Tuesday, September 30, 2008

your thoughts...

April writing...

If you have never been in my kitchen, you can't quite comment on how you think it would match...but I am going for a bistro/cafe type feel....

Do we like this? Does it match? Will it go with the theme?
Your thoughts?

Day One...

April writing...

I start my shots tonight. Yep. Day One of my Follistim injections. I am ubber excited...ehhhh.

I will be sure to take pictures to document my IUI preparing process, because that is just what I do.

I am seriously nervous. I mean up until this point in all our 'trying' it has been for the most part a natural process. But we are no entering into uncharted territory where we are needed a little outside help to, well get the little guys where they need to go.

It's crazy to me to think that literally by October 24th we could be and know that we are pregnant. AHHHHHH! So of course being the girl that I am, all of these thoughts are flooding my brain...are we really ready? Can I handle actually being pregnant? What if we have twins? or triplets? What if it doesn't work? What if it hurts? ehhhhh...

... *sigh*
... *sigh*
... *sigh*

But I have to breath...I really do. I have been great up until this point and I can't let a bunch or random nutty thoughts start bringing me down...

We are positive that this is the next step for the both of us, and we know it will happen in God's timing so...well, I guess we will just buckle up and see where the ride takes us.

I will post more later tonight about my first shot...and a picture too!!!

Till then...cross all your fingers and toes for us...and pray...HARD! :)

Oh he most certainly DID!

April writing...

This actually happened yesterday, but in all my ick I didn't feel like typing about it.

It happened when I dropped Cory off at home after my trip to the doc's office. He went inside while I moved to the drivers seat. He called out my name and waved for me to come inside. He said, "I will let YOU kill him." Which is always referring to our lovely dog, Pickle. And it usually means he has gotten into the trash. So I get up and walk into the house to find the following horror.

But, before I go there, allow me to remind you of my excitement surrounding my second trip to Amazing Glaze. I was so hopeful that what I would make...(which turned out to be two candy bowls) would turn out better than my glaze smeared plate made in June. And they did. They turned out amazingly great. I was very proud of them.

As you can see....they made a great addition to our side tables...filled with their yummy goodness and looking so pretty. And that is where they have been for now close to a month.

Until yesterday...when I came home to find this...

And the worst part of it is...he didn't even EAT any of the yummy goodness!!!! I am imagining he was sneaking his little self up on the couch (where he knows he is not supposed to be) and then leaning his little hand over to get a snack out of the bowl when....CRASH...it falls to the ground and he probably immediately thinks..."Oh crap, I am dead." And it is at this point that he completely walks away from the scene of the crime and lays his pretty little self in his bed till our return.

The poor guy...he's been dieting against his will lately (and looking quite good) but it has all been too much and he must feel as though he is being starved. Although he certainly is NOT. He gets fed twice a day...and he scarfs it down like someone is stealing it from him.

Well, when I came in...I certainly handed out some "BAD DOG"s and put him in his time-out spot.

Yep...he won't even look at me. "YOUR THE ONE WHO BROKE MY CANDY DISH!!" I yell back at him...

See...I told ya...yesterday was not a good day. But at least my candy dish breaking wasn't as depressing and scarring as dropping my watermelon...SOME of you will get that.

p.s. - And we know it wasn't Olive, because she was in her crate at the time of the incident.

Monday, September 29, 2008

At the risk of getting too personal...

April writing...

I need to tell you about my day today...but it may seem personal though...so either grin and bear through it...cause for some reason I feel you are all important enough to know about it...or shy away and read no further...

You've been warned.

So this morning, I went to my first of many doctor's appointments, including blood work and an internal sonogram..which I like to call the "backwards sono." *yep that is as fun as it sounds...uh-huh*

I should be starting to take Follistim daily here soon for around 8-12 days. Depending on some factors such as follicle growth, endometrium lining thickness and estrogen and progesterone levels. I am expecting a call about when I will be starting. During this time I will be going to the Doc's every 2-3 days for more blood work and one of those "backwards sono's." *yeah* It's all good though, remember we are WANTING a baby...so if this is what we need to do...then so be it.

After meeting with the Doc and getting the news that I will have to wait until later today to find out exactly when I will start my shots. *yep, Follisim is daily shots in the stomach...more fun* Which is fine, I mean I have waited this long...I can handle it.

I then went to met with Sonya, my Doc's Nursing coordinator. (well after paying for parking, leaving the garage and heading out of Balto City that is. We had to turn around and go back and yep, you guessed it...pay for parking again!) But it was a necessary evil as I needed to find out HOW to give myself the injections...which is the whole reason I dragged Cory with me in the first place to the dreadful 'Lady Doctor" place to begin with...which is, "no place for a man" he begged. *not really, he didn't' say that...but I can read those eyes!*

Anyways, after being there for nearly 2 hours...we were finally done, and I was headed back to work. Here's where it may get personal for any of you readers of the...Male variety...you ladies will understand.

I was feeling fine leading up to my appointment...girlie-wise that is. You see, before I have to start my medicine, I have to go for the "backwards sono" during my TOM (time of the month), which seems about as absolutely repulsive as it is. I was having a light day...(again ladies, you get this...but for the brave men that may still be reading...here's a brief but somewhat understandable explanation for those that may not know.)

*brief pause for the man-explanation.* You know how when you go to the fast food restaurant and you can order your meal as a small, medium or large? Well for us women, our TOM can come in similar varieties...only we call them light, medium, heavy. And I am sure you can pick up what I am putting down now, enough to know what I mean. If not...ask your significant others...it may seem like you are asking because you care and you may even earn bonus points. *No problem for the help, its free*

Anyways, so before my appointment...I'm doing great...I'm light. After the appointment however...not so much. Can we say heavy?! And I am serious. I ate as soon as I could to get some nutrients in my body...slapped my Thermacare heating pad on my abdomen *those little babies are a Godsend* and tried to go about my day at work. Well it was excruciating. In fact I do believe one of my text messages to my dear hubby stated something about me telling him I will let him know, "when I die" cause the pain was that bad.

Well about an hour and half ago, I was sorting the mail...during one of my brief moments of feeling well enough to stand...and I dropped some mail on the ground. Well I bent over at the waist to pick it up, instead of bending down with my knees...bad idea. When I stood back up, I immediately got light-headed and grasped the counter for support...but that wasn't helping. I felt really heavy on my left side, then all of sudden...well. BOOM! Man down...er Woman down that is. I hit my head on the wall...hit the ground and came back around. I crawled to my chair, somewhat in tears and all I was able to do was reach for my phone to page a co-worker to come and help me. She did...another Godsend for me today.

