Monday, September 29, 2008

At the risk of getting too personal...

April writing...

I need to tell you about my day today...but it may seem personal either grin and bear through it...cause for some reason I feel you are all important enough to know about it...or shy away and read no further...

You've been warned.

So this morning, I went to my first of many doctor's appointments, including blood work and an internal sonogram..which I like to call the "backwards sono." *yep that is as fun as it sounds...uh-huh*

I should be starting to take Follistim daily here soon for around 8-12 days. Depending on some factors such as follicle growth, endometrium lining thickness and estrogen and progesterone levels. I am expecting a call about when I will be starting. During this time I will be going to the Doc's every 2-3 days for more blood work and one of those "backwards sono's." *yeah* It's all good though, remember we are WANTING a if this is what we need to do...then so be it.

After meeting with the Doc and getting the news that I will have to wait until later today to find out exactly when I will start my shots. *yep, Follisim is daily shots in the stomach...more fun* Which is fine, I mean I have waited this long...I can handle it.

I then went to met with Sonya, my Doc's Nursing coordinator. (well after paying for parking, leaving the garage and heading out of Balto City that is. We had to turn around and go back and yep, you guessed for parking again!) But it was a necessary evil as I needed to find out HOW to give myself the injections...which is the whole reason I dragged Cory with me in the first place to the dreadful 'Lady Doctor" place to begin with...which is, "no place for a man" he begged. *not really, he didn't' say that...but I can read those eyes!*

Anyways, after being there for nearly 2 hours...we were finally done, and I was headed back to work. Here's where it may get personal for any of you readers of the...Male ladies will understand.

I was feeling fine leading up to my appointment...girlie-wise that is. You see, before I have to start my medicine, I have to go for the "backwards sono" during my TOM (time of the month), which seems about as absolutely repulsive as it is. I was having a light day...(again ladies, you get this...but for the brave men that may still be's a brief but somewhat understandable explanation for those that may not know.)

*brief pause for the man-explanation.* You know how when you go to the fast food restaurant and you can order your meal as a small, medium or large? Well for us women, our TOM can come in similar varieties...only we call them light, medium, heavy. And I am sure you can pick up what I am putting down now, enough to know what I mean. If not...ask your significant may seem like you are asking because you care and you may even earn bonus points. *No problem for the help, its free*

Anyways, so before my appointment...I'm doing great...I'm light. After the appointment however...not so much. Can we say heavy?! And I am serious. I ate as soon as I could to get some nutrients in my body...slapped my Thermacare heating pad on my abdomen *those little babies are a Godsend* and tried to go about my day at work. Well it was excruciating. In fact I do believe one of my text messages to my dear hubby stated something about me telling him I will let him know, "when I die" cause the pain was that bad.

Well about an hour and half ago, I was sorting the mail...during one of my brief moments of feeling well enough to stand...and I dropped some mail on the ground. Well I bent over at the waist to pick it up, instead of bending down with my knees...bad idea. When I stood back up, I immediately got light-headed and grasped the counter for support...but that wasn't helping. I felt really heavy on my left side, then all of sudden...well. BOOM! Man Woman down that is. I hit my head on the wall...hit the ground and came back around. I crawled to my chair, somewhat in tears and all I was able to do was reach for my phone to page a co-worker to come and help me. She did...another Godsend for me today.

She already knew about my lady woes today, cause that's what we ladies do...we share about it. I dunno it brings us closer together...and well other ladies they just always understand. So between the two of us, she helped me back to her area, (away from the front desk) she sat me in a chair and had me eat a banana (in case it was my potassium or iron that was low), a granola bar (for some simple sugars, in case it was my sugar level) and drink a coke (just cause that always helps).

It wasn't long before I stopped shaking, but my head still felt really heavy on the left side. Kind of like I need a V-8. Remember those commercials? Yeah it was like that. She said I was even leaning really far to the left in my chair. *funny now, not so much then*. It was about that time that Cory was texting me to check in with me..."How are your cramps?" Aweee what a doll. I was all, "funny you asked..blah blah blah." and got him all caught up on the situation.

Well, I am feeling much better more light-headedness or shaking. I still feel extremely crampy...but oh well. What can I do?

And yes, for those of you who are wondering, I called my Doctor to see about what the heck just happened. I talked to another doc in his office and he said, "Most likely your iron is low. You did a good job with what you ate and drank. Watch for a headache or any light-headedness in the next hour...if you have any problems call us immediately."

So, I am now on headache watch and pacing myself for my drive home. Feeling much better, but ready for a nap when I get home. And also...for those of you keeping track for me...yes, I got a call about when I will be starting the shots. That is tomorrow night. I take them in the evening daily, then my next appointment for the blood work and "backwards sono" is Friday morning.'s to a better, more *lighter* shall we say, evening...and that I do well with my shots. Thanks for listening..and if there are any men left...thanks for being so BRAVE :)


- Sarah :-) said...


Are you sure you should be driving? I can always come pick you up! And... umm... is COry working tonight? Should I come "baby"sit you?

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! That sounds.. wow o___o Scary. Mmm, my April!! I pray this will all be so very worth it in the end. EAT MORE BANANAS.

Becky said...

Oh Wow! and I thought my TOMs were bad, I can at least say that I have never fallen when light headed. As far as the cramps, sister I feel on those; I'm to the point of calling the doctor for another form or birth control cause the one I am on now has changed from working to just barely working for me...I hope you feel better soon. And to the men, if you read this all the way through, you got points for that alone.

Mommy B said...

Hang in there! A dear friend of mine went through this while I cheered her on and received all the fun details (Ha!). Think lots of positive thoughts these next few weeks!! Before you know it you'll have lots of P's to look forward to (peeing-on-a-stick, PREGGO, puking...) :)

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