Monday, June 30, 2008

Thinking about Hope...

April writing...

Saturday, June 28th, 2008 will always be a sad day for the Upton family. Stacy, Andrew and Andrea lost their little girl, Hope this past weekend during a terrible car accident. Hope was riding her bike and entered the road without looking first and was struck by a van. She was most likely killed almost instantly.

I can only imagine the anguish and pain that this family is experiencing and I can only pray that God would touch them in the weeks and months to come as they miss their little girl. I know God has his hand on all the situations in our lives, but sometimes it is hard to see the reason behind it all. Yet it seems that the family is clinging to God and showing tremendous Faith in him now.

She was too young to go, but she now plays in Heaven and one can only imagine the joy she will experience for eternity now.

I didn't know Hope very well personally. I have had times where we spoke, but I know that she had many friends at church and that she seemed to be quite a spunky little girl. I am sure losing a personality like hers from your life can seem to leave a void that will not soon be filled, so my thoughts and prayers go out to The Upton family. May God hold you in his hands as he holds your daughter and sister for eternity.


Becky said...

This is so sad. Dear God, Be with this family and the friends that Hope left behind.

Cory E. :) said...

April, Well said. This is one thing that I will never understand. Why kids enter this world and leave so soon. God please grant peace that passes all understanding to the Upton Family.

The viewing is on Wednesday and the funeral will be on Thursday at 10 a.m at Heritage Community Church.

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