She already knew about my lady woes today, cause that's what we ladies do...we share about it. I dunno it brings us closer together...and well other ladies they just always understand. So between the two of us, she helped me back to her area, (away from the front desk) she sat me in a chair and had me eat a banana (in case it was my potassium or iron that was low), a granola bar (for some simple sugars, in case it was my sugar level) and drink a coke (just cause that always helps).

It wasn't long before I stopped shaking, but my head still felt really heavy on the left side. Kind of like I need a V-8. Remember those commercials? Yeah it was like that. She said I was even leaning really far to the left in my chair. *funny now, not so much then*. It was about that time that Cory was texting me to check in with me..."How are your cramps?" Aweee what a doll. I was all, "funny you asked..blah blah blah." and got him all caught up on the situation.

Well, I am feeling much better now...no more light-headedness or shaking. I still feel extremely crampy...but oh well. What can I do?

And yes, for those of you who are wondering, I called my Doctor to see about what the heck just happened. I talked to another doc in his office and he said, "Most likely your iron is low. You did a good job with what you ate and drank. Watch for a headache or any light-headedness in the next hour...if you have any problems call us immediately."

So, I am now on headache watch and pacing myself for my drive home. Feeling much better, but ready for a nap when I get home. And also...for those of you keeping track for me...yes, I got a call about when I will be starting the shots. That is tomorrow night. I take them in the evening daily, then my next appointment for the blood work and "backwards sono" is Friday morning.

So...here's to a better, more *lighter* shall we say, evening...and that I do well with my shots. Thanks for listening..and if there are any men left...thanks for being so BRAVE :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rainy Saturday afternoon

April writing...

I'm just sitting here in the office while my hubby is sleeping and my doggies are happily licking their kongs (filled with peanut butter).

Cory and I went to see "Fireproof" today with a whole bunch of people from church. It was pretty decent, I mean we aren't talking Oscar worthy performances or anything, however and award should be given for directly delivering a positive message in a positive way. I applaud the makers of the movie for their determination to make positive family films that aren't cheesy and stupid. This one actually had me laughing quite a bit. I was glad we went, now we will be starting some follow up marriage classes following some of the key points from the movie, it should be interesting. Cory and I love all that marriage class stuff. We find that preventative maintenance in a marriage is just as important as with your health, car or your home!!

When we came home, Cory hopped back into bed. Seeing as how the movie fell right in the middle of his 'night', he had to still get about 5-6 more hours of sleep before work tonight. So I decided to jump on the computer and check my email, myspace and tweet a little (Twitter). Our windows have been open for a week or so now and I heard a little splashing outside the office window. Which could only mean a few things...
1. We have big birds having a pool party
2. It's raining BIG raindrops
3. Olive has found a mud puddle.

I immediately deduced that it was #3. So I grabbed my camera, my goulash's and headed into the backyard. Here is what I found!!

Olive in the Rain (9-27-08) from April Eslick on Vimeo.

Yepp. So of course after that...she needed a bath...*sigh* She is a crazy, crazy dog I tell ya!

Well on to the rest of my evening. I made a little Salad and Lemon Pepper Flounder for myself for dinner...now I am waiting on someone to come pick up a TV that they are buying from us, I'll read my book on the front porch for a little while, since it seems the weather is finally not so WET! Till next time!

Friday, September 26, 2008

It was bound to happen...

April writing...

I am back. It's one of those days people. I am talking, slow beyond slow day. I waited as long as I could for my lunch break too, so the day wouldn't drag along any slower...I went to Ross, Old Navy and Target and didn't spend a dime. (Cory, insert your super proud comment here...for as frugal as I am, I usually don't make it out of Target without buying something right?!)


oh, and I tried them on again too. Why do I do that to myself? *sigh*

I wonder what tonight holds? I have thought in my mind that I would do a little planning, but nahhh. I know we don't have anything to DO per say. Laundry is done...house is clean (although I did miss my weekly vacuuming this week, I need to do that...probably after Cory heads to work....or maybe not. heehee)

I DO know that we have LOTS of TV to watch. Seriously...in just under a week both DVR's are like 56-59% full. EEEEKK! haha! I better make a good dinner and settle down on the couch a while...cause we still got good shows a comin'!

I also need to continue studying my Baby Signs ™ curriculum and manual. I have already looked at the self-test...and I am eager to make sure I know all the information. I also am going to start learning the signs this weekend. I still have about another week or so of training in front of me, but I am gearing up as quickly as possible to start my business. So, if anyone is interested in teaching their babies to sign, hit me up...as soon as I am all set up, I will be gladly looking for customers!

*sigh* I guess I must get back to work or something. Maybe I will just sit here and read my training manual. Seriously the PHONE isn't even ringing....


My Husband Rocks Friday

April writing...

My husband rocks...because he cuddles with me in the morning!

Well, for as much as I tease him about this lately, I must say I love it. With Cory's crazy shift, he gets home about the time I am waking up...well give or take an hour! :) I am usually by this time, pretty warm and cozy and comfortable...and lately we have had the windows open so it has been extra chilly in the morning. (but oh how I love it!) Anywho...he gets undressed (out of his monkey suit) and by then he is really chilly! (his wittle self gets cold so easily)

So he crawls into bed with his frigid hands and feet...oh who am I kidding, he is freezing!! And he then decides that I am perfectly warm enough to warm him up in 15 seconds flat and then proceeds to wraps himself around me as tight as he can. And even though it takes my breath away (and not in the good, romantic way either...) I still love that moment alone in the mornings when I can snuggle with my hubby and give him the warmth that I have been cooking up all night. So the 15 seconds of freezing cold hubby squeezing quickly melts into a quiet, warm cuddle party that I actually look forward to each morning.

*sigh* just another reason to love FALL!

Celebrating our 200th post!!!

April writing...

*I am trying desperately to warm up my brain this morning...I have even resorted to resting it on the candle warmer here in the office...Nada.*

I am SO excited! Since November 2007 we have posted now 200 blog posts!!!! How exciting is that???

Well in honor of our blogger journey, Cory and I have picked some of our favorite posts...so we are going to take a stroll down memory lane, reliving each of these great posts!

