Wednesday, June 11, 2008


April writing...

Not that the world cares what little ol' me thinks...but I know some of my girls I will keep this running throughout the season.

I just finished week #1 of So You Think You Can was slightly uneventful actually. Sorry to be a buzzkill but I really wanted to be WOWED by the first night out! The pairings were great I think. Not sure how they do that, but the couples turned out nicely!!

So here are my favorite Dances of the order!!
#10 - Jessica & Will
#9 - Kourtni & Matt
#8 - Comfort & Chris
#7 - Rayven & Jaime
#6 - Courtney & Gev
#5 - Chelsea & Thayne
#4 - Susie & Marques
#3 - Chelsie & Mark
#2 - Twitch & Kherrington

and my FAVORITE dance of the night was...

#1 - Katee & Joshua

There you have it. We will have to tune in tomorrow night to see who gets voted off.
My WOW votes for the night are...Twitch & Kherrington (and they happen to be partners!!)
My VOTES to GO are....Mark & Rayven (I just wasn't wowed by them at all.)

So I got ONE out of TWO right for who got voted off. In the first week, we lost a full couple...Rayven and Jaime. Which didn't bother me too much seeing as how she "pants'ed" him during thier performance! LATER!

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Terri Peters said...

I voted like 20 times for Kherrington and Twitch. I loved them.

I was so disappointed with Courtney G and Gev - I wanted her to do really well because I like her so much.

I liked Susie & Marques, and the two who did the salsa dance - I can't remember their names.

I hated Katye and Joshua. First off, she is a wentch and I can't get past her little tantrum at auditions. Second, Andrew and I were laughing hysterically through the whole thing saying, "What is this a mime? Is this a human video?" So maybe you liked it because you're a drama director. haha.

Also, Mary is a freaking LUNATIC.

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