Thursday, June 19, 2008


April writing...

Week #2 - sorry for the delay in watching, I was a little preoccupied with Cory's birthday on we go!

So here are the Dances of the order starting from the WORST to the BEST!!
#9 - Susie & Marquis
#8 - Chris & Comfort
#7 - Chelsea & Thayne
#6 - Will & Jessica
#5 - Mark & Chelsie
#4 - Kortni & Matt
#3 - Courtney & Gev
#2 - Joshua & Katie

and my FAVORITE dance of the night was...

#1 - Twitch & Kherrington

OK and my WOW votes for the night are...Twitch & Kherrington! I adored this dance! And Mia Michaels is a flipping MORON. boo her.

My VOTES to GO are....Jessie & Marquis (I just wasn't wowed by them at all.)


So I got ONE out of TWO right for who got voted off. This week, we lost another full couple...Marquis and Susie. They did a lousy job, and I wasn't sure how she made it on the show anyways!!!

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