Thursday, September 18, 2008

Open blog, insert foot.

April writing...

Nice going beav.

So my darling hubby was thoughtful enough to recognize my understanding of his sometimes crazy work schedule. He stated in his Simple Pleasure Thursday post, "My simple pleasure is being married to a woman that is so understanding about my schedule. "

Well I had to go and get all needy and emotional on him tonight and completely blew that one out of the water. Awesome. I simply rock when it comes to ruining my husbands good intentions.

You see all I wanted was a nice evening at home with my husband tomorrow know, Friday night, dinner and a movie, at home all snugly on the couch. Well he said he didn't like watching movies before he has to go to work, cause it calms him down and then he has to get all "ramped up for work" + he decided we would go watch my nephew play soccer. Not that I mind watching my nephew play soccer...(contrary to popular belief my dear...) It's just that I was sold on my night and he was already sold on his night.

So here I am thinking "great! he planned our Friday night and didn't clue me in until now...and those plans do not include me and him alone at home...and for some reason he all of the sudden doesn't like to watch movies unless he is off work? What the heck?!" *cue emotional badgering of the witness (who in this case is my husband.)*

Oops. Can you see where this is going?

Well...I stated somewhere in my somewhat incoherent (and I am sure annoying) whining that "I didn't understand why he couldn't eat dinner with me and watch a movie before work. How is that different than eating dinner with me and watching TV?" He explained, and although I am sure it sounded great in his still left me with a both a whiny 'tude and a puzzled look. Not to mention he planned our evening without even cluing me in!!

Well, so much for being understanding about his work schedule. (after all this is connected due to his apparent pre-work activity restraints.)

Yeah I know what you may be thinking...technically we all have our ways of 'getting ready for work' and my husband is no different, I am usually quite understanding of this. (with of course the exception of this situation or any other times his 'routine' happens to involve me leaving something I am thoroughly engrossed in.) And yes I know that technically I had planned out our Friday evening without cluing him in as well.

But at this point...I am a woman, in an emotional (and slightly sleepy incoherent) state. It all doesn't really shake down well together.

So with all that being explained, I probably ruined his outlook on his simple which I do deeply apologize my Love. Please don't allow my back-to-back bad days effect how you see me. I am in my dark place (haha) and when I am here nothing makes sense and I just want to be with you and to get some sleep.

I DO understand your need for fact I believe that Mr. Chapman may have left one Love Language out of his book. The man's (or woman's) need for routine...cause you have it and I need to understand that.

I AM sorry that it seems that I don't want to do some really has nothing to do with the activity itself, but rather if my mind already has decided what I really wanted to do at the same time as that activity. And I can't blame you for your reasoning on our mis-planning. You can't help but think our schedule is clear when I don't tell you I have an idea for plans. But this one goes both ways...a little more conversation alot less action. (I know I sorely butchered those song lyrics, but at least it was intentional.) But we both need to make sure we are both aware when we have ideas for plans. It just works out nicer that way :)

I LOVE YOU...and I promise to get out of my funk soon. Whatever it is. I may need lots more hugs...and I know you can do that for me.

And I am going to bed get that much needed sleep + tomorrow is Friday, that's enough to put anyone in a better mood. :)

*The moral of the story is, when your husband says something nice about you, don't go and ruin least not the very same night.*


Cory E. :) said...

Well there you all have it the whole conversation my wife and i had before I left for work. Now I know how the people on reality tv feel. ha ha.
I guess my fantastic wife is human... gosh that sucks. Ha Ha.

Boy I really can't wait for what she writes on My Husban Rocks Friday. :o)

April E. :) said...

Well hey, I had to explain it... :) *cheese!*

Love you BABY!

Brittany said...

I totally just felt like a fly on your wall..... and I loved it! Makes the things that Jason and I go through seem just like normal. Thanks for making my weird emotional moments something that every woman goes through. Sorry Cory that you just had to get dragged into it. (Love on your wife tonight, I think she needs you.)

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