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We have come a long way, been through alot and shared the majority of it with you...thanks for reading, commenting and just dropping by most days!! Here's to 200 more posts!!! :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dear Merona Brown Peep-Toe Pumps,

April writing...

Momma wants you!

You are shown in rich brown embellishments with leather-look trim, button accents and a suede upper with thermoplastic rubber out soles. You have a 2.75" faux-stacked heel. you feature slip on styling with a flirty peep toe. You have a cushioned insole for long-term comfort, a tag less foot bed and non-skid tread on your toe and heel . You are beautiful, stylish and comfortable...and even decently priced at $24.99 at Target.

However, we have a slight problem. I can't justify buying you.

You see, Momma doesn't have any tan, brown, chocolate (brown family) pants or skirts to accompany you. So buying you now would only mean shoving you in the closet till a later date when said "brown-ish" accessories are purchased.

And who knows how long that will be?! Although I am in desperate need of an update to my work/church wardrobe...we are working with a budget now...so planning is necessary.

But don't worry little one. I shall not forget about you...NO...instead, I have placed a picture of you in my phone to sit as a constant reminder that you are waiting for me any one of my local Targets, should the perfect time arise to come and whisk you away to the paradise that is my future closet.

Our day will come my little brown stylish friend...our day WILL come.

These are GOURD-GEOUS!

April writing...

So I am meandering slowly around the pumpkin patch, trying to pick out the perfect pumpkins to carve each year. Always plump, perfectly orange ones for Cory and I and sweet little white ones for Pickle (and this year one for Olive too!) *and no, I don't have genius dogs that can carve their own pumpkins, we just do one for them!*

Usually as I wander...I come across funky little gourds. They look like the runts of the pumpkins, the ugly-misshapen step children per say. I have always thought to myself, self..."What would I ever do with those horrendous things?!"

Well I finally found it, and to be quite honest I am really LOVING the idea!

I mean, how great are these?
How creative?!

What a wonderful fall decor addition?

And there are even ways to include the not so perfect pumpkins, the ones in the misshapen, clearance isle.

This one is my favorite...how pretty?!

I know I am eager to make some...I will let you know how they turn out!!! If you know of any places with great prices on gourds and pumpkins, let me know!!!

Why don't you marry it - Part 2

April writing...

I seriously love salads. There is nothing else as crisp and nice as a good salad...except maybe the Fall air...which is also sometime, I love enough to marry!

but salads...oh yumm. Here are a few of my favorite must-haves on any good salad (and also depending on my mood):
  • crisp, green lettuce
  • spinach
  • cucumbers (which I hope to home grow next year)
  • green grapes
  • dried cranberries
  • bacon bits (and I actually prefer the fake ones, they are crunchier)
  • shredded cheddar cheese
  • cottage cheese (on the side)
  • broccoli
  • warm grilled chicken
  • ranch (or just regular plain) croutons
  • santa fe seasoned crispy tortilla strips (you know, when I feel sassy)

and the topper...

  • ranch dressing
I mean, it immediately puts me in heaven. Today I was so excited for my salad (lunch) that I ate it at 11:30 *sheepishly smiling* I enjoyed lettuce, cucumbers, bacon bits, cheese, ranch dressing and santa fe crispy toritlla strips. YUMM!!! And all in my Fit-n-Fresh Salad Shaker.


So what's on your salad??

p.s. - yep, I totally did a whole blog dedicated to salads...what!

Simple Pleasure Thursday.

Cory writing ....

My simple pleasure today is the art of communication. I love to talk with people about all kinds of things, but my favorite thing is to pick people's brains about what they think about certain subjects.

This just happened with my wife and I last night driving to church. I was talking to my wife about the friends that we have in each others lives and why we choose the friends we have. It was a very deep and pleasurable conversation and I believe we both learned a lot about each other in a simple conversation.

Thank you for everyone that is participating in the Simple Pleasure Thursdays. If you haven't participated just yet I encourage you to write something, anything. It will improve you day and the outlook you have on your life trust me.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

April writing...
"I get goofy when it gets cold...but OH how I love it!"

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monday, Monday...oh wait Tuesday, Tuesday.

April writing...

I am back. I was out yesterday with the blah's and other girlie icks. But I am back in the saddle again. Although I return with not much to speak or rather, write about.

Today I have been working on normal work related junk...and some of my own junk.

It involves bills and money, so ye, I lovingly refer to it as JUNK. ha!

I did however find this super cool new software (I use the term software loosely as it isn't something you download on your computer, rather something you can access on the Internet.) It's called Pear Budget. (www.pearbudget.com) I would highly recommend in this tight economic times that each of you check it out. I firmly believe that even if money isn't tight for you, smart budgeting and saving of your money can only benefit you, never hurt. Plus who wouldn't want to set up a good Christmas gift fund, while money's not tight, payoff a high rate credit card or set a goal to buy a new TV. This is where budgeting is helpful.

I love Pear. It is SO user friendly, and while I am still kind ehh about how to actually make and follow a budget, it is becoming more clear to me. I am reading articles and how-to's and getting my brain in line. I finally got all my September information loaded in and I can start working on a solid budget for October. Man, I can't tell you how depressing it is to look at your incoming in comparison to your outgoing...that number my friends, is wayyy too close for my comfort. So over here at the Eslick household, we have to get our act together.

We have to plug the so called 'leaks' as my husband refers to them. We have to stick to our debt payoff goals and we have to challenge ourselves to do better! So here are a few of our initial goals for October:
  • No dining out...unless we have CASH on hand.
  • Gas to be paid using CASH only.
  • Groceries will be bought using coupons and a list, with a set amount of CASH to spend.
  • GIVE. God is blessing us, even though it's tight and we are taught to share our blessings with others.
  • Set aside at least $50 for Christmas spending, after all it IS sneaking up on us.
  • Decrease the interest rate on one of our credit cards. (Did that already. Can you believe all it took was a phone call and they dropped our rate by almost 2%!?!)

We will see how it goes, but I am excited. I have to be! Or I will very fast find myself in the slumps of this so called economic crisis...and I would rather be as far as possible from that pit of despair!!

How are you planning on bettering your financial situation during these hard times?

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Husband Rocks Friday

April writing...

Another installment of the My Husband Rocks series :)

My Husband Rocks because he knows that I sometimes need to write out my feelings and thoughts in order to straighten it all out in my head. Including times that I post it all on the big-bad Internet for all to read. *heeeheee...*nervous laughter*

Thanks for understanding ME baby!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Open blog, insert foot.

