to pound on this kid because he called his wife a B*@$&. So the older guy tore this younger kid up and then pushed him back on the train and told him. "Now shut your mouth and go home." The young kid yelled a little more and the train doors shut. The train went down the tracks. The young man kept his mouth shut and his knuckles were bloody from scrapping them on the ground.

Just before the final stop the young guy's friends started to feel tough and were talking about all the things they should of done to this old guy, but I would like to note that none of these guys helped their buddy in the heat of the battle.

I know some of you are asking, "Well Cory what did you do." The only thing I did was jump up and watch. I didn't get involved at all because sometimes people just need to have consequences for running their mouth.

You gotta love riding the train. There is always an adventure facing you when you ride the light rail especially with a bunch of drunk upset Baltimore Raven fans.

Well, that is all for now..... Until the next adventure arises.

Cory signing out


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April E. :) said...

haha! I am so glad you finally blogged this baby!!! It was FUN!!

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