Friday, September 05, 2008

Simple Pleasure Thusday......on Friday.

Cory Writing.....

I want to apologize to everyone because I forgot to do Simple Pleasure Thursday. You see I normally do all my blogging while I am working at 3 or 4 in the morning, but I was off on Thursday. It never crossed my mind until last night and then I never got back onto the Internet to blog. So here is late simple pleasure Thursday.

My simple pleasure today is the feeling you get when you do a small helpful task for someone else. Let me explain. My days off this week were not filled with anything believe it or not. So I thought yesterday my friends Jason and Brittany could use some help getting ready for Tessie to come. So I called my wife and verified that she didn't have anything planned. Then I called my buddy Jason and offered the help. They graciously accepted it. So we all met over at their house and my wife cooked dinner for them and us and I helped clean the house and organize Tessie's stuff and vacuumed. Jason and I also went on a three hour tour of picking up and dropping off couches. Wow one of us needs to buy a truck. ha ha.

So that is my simple pleasure... The feeling you get when you help others.

Please share your simple pleasures. We were on a roll, so don't let my forgetfulness slow us down.


- Sarah :-) said...

My simple pleasure this week is just getting to share a bed with my McStudly. Just getting to sit next to him and not say a word. Or even just getting to go out to dinner and talk. To relax together and to hang out together. Even just sitting with him while he plays his PS.

I guess that's this week's simple pleasure.

April E. :) said...

my simple pleasure is the smell of babies...while helping Brittany yesterday I kept walking into Tessie's room...and it smelled like baby already. That's just SO exciting!!!

Brittany said...

I just noticed this was here. It was clouded by your wife's boredom on Friday. =) My simple pleasure for last week..... is knowing that everything is done and there is nor more to do. With you and April helping us the other night, Jason and I were able to spend the weekend focusing on our last time together as a kidless couple. It was really nice. So thanks to good friends!

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