April writing...

Nice going beav.

So my darling hubby was thoughtful enough to recognize my understanding of his sometimes crazy work schedule. He stated in his Simple Pleasure Thursday post, "My simple pleasure is being married to a woman that is so understanding about my schedule. "

Well I had to go and get all needy and emotional on him tonight and completely blew that one out of the water. Awesome. I simply rock when it comes to ruining my husbands good intentions.

You see all I wanted was a nice evening at home with my husband tomorrow night...you know, Friday night, dinner and a movie, at home all snugly on the couch. Well he said he didn't like watching movies before he has to go to work, cause it calms him down and then he has to get all "ramped up for work" + he decided we would go watch my nephew play soccer. Not that I mind watching my nephew play soccer...(contrary to popular belief my dear...) It's just that I was sold on my night and he was already sold on his night.

So here I am thinking "great! he planned our Friday night and didn't clue me in until now...and those plans do not include me and him alone at home...and for some reason he all of the sudden doesn't like to watch movies unless he is off work? What the heck?!" *cue emotional badgering of the witness (who in this case is my husband.)*

Oops. Can you see where this is going?

Well...I stated somewhere in my somewhat incoherent (and I am sure annoying) whining that "I didn't understand why he couldn't eat dinner with me and watch a movie before work. How is that different than eating dinner with me and watching TV?" He explained, and although I am sure it sounded great in his head...it still left me with a both a whiny 'tude and a puzzled look. Not to mention he planned our evening without even cluing me in!!

Well, so much for being understanding about his work schedule. (after all this is connected due to his apparent pre-work activity restraints.)

Yeah I know what you may be thinking...technically we all have our ways of 'getting ready for work' and my husband is no different, I am usually quite understanding of this. (with of course the exception of this situation or any other times his 'routine' happens to involve me leaving something I am thoroughly engrossed in.) And yes I know that technically I had planned out our Friday evening without cluing him in as well.

But at this point...I am a woman, in an emotional (and slightly sleepy incoherent) state. It all doesn't really shake down well together.

So with all that being explained, I probably ruined his outlook on his simple pleasure...to which I do deeply apologize my Love. Please don't allow my back-to-back bad days effect how you see me. I am in my dark place (haha) and when I am here nothing makes sense and I just want to be with you and to get some sleep.

I DO understand your need for routine...in fact I believe that Mr. Chapman may have left one Love Language out of his book. The man's (or woman's) need for routine...cause you have it and I need to understand that.

I AM sorry that it seems that I don't want to do some activities...it really has nothing to do with the activity itself, but rather if my mind already has decided what I really wanted to do at the same time as that activity. And I can't blame you for your reasoning on our mis-planning. You can't help but think our schedule is clear when I don't tell you I have an idea for plans. But this one goes both ways...a little more conversation alot less action. (I know I sorely butchered those song lyrics, but at least it was intentional.) But we both need to make sure we are both aware when we have ideas for plans. It just works out nicer that way :)

I LOVE YOU...and I promise to get out of my funk soon. Whatever it is. I may need lots more hugs...and I know you can do that for me.

And I am going to bed now...to get that much needed sleep + tomorrow is Friday, that's enough to put anyone in a better mood. :)

*The moral of the story is, when your husband says something nice about you, don't go and ruin it...at least not the very same night.*

Letting it all hang out...almost literally

April writing...

Weight loss is truly a grand thing...so far I have lost a total of 34 pounds (although I am toggling between 31-34 pounds lost right now. boo.)
I am so excited! And I plan on continuing with this loss...I need a good kick in the pants, but I will again find my drive and lose more. I want to be CLOSE if not, AT my goal weight by the new year! So that means I have 4 months to get the show on the road and lose 30-40 more pounds!!!
So realistically, it may be a little into 2009 before I get there...but here's to hoping!!
Follow along with my journey...I just started a new blog (transferred from another site) on Blogger to watch my weight loss journey...
Encouragement, well wishes, even advice...I will take it all!

Simpe Pleasure Thursday

Cory Writing....

My simple pleasure today is going to need some esplaining so lets start with what my simple pleasure is.

My simple pleasure is being married to a woman that is so understanding about my schedule.

So here is my esplaining. My wife probably had one of the worst days yesterday. (See her blog after the wordless Wednesday picture). I had to go rescue her car from a parking lot near her work and take it to the shop to get it fixed because it wouldn't start.

The only thing my wife could think about is how sorry she was because she had to wake me up before I was supposed to be up. How thoughtful is the woman that I married. It made me feel loved, cared for, and a little spoiled.

So Thank You Baby for loving me and unerstanding my crazy, stupid schedule.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

April writing...

"This is how we Sharpe's roll on a Saturday night!"
(Mom's gonna hate me, maybe this will get her to leave me a comment?! muuuahhhhhhaaa*)

...wow...today couldn't get any better.

April writing...

*yes, that title was chock-full of sarcasm*

So I wake up today, like any other normal day. I have some health related issues stuff on my mind...that's all I will say on that note...(all is fine, seriously...no worries...ok? So we have that.

It was a looonnnnggg morning...so I go take my lunch break...a much needed break from the monotony of spec and change order typing...I eat my lunch in peace, actually sitting in the shade on a green hill just outside of Walmart. After eating I decide to take a trip inside Walmart to pick up something. As I come back out, I try to start my car...

*turning key in the ignition* click...phhhummmpp giiissss...click

"Ok, let's try this again."

click...phhhummpp giisss phummmpp giiissss giiiissssssssss...click
*lights on dash begin to flicker and fade*

"You gotta be kidding me?!" *rubbing the steering wheel and petting the dashboard* "Come on little girl...you are ok, just start for me."

*tries again to turn the key in the ignition* hhhuuurrruuuummpp

"Ok...so that's how it's gonna be huh?! Nice." *picks up phone and calls the hubby*

Ok - so now to spare you the detailed play-out of the hour, let's just say this:
  • One jump from a co-worker = unsuccessful
  • One jump from some car battery jumper machine with Father-in-law and hubby = unsuccessful
  • One jump from diesel-double batter in FIL's massive truck = successful.

So I headed back to work with above mentioned co-worker. I hear from my hubby a short while later that it is most likely my alternator. Which in all honesty, means absolutely nothing to me. All I know is that it is covered under warranty with Nissan and he is on his way to get it fixed *fingers crossed*

So...yeah. Today has been awesome. Am I done yet?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stupid people.

