Friday, June 20, 2008

Amazing sweet the paint...

April writing...

Ok yes, I apologize for the lame post title. Whatev let's get over it now.

So last night I was invited by my dear friend TT (Terri) to Ladies Night at Amazing Glaze. It was so much fun! I got to meet Terri's friends Amanda and Natalie and myself, Terri, Brittany and Manda enjoyed ourselves so much.

At first for some there was the feeling of sheer terror in the air, just trying to pick out what item to PAINT! I jumped right in, because, in my normal fashion...I had planned ahead! I was ready with my design and raring to go!
Here is my blank canvas. It's a square plate about 8 inches long and tall. Very cute.

Here I am in the next step of my process. Painting the outer edge BLACK. To match all the frames in my living room. The center part is in a green puffy paint. So it will be a raised surface.

Here we are at step three...adding the swirlies in white puffy paint to the outer edge. It's coming together TO nicely!

and finally step 4, I added some matching green dots on the swirly area to bring it all together. By this point my hand was shaking. Trying make those areas match was TOUGH!!!

Here I am with my masterpiece. Now, just for your information. This will get dropped in a clear glaze and then fired. So my colors will come out really vibrant and dark. So even though there are places where the black now looks grey, that will all change!!!

Now, enjoy some pictures from the rest of the night!! :)


Brittany said...

It really was s fun night and I am glad that we all went and had a good time. I would love to do it again, but this time I will also plan ahead!!!!

- Sarah :-) said...

LOVE it!! It looks awesome!! I wanna do it!!!

- Sarah :-) said...

PS - when do you get your "fired" item? Do they do it while your'e there? Doesn't it take a while??

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