Wednesday, June 18, 2008

1...2...3 Side Jobs.

April writing...

So I am eager to share with you how my 1....2....3....3rd business is going! haha! (I am growing an entrepreneurial split personality!)

Well, first let me tell you (for those that don't know) about my other side jobs.

#1 - I have been an Independent Stampin' Up Consultant for about 3 years now. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Although lately finding customers has become harder. I know that economic times are hard, but I still have my faithful few Scrapbook and Card Maker friends that come to my monthly Club and enjoy purchasing the wonderful products from me. If you are interested, just let me know!!! I would love to show you the products and even get you as hooked as I am on scrapbooking and more!!

#2 - About a year and a half ago I started another side job - Heartscape Designs. It is custom Scrapbooking and Memory Preservation. So far I have had 4 clients and I love doing this, because it is scrapbooking and that is most definitely my hobby! I hope to pick up and start advertising this business more after the summer...when things in my schedule start to die down. However I am available now if you are interested! Just contact for more information!

and finally my last side business...job...whatever.

#3 - eSlick Sells on eBay. Now come gotta admit that's a creative name! haha! Ok I was way more amused than anyone else about the name for this third attempt at extra income! :) Anywho, this business is I think doing the best out of all three for the moment. Currently I have 2 active clients with another one on the way (thanks Terri!) well as anything I sell personally on eBay. It is a pretty good system that I am proud of and I am thoroughly organized. If you are interested in hearing more about this, just contact me today! I will send you my business info and we can go from there!

I am hoping to increase clients with these businesses and work hard at all three to get myself set up to still earn some extra income even after we have children!! I am quite proud of myself so far and I am eager to see where it all leads.


- Sarah :-) said...

Rock on!! I'm still trying to convince Kyle ot let me do my travel agent side-business, but so far, now good. I guess that'll come later in life when he's making more money than an SA.

Lindsey said...

I am totally jealous! I want to have side jobs as well! I love to craft. In fact, on my lunch I went and bought a cheap unfinished wood box, some paint and scrapbook paper and I am going to do something fancy to it!

I put the link to my blogheader on my page. They cost money but not too much. She is a local graphic designer (and christian) in the Nashville area.

sigh. I so wish you lived closer. I have a feeling we would be good friends :)

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