April writing...

Sorry this is lengthy but oh am I angry...(this chick caught me on a bad day...I need to say a prayer and talk to Baby Jesus before I get medieval on her behind.)

Ok here you go...I just sold 24 items on eBay like I have done many times before. I shipped all the items. Out of the 24 items...one item...ONE stinkin' item didn't make it to the buyer. How? I don't know.

So on September 10th, I get a PayPal dispute from the buyer...stating that she "hasn't received the item." Fine.

So I responded (on the 10th)...stating that "I would get the receipt verify the day I shipped it out." I also said, "she didn't request tracking or delivery confirmation and that it wasn't offered. I would do my best to remedy the situation, because the items were absolutely mailed out."

The next day (the 11th) I replied again (no response from her in regards to my first message) I told her that her "item was shipped on August 29th and should have been there (in Texas) at the latest by Wednesday the 10th (due to the Labor Day Holiday)." I stated that "I would wait until the end of the week, just in case she receives the item in the meantime. I would wait to hear back from her and then proceed on from there."

Friday (the 12th) came and went...and still no response from her. So I assume...that she still haven't received the item. I even called the Post Office to see if there was any way of using the transaction ID to check the status of the shipment, and there wasn't. I let her know all of this. And I also verified her address with her, to make sure it even WENT to the right place.

Come Friday evening...STILL no response. So I went ahead and granted a full refund for her. All $15.50 of it. After all my hands were tied. And there seemed no worth in waiting until the dispute closed and PayPal just took the $15.50. I sent yet another message stating "how sorry I was about the situation, that I def. shipped the package and my only assumption was that it some how got lost in the mail. I had my return address on the package, so if found hopefully it would be returned to me. And if it was, I would gladly ship it to her again at my cost."

So here we are...she has received ALL of her money back...and there really is NO way to say or not...if she received the item or NOT. After all she could have very well seen that there was no tracking and filed a dispute to get the item for free. Or the item truly could have been lost in the mail. Who knows. And there is no way to prove either way.

And today...I sign onto eBay...and the jerk has left me negative feedback. Her feedback stated "NEVER SENT ITEM, HAD TO FILE CLAIM WITH PAYPAL, I ASSUME DIDN'T WANT TO SELL!!!!"

I mean, come on who uses CAPS anymore??? (haha jk)

So I responded to her feedback with, "Sent 4 msg's, offered copy of shipping receipt, item lost in mail, full refund." I know it doesn't sound like a complete sentence but lovely eBay only allows for you to write so many characters in replying to any feedback.

So then I also send her an eBay message...just to put the proverbial nail in the coffin.
I said, "I assumed you would have taken my multiple msg's in reply to your PayPal dispute, as well as my granting a full refund before the dispute timed out, as well as seeing 14 other similar items shipped with no problems and left with positive feedback as proof that I am a good seller. I can only assume your item was lost in the mail. Of course I wanted to sell the item to you or else I wouldn't have listed it on ebay to begin with. Hindsight is 20/20 and from now on I will be offering tracking or at the least delivery confirmation. I feel that negative feedback wasn't warranted in this situation, especially since I did all I could do, even granting a full refund. You never responded to any of my msg's left through PayPal. I could have sent you a copy of the receipt of proof of shipment. I am truly sorry you didn't receive your item, this was not my goal at all. I wish to be a great seller, this negative feedback will impact my future sales. I am disappointed and wish I could do more."
(again incomplete sentences were because of a character limit in ebay messages. shheeessss!!)

So then she replies to me..."I never received any messages. Every time I went, it stated nothing. I wouldn't have been so upset if this hadn't been a Christmas present. My brother is a crazy Chiefs fan, and I have had to go in a try and find the same things. You can always ship through Paypal, even with parcel and receive tracking."

What??? I don't need your advice after you just kicked me while I was down?!?!?!

So responded by quoting (in two separate messages, again due to the character limits.) the replies I sent her via PayPal, directly from the paypal dispute case.

I am not sure why I can see my responses on the Dispute case, but she couldn't. Bullcrap maybe? (I think so)

So now, we will see what she has to say about it. Who knows what that will be. But I am angry. If you feel that I am not responding to you (via Paypal) like you say I did...then why didn't you send me a message through eBay??


BULLCRAP!!!! (HA! And in CAPS too!)


I gave it a few minutes....cooled down...and checked my eBay messages to see if she had replied. And boy did she. (Baby Jesus really needs to help me now...)

She replies, "Please quit e-mailing me. This is boarding on harassment."


...first off it's "bordering" not "boarding" and second...what??

So I reply...*with my fingers crossed that this doesn't get me in trouble* "WOW. Ok. I've been nothing but apologetic and helpful with you. I was simply trying to remedy this situation and get the unwarranted negative feedback withdrawn...seeing as how you got your money back....and I am left with negative feedback. I see that won't be happening.
Good Luck with your business if you continue to do business this way."

Well, I guess that's the end of our situation...and I am thinking more and more that she is probably up to something shady...evil eBay lady.


I need a timeout.

Why don't you marry it?

April writing...

I LOVE fall soooo much...(why don't you marry it?! :P)

I just cannot wait for it to get here! We have 7 days left till the official start of Fall and finally the weather is getting a little crispy...AHHH!!! Love it!

Sure there will be many things I will miss about the warm weather...flip flops...gardening...the pool. But I cannot wait for a few other great things to come!!!

The changing of the leaves... Cute Fall decor...

Mums...in all of the fall colors...

Carving Jack-O-Lanterns...Are you as ready as I am? What are you looking forward to this Fall?

Monday, September 15, 2008

"You savin' that for later?"

April writing...

Anyone who knows me, knows that I tend to leave remnants of most meals on my clothes. A dab here, a drop there...it's a mess. Normally I do not however, wear those 'leftovers' on my face.

Well today I had a sandwich for lunch...and didn't have any mustard, so I added some ketchup. One and half hours later...a co-worker made me aware of the extra 'make-up' I was wearing today. (See picture proof below)

In fact, not only did she point it out, she stated (for the record) "You savin' that for later?" Seems funny now...but at the time all I could think about was how 4 other co-workers had visited my desk since my lunches completion and they all failed to notify me of the hugemongous glob of ketchup on my face. Nice people. Really nice.

And it's not like you can MISS it!!! I mean come on!!!

I'm so embarrassed.

