Thursday, June 26, 2008


April writing...

Week #3 - So here are the Dances of the order starting from the WORST to the BEST!!
#8 - Comfort & Chris
#7 - Chelsea & Thayne
#6 - Jessica & Will
#5 - Kortni & Matt
#4 - Courtney & Gev
#3 - Katie & Josh
#2 - Kherrington & Josh

and my FAVORITE dance of the night was...(never thought I would say this...but)

#1 - Chelsie & Mark

OK and my WOW votes for the night are...Courtney and Gev! Even though they weren't at the very top of my list...I thought that this dance was HOT. And her dress!! Oh MY Lordy!

My VOTES to GO are....Chris & Chelsea (I am over them...and pretty over thier partners too but I can only pick two!)


I mean, tell me I rock!!! Cause I do. I was TOTALLY right! Adios Chelsea and Chris!! The only really awkward things is now Thayne and Comfort will be partnered up. Ewww. Till next time!!!

*oh and p.s. DID you see Hok and Dominic!!! Ahhh I LOVE DOM!!!! :)


Michelle Solomon said...

Wow.. you were dead on!!! Can I take you to Atlantic City??? lol

Monica Dawn. said...

Can I just tell you that I CRIED during Chelsie and Marks Dance. The Emotion on her face BROKE MY HEART!!! It was sooooo Beautiful!

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