Thursday, June 05, 2008

BIG craft room plans...

April writing...

A little random today...but here we go!

So as of yesterday (June 4th) it has been exactly one month and we have already had over 600 hits to our BLOG!!! Yippeee I am so excited about that. However, it begs me to mention that we have far less comments than visits. *crowd booing* Yep, you heard them right. Boo...Boo!!! (my mind just wandered to that scene in The Princess Bride, but I will spare you.)

Now onto more important things! Like how I started my morning! With a lovely taste of the Hershey's Chocolate Crispy Wafer Bar. *two of them actually, those glorious little bits come two to a pack. Oh happy day!* Seriously...they are Ahh-Mah-Zing! :)

ok here's where I need help. I am laying out my Craft Room for upcoming remodeling. (Like very soon! AHHH so happy!) I have a few pictures I will add with some of my FAVORITE ideas for the room!

Here are some important details that I want/need in my room:
  • Lots of plugs (at least two per wall)
  • Space to work and have friends over to scrapbook
  • Storage (both open, closed and shelving)
  • Display (a place to display artwork and my work)
  • TV (hoping for a 20-incher flat one for the wall :) *wink wink*
  • Bright colors and lots of cute little touches
  • I am calling my Craft Room..."Studio A" (and yes, if you are a scrapbooker and you are paying attention I totally stole that idea from Allie Edwards (famous scrapper) but she won't be coming by anytime soon, so I figured she wouldn't mind!

Can you think of other ideas??? Neat storage ideas?? Things that are must haves that I should add?

Oh an here are the pictures!!! Let me know what you think...

*For this one I absolutely LOVE the slatboard up on the wall and I LOVE the use of the colors. I love the lime green* see Brittany this is what I was talking about...I may just use this color!

*With this one I love the countertop workspace. (Great for having friends over) and I like the shelving with the lights underneath! The color is kinda pretty too!!
*I just LOVE the paper storage in this room...but those little cubes are so expensive! And too you have the dust factor. I mean on some paper that I don't use all that often, will it collect dust???

*This shelving unit is AWESOME!!! I love all the neat things she used for storage too!!! The jars, the baskets. The color is fun too...but I am not a huge Orange fan.



Becky said...

Too much to choose from, my goodness!!!

- Sarah :-) said...

Okay... #1 - countertop workspace is a grate idea, BUT I think it should be more in an island style. That way, when you have friends over to scrap, youwon't all have your backs to each other. AND I think it shoudl be an elevated bar style, not the kyle you like slouch at at table level, but... with the taller barstool type shairs, and you can mixx up the stools to add style and color!

#2 - what does it matter if your paper gets dust on it? When you go to use it... wipe it off?!

#3 - a bis shelf wall would be awesome - you could get lots of different baskets from goodwill and garage/yard sales and totally fix it all up. Also - what if to add color, you made a siple little quilt with pockets for storage and hung that on one wall?

- Lil' Sis

Brittany said...

I really like the blue room with the individual paper holders. My favorite. But I do like that green color too that you are liking. And it does kinda match my original green (stupid Lowes). I can't wait to see you get started on this!

Anonymous said...

If you are adding electrical outlets, think about putting them higher than the 10-12 inch norm. I have mine at between 3-4 feet from the floor, that way if I use under table or counter storage, my outlets aren't blocked. If you have a particular space for sewing, laminating, or ironing, put those at your work table height for easier access.

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