I'm insane in love.

April writing...

Now...don't get me wrong. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Rainbow Vacuum. (pictured below isn't my exact model, but you get the idea) But I still have many mixed emotions about it.But it truly is a pain the arse butt to get together. I can't just go the closest, pull it out and vacuum. It just doesn't work that way. I mean, it constantly disgusts amazes me what it can pull out of our carpet...but I mean seriously. $1300 for a vacuum. Were we NUTS?? That thing should be able to walk our dog, raise our children and cook us dinner. (But it totally doesn't...AND I have to take off the top, grab the water basin, pour in the water, put the top back on, plug it in and then drag the attached vacuum around the house.)
Not to mention...and let's be honest...it's just ugly. I mean it already looks 15 years old by the design style. And we have only had it now for about 4 years. And yes, it has great sucking power, and it can find amazing things in our carpet...but then I have to dump the crap, filth, junk...stuff it pulls out of my carpet into my toilet. And one of these days my toilet is just going to spit it back out at me, I just know it. I can't dump it in my backyard, because then after the water goes away I am left with a pile of dog hair, human hair, and other 'stuff' just sitting there in my yard...and while it seems gross to me, it would make a perfectly wonderful pile of 'fun' for my dog Olive. (she's a freak darling animal)
And all of these mixed emotions are greatly increased now as I open up the Sunday paper to cut my coupons only to find this beauty...
The Dyson Pink (PINK people...it's a pink vacuum. That makes birds start chirping for me...and I am not even that much of a girlie girl!!) DC07 Bagless Upright!!!
And Target has it for $399 (if you are keeping track you will notice that it is $901 cheaper than our beloved Rainbow) + Target will send money for the Fight against Breast Cancer + Target will give you a $100 gift card when you purchase one. (although I do think you have to open a Target Redcard to get that benefit.)
I just can't help but stare at her. She's beauty in the form of a household cleaning device. So immediately my mind goes to finding out how I can test out a Dyson to see if I would truly like it. And finding a way to convince my husband of selling our Rainbow (of which I am sure we can make a pretty penny) lending some of that money to debt payoff...while leaving just enough to purchase my precious pink beauty.
but I digress...it seems I will only be staring at my beauty...not spending good, clean quality time with her anytime soon. (btw...in case you needed further proof of my insanity...I would have named her Rose...my Rainbow has no name.)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Scrapblog...I love you

April writing...

Fun with Scrapblog on a Friday....

My Husband Rocks Friday

April writing...

As mentioned many a times this week, our great friends Jason and Brittany had their little baby girl Tessie on Tuesday. My Husband rocks because he is as much of a sucker for babies as I am. Even though he's a little more quick to admit when a little kiddos drive him nuts than I am, I know he has the biggest yearning for our own little kiddo. He Rocks because he is going to one day be an amazing Father...hopefully SOON :)

Thanks for ROCKING baby! :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11th.

April writing...

If I had a nickel for every 9/11 blog post today...well I would be...well you know.

I figured I would tell you my story about where I was that day. How it unfolded for me, as best I can remember.

I had just gotten home from a 12-hour shift in the ER. I said goodnight to my mom and went to bed, it was around 7:30 a.m.. I wasn't prepared for the terrible news that I would soon hear. I feel quickly asleep and quickly awoke as my cell phone rang. I incoherently picked up the phone and answered with a sleepy, "Hello?" It was Cory, we had been engaged now for a little over months.

Cory - "You need to wake up and go turn on the TV, something has happened."
Me- "What is it? What happened?" as I quickly get up out of bed.
Cory - "I can't explain it, just turn on the news. You'll see." Cory was eerily quiet but still noticeably disturbed. Normally Cory handled many things with a cool calm...so I knew something was wrong. I turned on the TV that was already set to a news channel and watched in horror as they played an replayed an amateur video of an airplane crashing into one of the Twin Towers in NY City.
Me - "Oh no Cory. What's happening?"
Cory - "I am not sure, they are calling it an accident."

At this point (if I remember correctly) both my Dad and Mom came out and we all watched for about 15 or so minutes as they just kept playing the video footage, speculating about what was happening. It was horrifying and confusing.

A little after 9 am reports came in that a 2nd airplane had hit the 2nd Twin Tower. It was at this point that I cried. I was worried. I was sad. I was angry. What has happening? What was next? My dad grabbed a tape and began taping the news, we all knew this was going to be something that would change our world drastically.

We continued watching as the minutes passed as slowly as hours. I hung up with Cory. I couldn't quite remember if he had work that day or what.

We watched TV for what seemed like forever. Experts coming and going talking about the mornings happenings. Then, it hit too close to home. Reports started coming in around 9:45 that the Pentagon had been hit. I remember looking at Dad and asking who from church worked there. We speculated as to who we thought did, I remember getting very sick to my stomach. The Pentagon is only about 45 minutes away, if that. We could tell by now that these were most likely terrorist attacks and major buildings were being hit...so for now, we were safe. But it didn't feel that way.

In the next 30 minutes it would get worse. What we didn't seem to realize was coming happened. The South and North Towers collapsed. The devastation and terror there was horrifying to watch. I just remember them playing it over and over again. It was at this point that I knew I couldn't watch any more. By now, Dad had left for work. (He works at the church and he knew he would be needed.)

I went to bed, but barely slept. I prayed. "What is happening? Keep us safe, protect and care for the families involved, the injured people..."

I woke up around 5:15, I remember this because I slept through more than 25 minutes of my alarm. I had to get up and get ready for work. I had another 12-hour shift at the hospital. I slowly got up, ate, got dressed and drove to work. The roads seemed quiet...the whole world seemed quiet. I spoke to Mom and she mentioned some friends from church who were impacted by the hit on the Pentagon. One family in particular. The wife showed up at church, completely lost and disoriented. Completely distraught. Her husband worked at the Pentagon, and she couldn't reach him. I can only imagine how this must have felt for her. He turned out to be ok, alive and safe. But how scary.

I listened to reports on the radio of another plane crashing in Pennsylvania...probably connected to the days events but not making it to it's destination, most likely Washington DC again...possibly the White House.

I pulled into the parking lot of the ER and it was packed. I knew it would be a long night. I slowly walked through the doors, seeing so many faces. I remember this more than anything...the quiet of the ER waiting room. It was packed with people, but the TV was on and it seemed as if no one could speak as they all watched what happened over and over, like they couldn't pull their eyes from the screen. The Chief of the ER had called in a friend, a harpist. She played for over 3 hours about 10 feet from my desk. It was such a weird night, the quiet in the ER backed with the soothing harp music. Then the day ended. How would we all start over again. What would tomorrow morning bring.

