Friday, September 26, 2008

Celebrating our 200th post!!!

April writing...

*I am trying desperately to warm up my brain this morning...I have even resorted to resting it on the candle warmer here in the office...Nada.*

I am SO excited! Since November 2007 we have posted now 200 blog posts!!!! How exciting is that???

Well in honor of our blogger journey, Cory and I have picked some of our favorite we are going to take a stroll down memory lane, reliving each of these great posts!

Cory's Picks
April’s View – March 2008
My High Speed Pursuit – March 2008
Randy Paucsh – March 2008
Something to make you go HMMM – March 2008
A call I handled – April 2008
The best helpmate – April 2008
Priceless thing at work – April 2008
A Few of my Favorite things – May 2008
Karma is Great – May 2008
You Savin’ that for Later – September 2008

April's Picks
Cory's First Blog - November 2007
Old man fights young man, and WINS! - December 2007
Some updating (before we starting infertility treatments) - February 2008
Astigma Rectus - May 2008
My New Boyfriend - May 2008
What's that on your ring finger? - May 2008
Best SYTYCD Audition ever - May 2008
What have I been doing? - May 2008
My Super Hero Power - June 2008
Unexplained Infertility - June 2008
He works hard for the money - June 2008
A deep itching hatred - July 2008
Google saved me $2,650 - August 2008
September 11th - September 2008
Finally - September 2008

We have come a long way, been through alot and shared the majority of it with you...thanks for reading, commenting and just dropping by most days!! Here's to 200 more posts!!! :)

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Terri Peters said...

Aww, Monkey's post was one of your favs? He says "Thank you."

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