Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Big forearms, plants and photography oh my!

April writing...

Yowsaas it's boring today! I have a small pile of Specs that I should be typing, but hey I have time for that. For now I am researching potential birthday ideas for my dear Hubby (his birthday is tomorrow!) and I am also watching funny videos on Youtube.com. How very interesting on this Tuesday morning.

Well, now onto filling you in on what the heck I am talking about in today's blog title...let's start with big forearms. That's poor little Cory hugemongous forearm. He got stung by a wasp at my parents pool on Sunday afternoon. It was a large one too...as reflected on the size of his swole red and warm arm. Here are a few other shots to show just how swollen it is!

Ok so it doesn't show it that well...but the whole side of his forearm is swollen out. And of course in the center there you can see where he was stung. I felt so bad for him. *although if he hadn't been dancing around like a little girl when I was putting on his sunscreen it may not have been so bad...heehee!! LOVE YOU BABE!*

Moving on...

As shown here I told you last week about a new plant that I had bought, the climbing shell plant. Well it was slowly growing...that is until I came in on Monday morning. It had sprouted big time and already had one shoot climbing up the stacks I had in the pot. Time to get a trellis!! See it now, on Tuesday am!
Ok, ok I know. I am a bit of a dork...but you just wait...it's gonna be a gorgeous plant and your gonna want one of your own!! :)

Now onto photography...so I also told you last week about how I have been learning and reading about taking better pictures. Well I had a chance to do some practice shots while waiting to be seated for our dinner on saturday. So here are some of my favorite shots and the rules I used to take them!

The rule of: thirds
The rule of: Getting closeThe rule of: Framing your focal point

The rule of: Showing motion

That's all for now!!! I will continue learning! But I am pleased with these pictures!! :) Hope you enjoyed my somewhat random post today...maybe something excited will happen soon and I will really have something to blog about. Later!


- Sarah :-) said...

Umm... dinner Saturday? What dinner?! Did I miss something??

Also - your pics look awesome (especially the B&W of you anc Cory = my fav)! I have a question, though... I thought the "show action" technique was to show your focal point in motion by having them in focus,a nd the background in motion... did I mess that one up?

April E. :) said...

Sarah - you are right about the motion shot...but like I said...I am still learning :)

Brittany said...

I love the motion shot! It totally looks like your dad's arm is broken! And I also agree that I love the pic of you and cory!

I don't have to wait for your plant to sprout; I already want one of my own!!! They look so stinkin' cool.

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