Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Taking better pictures

April writing...

So I have always had a mild fascination with photography and beautiful pictures...and as I get older it seems to have grown. Now I am looking into learning more about how to take better pictures. So I have been doing research and reading alot of articles on the topic and today I ran across one...and I decided to challenge myself to find pictures (thanks google.images) that go along with the "Photo-Rules." So here, take some time to learn what I have learned...

#1 - DO use COLOR. Sepia, Black and White, Vivid, Neutral...all of it. They make for interesting pictures.
#2 - DO have fun with perception shots. Like this one below. Perception shots are always a blast to take...they do take practice and patience though!

#3 - DO NOT clutter your background. Take the picture below, when you could have focused on the horse in the foreground, now the background horse is stealing some of the limelight and the viewers attention away from your focal point.

#4 - DO use reflections and shadows in your photo. Look for ways to showcase natures own snapshots. #5 - DO forget the flash. Every now and then use the natural light and shadows in a room to create beautiful pictures. Open the windows, stand in the sun, etc.
#6 - DO draw the viewers attention into the picture. Whether using angles or having the object in your picture look as if it is coming from outside of the picture to the center...it makes for a unique shot!
#7 - DO show motion...find a way to perfect the center focal point while still maintaining the balance of the movement all around them.
#8 - DO remember the rule of thirds. Think of your camera shot as being divided into thirds. Place your focal point not in the center, but in the left or right...the outer thirds of the camera shot. This will also add some focus to the surrounding landscape or background without taking away from the main focus. #9 - DO get close. You always have a focus in any picture, so if you can get close do it. Learn how to use your macro setting and create a full beautiful shot!

#10 - DO frame your focal point. For example take the picture below...If I wanted to take a picture of the mountains in the background, I would have normally zoomed in. Why not create contrast and frame with including the foreground in the shot! What a shot!

#11 - DO use angles...shot from below your focus or subject, or above, or to the side. It creates drama and a fun new way for the viewer to see the photo.

#12 - DO keep clean lines. Especially when taking horizon pictures. Keep your lines even with the eye as not to take away from the beauty of the shot.

These are all really great rules...and looking for images to define them visually wasn't very hard. I could totally do this!!! So it is my goal to take one of my OWN shots for each of these rules...and hopefully post them very soon!! Hope that you learned something like I did...and here's to BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!


Monica Dawn. said...

There all Giant Red X's. =( I think it's because Photobucket is Blocked at work!!

Cory E. :) said...

Those are really good pictures. That is exciting.

- Sarah :-) said...

I like it - I think you can do it. In my opinion, you alreayd do a lot of these...

PS - what is is with Sharpe girls and Photography?? I have the same goal about taking better pictures!!

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