Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Birthday and the best big jumps ever

April writing...

Yesterday my dear sweet hubby turned 30 years old. (eeekkk!) He survived the day well and in good spirits. He enjoyed a round of golf in some wonderful weather and then we had tacos for dinner and his family came over for some Wii fun and games! Happy Birthday to you my sweets. I love you for the MAN you are becoming...and I don't think your old at all... :) Cause we are so young at heart!!

Myself and Malorie amused ourselves with the usual. Here are some of my favorites!
Then the pictures got a little silly:

Mal: Ba take pictures of me doing my jumps.

Me: Ok well start jumping and I'll take pictures.

Mal: Oh yes! (she balls her hand up in a fist pumping it fast in excitement)

Me: Are you ready now? GO!

Mal: These will be my bests ones!

She is the biggest HAM...seriously. She is great! :)


Becky said...

Too cute! Happy Birthday, Cory!! Welcome to your 30s.

Brittany said...

Those are totally scrapbooking pictures of Mal. Loved it and she was too cute. Can't believe that Cory is 30!!!!! I just keep thinking you guys are my age. =)

- Sarah :-) said...

I absolutely LOVE the 3rd picture of Malorie Teagan. She is just so stinking cute and never stops making me laugh (when I see her, that is).

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