Friday, June 20, 2008

My Super Hero Power

April writing...

I have decided what my super hero power should be.

If I am walking through a store and I see a chick wearing a cute outfit. I have to squeeze my eyes closed tight...walk backwards three steps...then snap my fingers three times and the *POOF* the outfit is in MY size and in MY closet waiting for me when I get home. Every part of the outfit too (keeping it to the outward clothing only mind you, no unmentionables.) I get the top, the bottom, the shoes, the purse and the jewelry. All waiting for me...perfectly suited for matter what.

Now, you may be thinking, April, how can this power help the world? Well I beg of you to consider the chubby girls of the world.

How much happier would they be if they didn't have to go through the arduous task of trying on clothes that time after time, that don't fit...don't look cute on them...or what have you. Instead they will have a closet full of clothes that look equally as cute on them as on the smaller chicks.

Also as the Super Hero I will be...I can also use my power to SHARE clothes with other gals. So I follow the same steps, only right before I snap my fingers three times I say the name of the person I am sending the clothes to three times. Then they will have the outfit waiting in thier closet.

Now there are a few clauses:

1. I will only be able to use this power 3 times a week, so I have to make them good choices. Otherwise when I try and use this super hero power and I am out of the power it does the complete opposite...only it doesn't so much give my outfit to that person...but it makes me completely naked. I am talking nekked...all gone...bye clothes. So I will need to use my power wisely.

2. I can only share this power with others 1 time a week. So this time too must be choosen wisely.

3. I have 30 days to wear each outfit 3 times or it will dissappear from my closet. Gone.

You see, I wouldn't want to see this power go to my head. I could go crazy with this you know...I need to give myself limitations.



- Sarah :-) said...

Okay - so naturally I have LOADS of questions for you, Super Spring Month (April... *chirp chirp*).

#1 - if you DO wear the outfit 3 times in 30 days, do you get to keep it forever?

#2 - if you end up nekked, do you have the magic power to make yourself at LEAST covered in BLUR marks in the appropriate areas (that's a power ALL in itself!)

#3 - Is your power contagious? Becuase us skinny chicks with NO BOOBS have JUST the same problem.
Why do they all assume that if you've got a smaller body, then NATURALLY you must have Huge Hot Boobs?! We can't all afford augies, people!!

#4 - If you and I have the same super power, and we both want the outfit in our size at home in our closet, and we snap three times then "poof", do we both get it? Or does it cancel out?

#5 - blah blah blah are blah blah blah you blah blah blah blah still blah blah blah blah blah blah reading blah blah blah this?

I think the about covers it. Except for this final one -

#6 - But what if their scivvies are SUPER cute... don't you want them, tags-intact-like-brand-new, in your top drawer?!?! I know I would...

April E. :) said...

Sarah, to answer your questions:
#1 - Yes, I get to keep it forever.
#2 - No, I am nekked...all bare. This is why I need to use this power carefully.
#3 - No my power is not contagious...this is MY super power.
#4 - See answer #3.
#5 - I am reading it.
#6 - No. I am not a huge unmentionables fanatic. Maybe if I had a smaller body I would be. So in time, this sub-super-power may be added onto my already awesome super power.

Hope this clears things up for you.

- Sarah :-) said...

Whew... glad you cleared all that up!!

I will DEFINITELY sleep better tonight. Thanks for that!

Brittany said...

I am supposed to be packing/cleaning so I will make this quick! If this truly was a super hero power and you really possessed it please note that I love black and white, chocolate browns with pinks and teals, and any color of the ocean imaginable. So if you are trying to figure out which friend you need to send some super cute clothes to and it happens to have one of these colors in it. Just send it on over!!!

Loved the blog. Thought it was a super cute idea. And as you can see, i got sucked in to it.

Regina said...

I officially have super-power envy.

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