Even though we knew all flights had been grounded, we all still listened to the TV/radio all night long just expecting to hear more bad news. We heard about all the devastation in NY and at the Pentagon. The lives lost, the people missing. This day won't soon be forgotten.

Now. Here we are. 7 years later. Have we forgotten? Now there is so much talk of WAR and POLITICS...have we forgotten what happened to our Country. The Call to UNITE. No on likes WAR, but we had to fight back. If we consider that our Country is the FATHER, wouldn't you fight for your children as well.

I know that God will protect us, and he has his plans together. The reason for it all, we may never understand, but I fully rely on HIM to take care of it all...the remembering, the war, the healing of this nation. Each day we should ask ourselves, where do we go from here? How do we become better people? A better Nation?

We fully rely on him...

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord,
"He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust." Psalm 91:1-2

What's your story? How did the day unfold and effect you?

Simple Pleasure Thursday.

Cory Writing.....

It is my favorite day of the week Simple Pleasure Thursday.

My simple pleasure this week is the wonderful gift of child birth. I have had the opportunity to experience the excitement and joy of a new child being born. Jason and Brittany finally welcomed Tessie Leigh Harris into the world on Tuesday September 9, 2008. They have been so gracious to allow my Wife and I to share in this joy and it has truly been a simple pleasure. Thank you Jason and Brittany. I love you guys more than words or deeds can express.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Taggin' 7

April writing...

7 Things I Want To Do Before I Die...
1. Raise two children with my husband.
2. Have puppies...well not ME...but rather breed some dogs to
3. Play the piano
4. Go back to Mexico for my 10th Anniversary
5. Be debt free
6. Travel to Ireland/Australia
7. Finish renovating our house

7 Things I Can Do...
1. Clean and Organize (I have been realizing, I actually get joy from it)
2. Cook
3. Make people laugh
4. Sleep
5. Create
6. Strive to always better myself
7. Be silly

7 Things I Can Not Do...
1. Dance
2. Sit still in the evenings at home...have to be doing something (most days)
3. Spend a lot of money on clothes/shoes/accessories
4. Allow myself to get heavy again.
5. Understand why people 'get rid of' babies...you know the bad way.
6. Make myself work out constantly
7. Live without carbohydrates (any form)

7 Things That Attracted Me To My Hubby...
1. He has beautiful eyes & smile
2. His secret compassionate side
3. His honesty
4. Knowing that one day he will be an amazing Father
5. He is smart but doesn't pretend to be a "know-it-all"
6. He gives the most amazing hugs
7. He laughs with me at life

7 Things I Say Most Often
1. I love you
2. Seriously
3. Shut up...not in that way, more like the "no way are you kidding me way"
4. Nice!
5. Sweet peter piper. (not at ALL sure where that came from either)
6. For the love of Pete
7. Beav

7 Celebrity Crushes
1. Patrick Dempsey (McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy)
2. Jonathon Rhys Meyers (The Tudors, August Rush)
3. David Conrad (The Ghost Whisperer)
4. Noah Wyle (ER)
5. Mark Wahlberg (of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, come on now)
6. Vin Dielsel (he suits my larger-more muscle man crush)
7. Kirk Herbstriet (if I have to watch sports...I hope he's involved.)

According to my instructions, I am now supposed to tag 7 friends. So here we ARE...
*and don't even pretend that you didn't read this post!
Sarah, Terri, Cory, Jason. Brittany, Regina, Becky.
Don't let me down friends...

Finally :)

April writing...

Tessie Leigh Harris
September 9, 2008
6:47 am
7 lbs, 13 oz.
19 inches
A sweet, healthy baby girl. :)


I know it was a long day for them, but Jason and Brittany (and Debbie...Britts Mom) held in there and did so well. I was so happy to be a part of it and help in any way I could. I just wanted to be near the little sweet thing all day! :)

There are many more pictures to share...but sometimes less is more :)

...and by no means did the longest day in the hospital lessen the 'itch' for me at all. I can't wait for my own little one! :)

Wordless Wednesday

April writing...

"La Burrito, Tessie "

Monday, September 08, 2008

We got the beat...

April writing...

This may be the most fun I have had at work all day :) Who am I kidding...it TOTALLY is!!


Go there. Do it. TRUST ME.

I know it.

April writing...

I know, I know...our template is terribly boring...but I can't help it for now. I want a template that will alot my words to stretch out across the screen instead of this tiny little columns that trails unending down to the bottom of a very long page!!! So there, for now...deal people (and you too Cory!)

Wow...Monday already...and I am totally yelling at myself for going to be so late last night, but I couldn't help it really! You see...we sold 2/6 (like my use of fractions there Britt!) of our bedroom furniture...scam free using Craigslist. *yeah* so I apparently batted my eyes (who knew I had such power!) and convinced Cory to go get one of the new pieces for our room. So our now homeless clothes would have a place to stay. So we headed off to Ikea and picked up our new Hemnes 6 drawer chest. This is what we were getting...

Once we got home, my dear, sweet, patient, wonderfully talented hubbs put it together while I made a yummy steak and potatoes dinner (we are simple people really. :)) And once it was all together, we moved around a few items in the room, vacuumed and added it to it's new space in the room. I think it works beautifully. (the picture however is NOT very beautiful...my b.)

Personally I feel like it already opens the room up...I can't WAIT to finish replacing the other furniture once it all sells!! Anyone looking for some Ikea furniture in great shape...? I would LOVE to sell it to you!!! *wink wink*

Ohhhk moving on...I have come to the realization that I spend my mornings getting caught up on other blogs that I read (thanks to the wonderful all-mighty Google Reader...thanks TT!) and then before I know it...it's after lunch...I have read all my blogs...done all my at-work work and then I sense the void....the void that says I haven't blogged. So here I am...blogging. Although there isn't much to say today...so sorry on that front.

I can say that according to the new Weight Watchers "Lose for Good" campaign...I have lost one pound since it started...which equates to milk for 9 children for a month. Hot dang that's exciting!!!

and quite random too. I may quit now while I am ahead...till next time!

Friday, September 05, 2008

major friday boredom...

April writing...

but at least I know now that I...

