Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stupid people.

April writing...

Sorry this is lengthy but oh am I angry...(this chick caught me on a bad day...I need to say a prayer and talk to Baby Jesus before I get medieval on her behind.)

Ok here you go...I just sold 24 items on eBay like I have done many times before. I shipped all the items. Out of the 24 items...one item...ONE stinkin' item didn't make it to the buyer. How? I don't know.

So on September 10th, I get a PayPal dispute from the buyer...stating that she "hasn't received the item." Fine.

So I responded (on the 10th)...stating that "I would get the receipt verify the day I shipped it out." I also said, "she didn't request tracking or delivery confirmation and that it wasn't offered. I would do my best to remedy the situation, because the items were absolutely mailed out."

The next day (the 11th) I replied again (no response from her in regards to my first message) I told her that her "item was shipped on August 29th and should have been there (in Texas) at the latest by Wednesday the 10th (due to the Labor Day Holiday)." I stated that "I would wait until the end of the week, just in case she receives the item in the meantime. I would wait to hear back from her and then proceed on from there."

Friday (the 12th) came and went...and still no response from her. So I assume...that she still haven't received the item. I even called the Post Office to see if there was any way of using the transaction ID to check the status of the shipment, and there wasn't. I let her know all of this. And I also verified her address with her, to make sure it even WENT to the right place.

Come Friday evening...STILL no response. So I went ahead and granted a full refund for her. All $15.50 of it. After all my hands were tied. And there seemed no worth in waiting until the dispute closed and PayPal just took the $15.50. I sent yet another message stating "how sorry I was about the situation, that I def. shipped the package and my only assumption was that it some how got lost in the mail. I had my return address on the package, so if found hopefully it would be returned to me. And if it was, I would gladly ship it to her again at my cost."

So here we are...she has received ALL of her money back...and there really is NO way to say or not...if she received the item or NOT. After all she could have very well seen that there was no tracking and filed a dispute to get the item for free. Or the item truly could have been lost in the mail. Who knows. And there is no way to prove either way.

And today...I sign onto eBay...and the jerk has left me negative feedback. Her feedback stated "NEVER SENT ITEM, HAD TO FILE CLAIM WITH PAYPAL, I ASSUME DIDN'T WANT TO SELL!!!!"

I mean, come on who uses CAPS anymore??? (haha jk)

So I responded to her feedback with, "Sent 4 msg's, offered copy of shipping receipt, item lost in mail, full refund." I know it doesn't sound like a complete sentence but lovely eBay only allows for you to write so many characters in replying to any feedback.

So then I also send her an eBay message...just to put the proverbial nail in the coffin.
I said, "I assumed you would have taken my multiple msg's in reply to your PayPal dispute, as well as my granting a full refund before the dispute timed out, as well as seeing 14 other similar items shipped with no problems and left with positive feedback as proof that I am a good seller. I can only assume your item was lost in the mail. Of course I wanted to sell the item to you or else I wouldn't have listed it on ebay to begin with. Hindsight is 20/20 and from now on I will be offering tracking or at the least delivery confirmation. I feel that negative feedback wasn't warranted in this situation, especially since I did all I could do, even granting a full refund. You never responded to any of my msg's left through PayPal. I could have sent you a copy of the receipt of proof of shipment. I am truly sorry you didn't receive your item, this was not my goal at all. I wish to be a great seller, this negative feedback will impact my future sales. I am disappointed and wish I could do more."
(again incomplete sentences were because of a character limit in ebay messages. shheeessss!!)

So then she replies to me..."I never received any messages. Every time I went, it stated nothing. I wouldn't have been so upset if this hadn't been a Christmas present. My brother is a crazy Chiefs fan, and I have had to go in a try and find the same things. You can always ship through Paypal, even with parcel and receive tracking."

What??? I don't need your advice after you just kicked me while I was down?!?!?!

So responded by quoting (in two separate messages, again due to the character limits.) the replies I sent her via PayPal, directly from the paypal dispute case.

I am not sure why I can see my responses on the Dispute case, but she couldn't. Bullcrap maybe? (I think so)

So now, we will see what she has to say about it. Who knows what that will be. But I am angry. If you feel that I am not responding to you (via Paypal) like you say I did...then why didn't you send me a message through eBay??


BULLCRAP!!!! (HA! And in CAPS too!)


I gave it a few minutes....cooled down...and checked my eBay messages to see if she had replied. And boy did she. (Baby Jesus really needs to help me now...)

She replies, "Please quit e-mailing me. This is boarding on harassment."


...first off it's "bordering" not "boarding" and second...what??

So I reply...*with my fingers crossed that this doesn't get me in trouble* "WOW. Ok. I've been nothing but apologetic and helpful with you. I was simply trying to remedy this situation and get the unwarranted negative feedback withdrawn...seeing as how you got your money back....and I am left with negative feedback. I see that won't be happening.
Good Luck with your business if you continue to do business this way."

Well, I guess that's the end of our situation...and I am thinking more and more that she is probably up to something shady...evil eBay lady.


I need a timeout.


- Sarah :-) said...

No - there's a timeout with HER name on it!!!

THAT'S RIGHT, evil ebay lady - I pulled your card!!


There ya go, big sis. I Handled it for ya! Hmph!!

Brittany said...

Well I am glad that you have decided to go with tracking. I wouldn't even give your customers the option on whether they want it or not. You have been screwed over too many times. You gots to protect yourself. =)Way to stand up for yourself though. Cory should be proud!

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