76 words


My Husband Rocks Friday

April writing...

So I am A D D I C T E D to not only blogging but reading other Bloggers...anyways I came across this super neat idea...and since we already have Wordless Wednesdays and Simple Pleasure Thursdays...I figure why not add My Husband Rocks Fridays. Thanks for the idea Katy Lin. (check out her page and join in on the fun!!! Even you HUBBYS!!! Just don't write about how YOU rock...write about how your WIFE rocks!!!)

So here we go!!!

My Husband Rocks - when he laughs...it brightens my day.

I absolutely LOVE it when my husband laughs. Not just a little laugh, but the real laugh. Where he has to close his eyes and brace himself on anything near to him. Usually my arm or my leg...or the arm of the couch...what have you. I love it because he gasps for air and usually a little tear will sneak from his eye. That is when I know it's genuine and he has lost himself in the moment. It absolutely never fails to brighten my day!! CJE You Rock!

Oh sweet Friday.

April writing...

I am glad that it is Friday. I don't have much planned for the weekend and I am quite ok with this. Last night Cory and I went to Jason and Brittany's house to help prepare for Miss Tessie's arrival...which is one week away! (the date changed from the 9th to the 12th) We had dinner (sloppy joe's) and a pretty good time...especially with the breast pump. HA!!! Oh that's still cracking me up!!

Cory heads back to work tonight and he is quite bummed...as am I, but I am sure I can handle it. Not much to complain about...especially when my little sister is dealing with her husband leaving on a work trip for 90 days on Monday. *Be strong Sarah! It will fly by!!* We will enjoy our ladies chocolate-n-movie night on Tuesday to help cheer you up!!

I met and had lunch with Terri today...and she brought the pottery we painted a couple weeks ago at Amazing Glaze. My candy bowls turned out AMAZING!!! I am so proud of them...I am thinking that I might really enjoy doing this...but I will need to branch out to other colors next time! I made them to match my plate from last time. Oh I just love them!!! Check them out! (sorry for the lame camera phone pic where my finger almost got in the way!)

oh and by the way...I got three more things on my To-do-list done...that's busy schedule = 0, April = 4 I think! OH YEAH!!!

Till next time...

Simple Pleasure Thusday......on Friday.

Cory Writing.....

I want to apologize to everyone because I forgot to do Simple Pleasure Thursday. You see I normally do all my blogging while I am working at 3 or 4 in the morning, but I was off on Thursday. It never crossed my mind until last night and then I never got back onto the Internet to blog. So here is late simple pleasure Thursday.

My simple pleasure today is the feeling you get when you do a small helpful task for someone else. Let me explain. My days off this week were not filled with anything believe it or not. So I thought yesterday my friends Jason and Brittany could use some help getting ready for Tessie to come. So I called my wife and verified that she didn't have anything planned. Then I called my buddy Jason and offered the help. They graciously accepted it. So we all met over at their house and my wife cooked dinner for them and us and I helped clean the house and organize Tessie's stuff and vacuumed. Jason and I also went on a three hour tour of picking up and dropping off couches. Wow one of us needs to buy a truck. ha ha.

So that is my simple pleasure... The feeling you get when you help others.

Please share your simple pleasures. We were on a roll, so don't let my forgetfulness slow us down.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

liiiikkkaaaa glove.

April writing...

Fall suits me. It fits just right on me....as I mentioned in the title, it fits...like a glove. (although in the title it was stated in my best Jim Carrey voice.) It makes me feel organized and prepared. Probably because I am gearing up for the impending doom that is the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays...what ever it is...I love it.

Jason talked last night in youth basically about getting so caught up in the busyness of life that we miss out on what's important...deepening our relationship with God, our families, our friends. Schoolwork and Work suffers...it just impacts it all. What I liked most that he said was..."You can't go deeper if your going wider." (or some other semblance of that statement) Basically meaning...if you spread yourself too thin, there is no way to go deep into in one thing...especially things that may need it!!! So I am on a course to BEAT down the busy schedule this season!!

I updated my calender a bit more today. (since I have switched back to the actual pen, paper and for me, highlighter method as opposed to using my palm pilot.) During that process I actually made a to-do list and completed 3 of those items on today's lunch break alone...Busy schedule = 0, April = 1.

I feel as though I can handle anything that comes my way this fall...which is already booking up fast!! I also saw on my calendar that this Sunday is Grandparents Day...so while out getting a card for another occasion, I picked up three cards. One for Cory's Grandma, one for my Dad's parents and one for my Mom's Dad. I came back to work, wrote little love letters in them all and they are stamped and in the mailbox. Busy schedule = 0, April = 2. (I am on a roll!)

The house is clean, minus any minor laundry that needs to be complete and even Cory has gotten in on some cleaning and organizing by taking down some old TV's that we are going to sell. And next week the dogs get shampooed and clipped...won't they love me! Busy schedule = 0, April (with Cory's help) = 3....oh yeah baby!!

Now there is plenty left for me to do...both work wise, training for my new pt job, Verb S.M. wise and personally...but I have time. SO here we go....and I plan on winning. So busy schedule...you are on notice. You're going down!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

April writing...

"Why I shave my arms...check out that MAN hair!!!"

The F A L L creep...

April writing...

I am glad for the slow down...the fall creep. It means for a moment we can breathe. Life slows down and we can soak in all the yummy fall goodness. How I adore the fall season. As much as I love my flowers in the spring and my pools in the summer....I just adore fall. There is just something about the pace of it all, the crispness in the air (although not quite there yet), the fun family traditions. Ahhhh I am just loving it and wishing it would come faster every day!!

I am excited to get some mums for my front steps...to decorate creatively with some autumn inspired items...to carve pumpkins...to play flag football... for the super-hero-ween bash...to burn my mulled cider candles...to roast smores by the firepit...to wear jeans and hoodies...to have thanksgiving with the family + one additional member....(Tessie is only 6 days away!)!! There is just so much to look forward to this year!


I'm ready.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Stinkin' Labor Day.

April writing...

Boo. That one word can sum up my emotions right now. Boo. Boo. Boo.

I missed my window of time to start my medicine for the IUI procedure. Without getting too personal, the timing of a few pertinent things was just off...that and the long holiday weekened, coupled with some misunderstandings on my part...well that leaves us at...oops.

So it looks like we will be giving it another shot at the end of September sometime. I am now clear on the process and hopefully I have it all figured out!

So...now you know. Boo.
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